Saturday, May 28, 2016

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

This top might be one of my that I have ever owned. It's so chic but still super fun and so different than anything I've ever seen! And it's under $50 but you can score it for less if you keep your eyes out! I'll share how below! :)

Also I'm going back to breaking up my text within the pictures. Let me know if you like this better or if you like it all at the bottom!

Am I cool yet?

So this top is definitely more a party/going out top. It's a stunner for sure. I was a little hesitant at first because it is so daring in the back plus the way the tails fall I didn't know if I could pull it off. But once I got it and tried it on it was a winner! I can't wait to wear this on a night out! It's simple but really makes a statement so I tried to keep the outfit pretty neutral so the top would be the main focal point. 

I paired it with my faaave white jeans and these new strappy, chunky heels from Charlotte Russe. This is like the "blogger" heel that I've seen all my faves sporting on Insta lately so obviously I had to get a pair too. Sadly they only have sizes 8-10 left in the nude color BUT they have all sizes in the black which is equally as cute! I linked several similar pairs below.

Every time I go out I get compliments on this clutch. It looks designer like the Claire V one but it's from, wait for it.... Forever21. Yup whenever I tell people that they're shocked that something so nice could come from there! TBH I really like Forever21's purses several of my favorites have come from there!

Sadly I got this beauty awhile back and they don't have it anymore (womp womp) but I did link a brown, foldover one that's under $20 below.

So here's a sneakedy peak of the back of the top! If this top doesn't scream ready for a night out then I don't know what to tell you. I love that it's cut more conservatively in the front but then the back is all like BAM I know how to have a good time!

The bracelet and the ring on my ring finger is all from Rocksbox which if you don't know what that is you are seriously missing out! I've been a subscriber for over a year and have an entire post explaining what it is which you can read here. Annddd I have something in the works with them which I can't wait to share soon! :)

The perfect nude heel! I've been super into simple, strappy and chunky heeled heels lately!

These white jeans are my absolute favorite ever. They're not see through so you're good with the underwear. And they're jeggings so basically like pajamas. They're so comfy! The ones I am wearing are cropped I believe the in seam is 28 inches but the ones I linked are 30 inches. It's the exact same jean just more of a regular length. If you're taller than 5'1" like me they'd probably be normal length on you. I'm just super short so anything over 28 inches is too long. Haha! I did link a cropped pair of white jeans below though!

The top is from Tobi which you've seen me post about (the most perfect and versatile LBD) before. If you didn't catch that post go catch up but it's an online store that sells super affordable and on trend and super cute clothing! I've been shopping with them for yeeears now and some of my favorite pieces have come from them. 

My favorite types of items to get from them are their tops, blouses in particular because they have such fun and unique ones, rompers and jumpsuits because who doesn't love a good romper/jumpsuit?, their shoes which are SO freaking cute and I need them all and their shift/casual dresses like this adorable pink, crochet, sway back dress. I have gotten several shift style dresses from them (best way to hid a queso food baby) and they are my go-to's for gong out and events. 

HOW PERFECT IS THIS TOP?! It's part sexy and part still modest. It's gorgeouus! It's a nice material that isn't super thin or sheer. I'm wearing pasties in case you're wondering. I feel like it's necessary since the back is so open but hey girl you do you. It comes in black, white and this ridiculously pretty reddish orange and it's in stock in all sizes. As I mentioned earlier it's only $40 which is not bad at all since it's such a unique top. But if you sign up for their newsletter you can get 50% off your first order! That makes this top a mere $20 which is aweeesome! You'll definitely be turning heads when you go out! Plus they do FREE returns and FREE shipping over $50. AAANNNDDD they do 50% sitewide sales pretty frequently so make sure you're subscribed so you can get on that deal!

Sunnies: Forever21 (similar here)// Top: Tobi// Necklace: Kendra Scott// Clutch: Forever21 (similar here and here)// Jeans: Target (cropped: similar here)// Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar here, here, here, here and here)// Bracelet: Rocksbox// Rings: Rocksbox and Forever21// Lipstick: ColourPop in Shimmy//

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

Seriously I can't get over how pretty this top is! It's gonna be my go-to going out top from now on! It's my "mullet top" aka business int the front and party in the back! Haha! 

If you're looking for some fun new pieces for summer definitely check out Tobi. I've been shopping with them for years now and love them. They carry great pieces for a great price, have great customer service and have a lot of options that are pretty much always in stock. They're the best! 

Thank you to Tobi for this gorgeous top in today's post. Collaborations like this wouldn't be possible without the support of all my readers and followers so THANK YOU!

Have you shopped at Tobi before? What is your go-to going out top? Would you ever something so open? Share your thoughts below! :)

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Disneyland and California Adventure Tips

Today's post I am SO excited for because I'm gonna be giving you guys some insider knowledge of tips, tricks and hacks to navigating Disneyland and California Adventure if it's your first time! If you missed my huuuuuuge blog post on Tuesday recapping my Disney Adventure then click here to check it out!

Before our trip to the most magical place on Earth I did some research via Pinterest because where else am I going to go to research it. Haha! There were toooooons of posts with tips and tricks and to be honest it was a bit overwhelming. After reading about 10 and seeing many of the same I jotted them down in my phone to have for our big day. Some of these I found on Pinterest and some are just observations and things I learned with my time there. So without further adieu here's my Disneyland and California Adventure tips, tricks and hacks! 

We took the Amtrak from Oceanside all the way up to Anaheim for under $50 (roundtrip) and took the bus from the train/bus station to Disney for under $5 (roundtrip). We didn't have to wait in traffic, spend tons of gas money, have to worry about parking/finding a spot, paying for parking, getting out of the parking lot or driving back at night. We hopped on and hopped off and basically just had to sit back and relax. This is definitely the way to travel up and back to Disney. Plus there are quite a few stations along the SoCal coast so finding one isn't too hard. 

If it's within your budget get the park hopper ticket. California Adventure is really cool and definitely worth the extra money. I loooved Cars Land and Paradise Pier. It was so worth it. 

Depending on what time of year you go an extra layer might be necessary. We went in May and the weather was overcast during the morning but cleared up and sunny in the afternoon. We wore tank top and shorts for the afternoon but had on light layers in the morning that could easily be taken off and tied around our waists during the day but thrown back on once the sun went down. Check the weather before you go and dress appropriately! Oh and if you burn easily wear and reapply sunscreen throughout the day if you go during the hot summer months. We were out in the sun for just a few hours and I got a little toasted on my shoulders and nose so wear sunscreen! 

 This might be the most important tip I can give for anyone who's going to tackle Disney and California Adventure. WEAR COMFY SHOES. You and your feet will thank me later. It may not be the "Pinterest worthy or Instagram worthy" outfit or what the cool girls are wearing but seriously wear sneakers. I wore sandals and about halfway through my feet were aching. I have high arches and walking on such flat and hard surfaces for that long killed them. You are going to be doing a lot and I mean A LOT of walking so make sure you're ready for it. Wear sneakers, your comfiest pair that won't make your feet hurt, give you blisters, etc. Seriously you will thank me. 

If you only have 1 day at both parks (like we did) get there early like before they open early. There will be a line, inevitably long to get through security, so try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the park opening, if not 45- 1 hour to get a decent spot in line. If you're planning to stay until close and do both parks you're gonna want all the time you can get so get there early to take advantage of your ticket. 
Going hand in hand with tip #5 if you only have one day make a plan of what you wanna hit/see and be strategic with your time. Make a list of what rides are must do's and do those ones and if you have extra time you can do the others. 

We did both parks, saw every little area of them and did 12 rides total (10 in Disney and 2 in CaliAdven), 13 if you count the second time we rode Indiana Jones in 1 day, so it is possible you just have to be strategic with what rides you wanna do and what you can skip on. If we had more time we would have done more in CaliAdven but we just didn't. Gonna have to go back ;) 

The rides with the longest wait times (40 minutes+) are Indiana Jones Adventure, Splash Mountain , Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn, Peter Pan Flight, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo and Space Mountain in Disneyland and Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin Over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin and Toy Story Mania in California Adventure. 

Wait times are also dependent on time of day too but typically they get shorter towards the evening. We did the Matterhorn which had a wait time during the day of up to 70 minutes to about 25-30 at around 7pm onward.  Also FastPasses are suuuuper handy which I will get into next.

FastPasses are your best friend forever and ever at Disney. If you've never been to Disney or are unfamiliar with them I am here to explain it! I didn't know what they were either until I researched so it's okay :) 

FastPasses are basically  "skip ahead to the front of the line" passes you can get for some of the rides and attractions. Who can get a FP? Anyone who has a ticket to Disney or California Adventure or both. However each rider/guest must swipe their ticket to get a FP, meaning you can't swipe yours twice to get 2 tickets. 

How it works is when you get your park ticket you look for the rides/attractions that are FP enabled, swipe your park ticket at the FP kiosk and it will kick out a little ticket with the time that you can return to ride the ride/attraction. Usually it's between an hour. 

Once you have your FP ticket you are free to go do whatever other rides you want until the time printed on your ticket. Once it is the time printed on your ticket you can go to the ride it's for, go to the FastPass line, show them your ticket and walk straight through, bypassing the huuuge lines and go straight to the front of it. It's soooo handy and kinda the best, especially for the rides that have 40+ wait times. 

Not all rides/attractions have them, that's the only downside but it is so nice for the ones that do because you get your FP, go do other things then can come back and do it without having to waste an hour standing in line. 
You can only have 1 FP per park (1 for Disney and 1 for CA simultaneously) and can only get another  whenever the time states you can get another one on your ticket, usually less than 2 hours.

Still confused? Here's an example: 
We knew Space Mountain was gonna have an insane line so we got FastPasses for it right when we got into the park. We got our FP at 10 am and the time printed on when we could return to ride was between 12:30pm-1:30pm, that meant we had 2.5 hours to do whatever we wanted until we could go ride Space Mountain. Once it was 12:30 we headed back to Space Mountain, got into the FP line and went straight to the front, skipping the huge line. You can ride the ride anytime between the times printed on the ticket. If it's after 1:30 you can't however. The next time we could get a FP was 11:45am if I remember correctly. 

Here are the rides that are FP enabled for Disney:
Indiana Jones Adventure, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Space Mountain, Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. 

Rides that are FP enabled for California Adventure: 
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Radiator Springs Racers, California Screamin, Goofy's Sky School, World of Color (light show), Grizzly River Run and Soarin Over California. 

Definitely get FP for the rides that have super long wait times and if you time it right you can get multiple/stagger them out so you can ride all the rides you want without having to stand in the regular line. 

If I were doing it again I would get FastPasses for Space Mountain in Disney, ride Peter Pan since there's no FP for it and then go over to California Adventure and get a FP for the Radiator Springs Racers. Then stagger the rest of the rides that are FP enabled throughout the day. 

Disney allows you to bring snacks/water/a smaller cooler inside the park which is awesome, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money on snacks inside the park/ want to splurge on a real meal.  Bring your own bottles of water and snacks like granola bars, trail mix, non-perishable fruit, fruit snacks, chips, celery and PB, etc. 

Another handy hack is that all the restaurants will give you a free cup of water if you ask for one when ordering your meal. This is nice if you ran out of water or if you didn't bring any. There are also water fountains located around the park too! 

Eat lunch at weird times to avoid the long lines at the restaurants/kiosks and to get to ride a ride with shorter lines since everyone will be getting lunch. We ate at around 2pm at Flo's V8 Cafe (super yummy btw) in Cars Land in California Adventire and it was the perfect time because there was no line and before we hit some rides that had shorter wait times due to the time being around 11-noon. 

Want a free souvenir? Stop by the little stand at City Hall in Main Street in Disney for your free button! You can get one for your 1st visit, birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, etc! It's a perfect little token to remember your trip by. 

There are also other freebies like getting a death certificate from Haunted Mansion and a free Jungle Cruise map which I think you have to get from either the rides themselves or at City Hall. I would ask a Disney Cast Member upon entering the park. 

Another saving grace to navigating Disney and California Adventure are the two apps we got to monitor wait times, find the best restaurants, find the bathrooms and where the characters were gonna be. Download the Magic Guide for Disneyland and Disneyland apps they will be your saving grace too!

Magic Guide tells the park hours, maps of the parks, dining options for both including menus, locations, prices, what type of restaurant they are and more, wait times for the rides/attractions and if you want you can unlock the bathroom finder and food finder but have to pay. Honestly I wouldn't because you can get the bathroom finder through the Disneyland app. It's free too and so handy because you can monitor the wait times for rides and go when it's the shortest plus look at the menu options/prices for all the restaurants. I'd highly, highly recommend this one! 

Also download the official Disneyland app to get the maps, restroom finder (SO HELPFUL) and find out where the characters are going to be and what times. It also has dining and other options but the interface isn't quite as easy to navigate than the Magic Guide, in my opinion. You can also link your Annual Pass and PhotoPass to the app too. 

This is the only souvenir that I bought while at Disneyland. I was not going to leave until I had one of these iconic balloons. I searched everywhere for these things and finally found one right before we were about to leave. I paid $9 for this thing which is probably the cheapest souvenir Disneyland sells. Haha! But if you buy yours during the day for #alloftheinstas and for some reason it goes pop, you can take the remnants of it to any Disney Cast Member and they will replace it for free! This is especially helpful if you have little kids or are prone to walking into sharp objects. So far it's been just over a week since I bought it and it's still going strong! 

There is nothing worse than going someplace only to have your phone die on you, especially if it's a giant theme park where you could potentially get separated from your group. Make sure to bring a phone charge or multiples if you plan on documenting your day with photos or checking the apps for wait times. I brought 2 and used up both for our entire day there. I believe there are charging stations at the park but I'm not sure where they are or if they charge. Plus you have to be stationery there whereas a portable charger let's you go anywhere. You can get them at Target or Walmart for under $10. 

As far as food/restaurants go our favorite were Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land in California Adventure and the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square in Disneyland. We ate at Flo's for lunch around 2-3pm and had the roast beef and cheddar with mac and cheese and it was super yummy! It was a nice big portion and under $15 which isn't bad for lunch in general and at Disney. The atmosphere is basically the coolest because you're at Flo's and you feel like you're in Cars. We had a quick pit stop at the Mint Julep Bar for beignets and mint juleps and they were also pretty reasonable and hit the spot after a long day of walking in the sun. For an ice cream treat we had one of the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream sandwhiches that we got at the little carts that are all around Disney/California Adventure. It was good, nothing too special but it tasty! For dinner we had Chinese food at the Lucky Fortune or whatever it was called in California Adventure and it was okay, also nothing special. I found it to be mediocre Chinese food that was overpriced for the portion you got. 

Other notable restaurants that we wanted to try but didn't were the Carnation Cafe on Main Street, Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland (home of the famous Dole Whips), any of the restaurants in New Orleans Square (hello southern food!), Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country. In California Adventure were Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. All of these restaurants looked and smelled really good and were super affordable $15 an under for meals/food. 

Chances are if you're visiting Disney you're on vacation and are #treatingyoself. I totally indulged in all things Disney but set a budget of how much I wanted to spend. It's totally okay to splurge because I mean you are at Disney after all but if you want your bank account to not hate you have a number in mind of how much you want to spend and buy accordingly so you have money later to spend on the rest of your trip!

Well those are all my tips and tricks for navigating Disneyland and California Adventure! I'm sure there are more out on the Internet and Pinterest but these are the ones that I really thought were important and maybe helpful to you guys! 

Have you been to Disney before? What tips, tricks and hacks do you have? Share your insider knowledge below in the comments! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed my Disney posts! I'll be recapping the rest of the trip here in within the next couple of weeks so be looking for it! 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Disney Adventure 2016

Hello friends! I am back today for a SUPER fun post! I know I've been MIA for a little bit and that's because a toooon of stuff happened. Let's see I finished up school for the summer the first week of May so I was busy with finals and all that fun, then I moved back the 15th to California so I spent that week packing up my room, packing my suitcases and cleaning, then the 15-21 one of my best friends, Riley, came out to visit me in California for a week so we were pretty go, go, go that week and I finally have some time to catch up on posts which I have quite a few fun ones coming your way! :) 

As you can tell from the title of this post and my Snapchat story (if you don't follow me you should cause I post lots of cool/fun things on there! Follow me @samanthagoble) that I went to Disneyland last Tuesday. It was my first time ever going to Disneyland here in California and Riley's first time too. So needless to say we were HYPED! It was a suuper long, but suuuuuuper fun day filled with lots of laughs and memories. I'm going to share our Disney adventure with you guys! This is going to be a veeery picture and text heavy post so let's get to it! 

5:00 AM-8:00 AM//

We woke up at 5am so that we could catch the 6:39am Metrolink to take us up to Anaheim. It was our first time riding the train anywhere so we were super excited to be taking it. We wanted to leave by 5:45 so that we would have enough time to get to the station in Oceanside (about a 30 minute drive) and have enough time to get tickets but ended up leaving closer to 6. After trying to book it to the station and pulling in at 6:35am we made it literally with minutes to spare. Sadly we couldn't figure out how to get our tickets and missed our train. Like we were standing on the platform and saw it depart. We were a little frazzled but managed to catch the Amtrak up to Anaheim that left just 10 minutes later, was just a few dollars more and got in at roughly the same time so, thankfully, it all worked out. #praise

Our train pulled up and we got on board and were a little surprised to see how full it was. There were lots of businesspeople on board and some kids in school uniforms. It was interesting to see the different types of people that take the train. Once seated we were off! 

Photo via Riley

The train had 2 seats to a row and had 2 rows. The seats themselves were really nice, very plush, reclined back, had a footrest and pull down table. I was really impressed! 

Photo via Riley

The train also had a little cafe area where you could buy food, snacks and drinks. Since we left so early we didn't eat breakfast so we grabbed some food from the cafe. I had a blueberry muffin and coffee because #coffee and it was gonna be a long day and I knew I was gonna need the caffeine! 

Photo via Riley

The train made about 4 stops from the initial departure in Oceanside and lasted for a little over an hour. It ran along the coast and it was so cool to see the coastline in the morning. The Amtrak is such a fun and inexpensive way to see California and I highly recommend it! 

A little after 8 AM// 


We got into the ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) just a little after 8 and caught like the 8:28 bus to Disneyland. This was a train and bus station which made it really convenient for us to catch both without having to go to different stations or do transfers, especially since we were terrified/paranoid to miss our bus/train again or get on the wrong one from the morning. The station doesn't even look like a train/bus station but more like a convention center. It was super nice inside and clean and at night it's seriously the most gorgeous ever. 

We had some time in between our arrival and bus departure so we hit the bathroom and I took the only #ootd of the whole day so sorry for the poor quality..... You can see my outfit in other photos a little bit later on. I wore a swimsuit top (didn't know if we were gonna do water rides or not), a black and white striped tank from Old Navy, black J.Crew Chino shorts, a chambray button up also from Old Navy, my Coach crossbody. white sandals from Target and big mirrored sunnies from Old Navy. Old Navy isn't sponsoring this outfit I just really like shopping there. Haha! The outfit was comfortable, weather appropriate and stylish, perfect for a long day at Disney. 

We walked outside to our waiting area to catch the bus and before we knew it we were boarded and on our way to Disneyland! Our bus ride was really short, maybe 15 minutes at most. We arrived at Disney just before 9AM which is when they opened and now we waited in line. 

9 AM- 10PM//

After waiting in line to go through security for roughly 30-45 minutes we finally entered the most magical place on Earth! We had park hopper tickets which meant we could hop between Disney and California Adventure. 

Photo via Disneyland

I also just realized I didn't take any photos of Main Street..... I guess I was just so excited to be there I forgot! Main Street was really cool, especially at night because everything was all lit up. The street is set up like an old town Main Street with colorful and beautifully designed giftshops and restaurants. It was like a step back in time!

After we walked through Main Street we were at the entrance to Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the Walt and Disney statue. Since we got to Disney early we beat out a good majority of the crowds to take pictures in front of the train station, Walt and Mickey statue and Sleeping Beauty's castle. I believe if you book through the Disney resort you have the option to do the Magic Mornings which means you get an hour early entrance into the park which would be great if you really wanted these classic photos without people in them. 

I should also note that the weather was PERFECT for Disney. It was a bit cool and cloudy in the morning but by the afternoon was sunny and quite toasty but not like super overwhelming miserable hot. It was like 73 and perfect for a day at Disney. We couldn't have picked better weather!

Once we got our #iconic photos we headed off to TomorrowLand to get a FastPass (more about this on my next post of Disney tips) for Space Mountain since we knew that the lines would be suuuuper long. Before that we stopped at the Buzz Lightyear ride because Buzz Lightyear and it's a classic. 

After we hopped on over to Space Mountain and got our FP. Then we headed to FantasyLand to start our day! We walked through Sleeping Beauty's castle which was slightly terrifying if I was a small child and did the Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio little 5 minute ride.

First Disney character spotting was Peter Pan and Captain Hook by the Dumbo ride and obvi we had to get a photo! Next was going on the iconic, iconic, iconic Dumbo ride. I mean you can't go to Disney without going on it... even if it is for kids! Haha!

After Dumbo we walked around FantasyLand and stopped to get a photo in the other very iconic Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter tea cup! Riley doesn't like spinning rides so we didn't go on the actual ride but we couldn't pass up a photo in the pink teacup. 

Our next ride was It's a Small World, which was really cool but not my favorite. Not a huge fan of the animatronic puppet things.... 

We walked over to ToonTown to do a quick walkthrough of it before heading back over to TomorrowLand to go to Space Mountain. We did ride a little roller coaster there which was pretty fun but definitely for kids. It was crazy to walk through TT because it felt like you were actually in a cartoon, it was kinda trippy. 

After checking in with our FastPasses we by-passed probably a mile long line to Space Mountain. I think the wait time was 45 minutes to an hour while we skated to the front and waited maybe 3 minutes. Seriously FastPasses are amazing. More on them in my next post!

Space Mountain was insanely cool! Definitely one of my favorite rides at Disney! It was Star Wars themed since the Star Wars exhibits had opened so that was really neat. If you don't like the dark or "thrilling" rides this one is not for you. It's 99% in the dark with flashing lights and sounds, sharp turns and dips but if you like that stuff then I'd definitely recommend this one. 

After Space Mountain we decided to hop on over to California Adventure to check it out. Despite my apprehension to it being lame it was actually my favorite! Partly because Cars Land was there and I loved Cars so I looooved being in Radiator Springs. 

Similar to entering Disneyland it has a "Main Street" part called Buena Vista Street which goes into Hollywood Land. 

Photo via Riley

After walking through Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Land we made our way through the park to Paradise Pier which is very Santa Monica boardwalk/Atlantic City feel to it. 

I forgot to take pictures of it too but here's one that shows the atmosphere! 

Photo via Disneyland

We rode California Scream which is the big ol roller coaster in the second photo. I'm not a huge coller coaster junkie but I liked this one! It had just enough hills and turns and 1 loop to make it thrilling and exciting without feeling like you're gonna be sick. It definitely made you scream so it lives up to its name! 

We walked back through to Cars Land which was both Riley and my favorite out of the entire park!

Cars Land is a giant replica of Radiator Springs and we were so HYPED about it! I think we were more excited than some of the kids there to be honest. #DisneyKidForever

We ate lunch at around 2pm-3pm at Flo's V8 Cafe so there were no lines so we could get in and out and keep on track. We both had the roast beef and cheddar sandwich and mac and cheese and it was reeeeally good, the portions were nicely sized and both of our lunches were no more than $13. I was surprised at how A) good the food was and B) how not outrageously expensive it was. After lunch we walked around Cars Land a little more and kept on exploring California Adventure. 

After Cars Land we headed to Grizzly Peak to check it out and it was pretty cool too! We knew we wanted to do Soarin Over California but we would come back in the evening to do it. 

On our way out the 5 and Dime were playing and boy oh boy were they good! It was like Louisiana jazz/ragtime, very Princess and the Frog-esque but really a great performance! Like how cute are they? I really wanted to start like swing dancing/ boogeying down when they were playing!

We decided to head back to Disney and check out the rest of the park and ride some more rides. 

We walked through Adventure Land to get a FastPass for the Indiana Jones ride then walked through Frontier Land and explored there. After that we walked over to New Orleans Square to ride the rides there and explore. 

We did the Haunted Mansion which the intro was absolutely terrifying and the actual ride itself was not really that scary... I was kinda disappointed to be honest.... 

Photo via Youtube

We also rode Pirates of the Caribbean which the ride itself wasn't anything spectacular but the details on the ride were insane. The animatronics were SO freaking life like!! At multiple times I thought they were real people. That ride probably had the best details of any ride we rode. Props to their design team because it was so good. 

By this point it's almost 5pm and it's pretty hot outside so we decided to take a break. rest our feet and get something that's refreshing and eat something sugary to get our energy back up. Since we were in New Orleans Square we decided to stop at the Mint Julep Bar and order some mint juleps and beignets. The mint juleps were non-alcoholic (womp womp) but were good! It was very limeadey and just a bit minty but nice and cold and refreshing. Obviously these are nothing close to real mint juleps but it hit the spot for being out in the sun all afternoon. The beignets were also really good and perfect afternoon pick-me up!

Photo via Parkeology

After our break it was almost time to go to Indiana Jones so we headed back to Adventure Land. We got checked in with our FastPasses and headed to the front of line. Indiana Jones had THE longest walk from when you enter to when you actually get to the ride. I swear it was like 10 miles (not really but it felt like it!). We finally made it and got on and ohmygosh this was SO GOOD! Our favorite of the entire day by far. It was similar to Space Mountain with the sudden jerks, turns an dips, but wasn't quite as dark. We loved this ride so much we rode it twice and had FastPasses for a third but ran out of time, that's how good it was. There was also this guy in front of us who said out of all the rides he's been on this was his favorite. It's the best so if you're ever here you MUST GO!

Since the Jungle Cruise was right next door we decided to take another break for our feet and take a ride on it. It was a 10 minute if that long little "Cruise" around the jungle with the tour guide explaining all the "sights". If you're wanting some casual, slower paced and relaxing with tons of puns and bad jokes this ride is for you. 

To complete our Disneyland experience we walked through Critter Country which was small and nothing too exciting. By this time it's almost 7pm and we have walked/seen the entire Disneyland Park. If that's not an accomplishment then I don't know what is! 

Also at some point before the sun went down we rode the Matterhorn which I was so excited to ride but it ended up being disappointing :( Again it was one of those rides that just wasn't anything super spectacular. Also it had one of the longest lines so in my opinion it's one to skip. 

After conquering Disney we headed back to California Adventure to finish up walking that park, ride on Soarin Over California and to see it all lit up at night. 

Photo via ThrillNetwork

We hopped on Soarin Over California while we still had some daylight and it was really fun! It's basically a virtual reality ride where you get into this row of seats that's attached to an arm that raises you up and you get raised to a surrounding screen and ride through all of the various places in California like Napa, Yosemite, LA, etc. It was pretty neat but if you don't like 3D/VR, or get motion sickness this might not be for you. 

After that we finished walking California Adventure and walked through Bugs Land, Cars Land again because we're obsessed and ate dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Pacific Wharf, which was okay, not great and a bit overpriced in my opinion. 

We didn't do the Little Mermaid Ride, the Ferris Wheel, Radiator Springs Racers or get to meet Ana and Elsa from Frozen due to not having enough time/lines being suuuper long. That just means we'll have to come back! 

We walked back to Disneyland and by this time it was almost 9pm so we just walked around and enjoyed Main Street all lit up. 

The only rides we didn't do which we wanted to were Splash Mountain (too cold) and Peter Pan's Flight suuuper long line, but other than those two we did everything else we wanted to!

Couldn't leave Disneyland without a picture with Mickey!

We did catch some of the parade as we were walking down Main Street but we were popping in and out of gift shops to get some souvenirs so we didn't see the entire thing. It was pretty neat to see the floats all lit up and the characters! 

Once we bought our souvenirs it was time to head out and catch our bus to take us back to the station. 

We got to see some of the fireworks standing outside the park waiting for our bus! After almost a 12 hour day at Disney we were headed back home. 

Once our bus came it picked us up and took us back to the ARTIC station which seemed to be an even shorter ride than in the morning. We got to the station early so we just hung out until it was time to board. The station was so cool inside as it had all these colored lights that would change colors. It was such a cool light show and free too! 

Our train was suppose to arrive at 10:49pm but due to delays didn't end up coming into the station until almost 11:30 and it was an hour ride back to the Onceanside station and then another 30 minute drive back home. We waited outside which was pretty cold in shorts and we were tired and just wanted to get home so it was not our favorite part of the day. Eventually our train pulled in and we boarded and were headed back home. We did manage to catch some z's on the ride back which helped. Finally we arrived back in Oceanside, got off the train and drove back home where we crashed at like 1:30am. We were just like 3.5 hours short of being up for a solid 24 hours. Haha!

Overall our day at Disneyland and California Adventure were AMAZING! It was a day neither of us will forget. It was a day of first's for us and it turned out just better than we expected. We had such a good day filled with lots of laughs, memories and photos. 

It's definitely a must do for anyone visiting California! 

Are you guys still following along? I know that was a ridiculously long post but I wanted to share our day. If you're still following around bless you, you deserve a trophy and a cake!! 

Be looking for my Disneyland trips and hacks post which will be live on Thursday, May 26 for some insider knowledge on what you need to know before you go to Disney! 

Hope you guys enjoyed today's post and if you have any questions about Disney ask away in the comments and I will do my best to answer! :) 

Have you ever been to Disneyland or California Adventure? What was your favorite ride/s, places to eat, characters you met, etc? Share them in the comments! 

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