Friday, October 7, 2016

California Sweater Weather

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I know I skipped Wednesday and Thursday with my posts and I'm sorry about that :/ Both days were crazy and I didn't have time to work on posts. Tribe 21 launched on Wednesday which if you haven't see me talk about it's the online community I stated with one of my best friends! It's a place where we want to educate, inspire and encourage girls. Basically a guide for work, relationships, school and life in the 21st century covering a variety of topics. You can check it out here! I had some other personal stuff come up that I had to deal with and just didn't have time BUT I have a really exciting announcement coming up and will try to finish my Hawaii posts this month, so yay! 

Anyways, it has felt like a fall a couple days recently so I took advantage of the nice weather and shot some fall looks. I love sweaters but can't wear them here in Southern California or else I'd die of heat exhaustion... But this turtleneck sleeveless sweater is the perfect alternative. Let's me enjoy all the sweatery-ness without dying! A win-win! 

Sunnies: Forever 21 (in store: similar here)// Top: Abercrombie (in store: similar here and here)// Jeans: Target (similar here and here)// Shoes: Kohl's (similar herein multiple colors and here)// Bag: Forever 21 (similar here)// Druzy bracelet: Kendra Scott// Crystal bracelet: Loren Hope// Watch: Kohl's (similar here)// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

So this is how I do California fall, aka when it's 75 or below....

Ever since I saw Lauren from LC-Steele wear a sweater like this I became obsessed with finding one. I saw that Daryl Ann from Something Beautiful posted this top for under $30 I went and bought it that minute! It was from Abercrombie and Fitch (hello middle/high school!) of all places! They actually had some really cute stuff on sale and I even picked up a suede mini skirt so we'll see how that goes.... Haha! Sadly they've sold out online :( BUT try the store. I was at my local one and they had a whole rack of them so check your local A&F store.

You guys know I love neutrals. There's just something about camel and white that just is so classic. I'm also not one of those people who follows the no white after Labor Day rule #itsastupidruleanyways. I wear white allllllll year around. 

I paired it with my black lace up flats (fall staple) and my new Forever 21 bag I got while in Hawaii which is a dupe for the Chloe 'Drew' one. I love it! It's small but holds all the essentials and looks so chic. 

What do you think of the sleeveless sweater trend? Love it? Loathe it? How do you dress for fall? Leave a comment below sharing! 

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