Monday, July 18, 2016

What to Wear in Vegas: Summer Edition

When I first found out I was going to Vegas for a week I was sooo excited! (You can read all about my trip here) I was hyped to be going back and actually exploring the city, but then I realized I'd be going in summer and when I checked the weather and saw it would be in triple digits the entire time I was there I thought I was going to die..... And it's not like 100 degrees, which I've lived through, it was like 109, 110, 111 degrees in the desert..... I was freaking out to say the least. 

When I was packing I was trying to choose outfits that were light in color, breathable, kid friendly (I was going with a good friend and her kids) and comfortable. I knew we would be out from the morning till the evening so I wanted to be comfortable walking around all day. Below aren't the exact items I packed but really similar. We also didn't go to any fancy shows or the pool but I wanted to include what to wear for those who might be doing those things!
White tank// Relaxed tee (not shown)// Striped tee// Ripped shorts// Sandals// Nike's//
Romper// Dress// Jacket//
Hat// Denim jacket// Crossbody (another cute option)// 
Delicate necklace// Silver sunglasses// Tortoise shell sunglasses// Pendant necklace// Pink dress// Nude wedges//
Bikini top// Bikini bottoms// Flipflops// Beach bag// 
Jumpsuit// Black heels// Orange heels// 

Everything I included/linked is definitely under $50 making it all super affordable and comes from easily accessible stores like H&M, Old Navy, Nordstrom and Love Culture! 

I wore outfits really similar to the sightseeing items I linked. I wore denim shorts and light t-shirts and tanks with my Nike sneakers, the delicate necklace, my Kendra Scott bracelet, which I forgot to add #whoops, and a baseball hat. Keeping cool, casual and comfortable were major key's for me. Especially since I was helping with kids I had to be able to move and groove.

Like I mentioned above we didn't go to any fancy shows/dress up for them or go to the pool but I wanted to include some options for those of you who do/are! Next I go back I'm gonna take advantage of dressing up and the pool for sure! 

I also bought this Patagonia sling backpack for Hawaii and used it for Vegas to try it out and I am in love with it! It's the perfect size to hold all the essentials when on vacation/traveling. Since it's a backpack you don't have to worry about someone stealing it off your shoulder and it has the option to clip around your waist for added security. It has a large zippered compartment, a smaller zippered compartment, clips on the front that I clipped my jacket into and a small zippered pocket on the shoulder part. It held everything, was comfortable and kept me hands free so I could take photos, interact with the kids and not worry about my purse. If you're traveling and want a bag to hod your stuff I highly recommend this one! 

My biggest tips for packing for Vegas in the summer is comfort and staying cool. Since it is so hot the last thing you wanna do is wear dark colors or heavy clothes and get sick from the heat. Stick with whites/light colors and pieces that let you breathe and are made from cotton. Tanks, t-shirts, denim shorts and sneakers for the day and a nice sundress and sandals/heels for the night are solid, no fail options! 

You can check out my travel guide to Vegas and where I ate, what I did and more! 

What do you wear when you go to Vegas? Any tips? Share in the comments below!

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