Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tropic Like It's Hot

Even though I have 2 months until my trip to Hawaii that's not stopping me from starting to plan out my outfits and get everything in order. One item that will definitely be making it into my suitcase? This adorable tropical print romper!

I totally felt like Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls and Emily of the Sweetest Thing in this look. Just something about this fun tropical romper, sky high wedges, floppy hat and woven beach tote made me feel like this is something they'd totally wear. Think they'll let me into their girl gang?!

I love this print because not only does it scream tropical vacation but it's different than the other tropical print items out there. I also love the pops of mauve and burgundy. It adds a nice contrast to the 50 shades of green!

I'm also going to be taking my floppy hat because what trip to Hawaii isn't made without a floppy hat for basking in the sun on the beach? This one is the perfect floppiness and covers your face, neck and part of your shoulders. It's definitely the 'it' accessory of the summer and I've been seeing my favorite bloggers sporting floppy hats for their summer escapes!

Another 'it' summer accessory are these straw/woven totes! Perfect for the pool or beach! Mine is from the Lilly Pullitzer for Target way back when but there are tooons out there that look super similar. I've linked several below that are all under $50! I'm not sure if I am gonna take this bad boy to Hawaii or not. Reason why not is because it is pretty big and would take up a lot of room in my suitcase.... I might pick up a smaller one though... Let me know your thoughts! 

One of my favorite pictures I've taken. I just wish my arm wasn't up. I mean what the heck is it doing!?

Another few reasons why I love this romper and it got a spot in my luggage is that A) it's strapless (bare shoulders are super popular this summer), B) it's pretty light and airy, perfect for the hot temps, C) it's sooooo comfy, basically like wearing pajamas! And it's under $30 and in stock in all sizes! So scoot your boot on over to get yours!

I bought these wedges off of Poshmark and they are super comfy! I was a little worried about their platform height and them being too high and unstable but they aren't at all! I think the platform helps kinda keep balance. The nude color goes with everything, shows off a nice tan and elongates your legs, always a plus since I'm only 5'1"! These will also get a spot in my suitcase as well! Even though you can't get these exact ones I linked a couple of similar pairs below!

Sunglasses: Versona Boutique (similar here)// Romper: Charlotte Russe// Hat: Forever 21 (similar here)// Tote: Lilly for Target (similar here, here and here)// Bracelet: Kendra Scott// Wedges: Forever21 from Poshmark (similar here, here and here)// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

I can't wait to wear this outfit on the beach in Hawaii or at dinner! I love how versatile it is too. It can be worn as a swim coverup with sandals then transitioned to dinner with the wedges! It's definitely gonna get worn for sure!

What else should I pack for my trip? Or what is one thing you wish you would have brought that you didn't? Have any recommendations or must sees, do's, eats, etc., for Oahu? Share them in the comments below! I'm all ears! :) 

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