Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 41

This week has been craaazy. I had a friend stay with me for 3 days, I worked my butt off on school and prepping for the week that I'll be traveling and I baby sat 5 consecutive days. Needless to say I'm ready for my trip! Other than the craziness in my own personal life I managed to be a part of the Royals craziness here in KC. I watched the parade/celebration and managed to brave the crowds to get my Royal's World Series merch. I posted my little haul on Snapchat (@samanthagoble) and I wore my tee on Instagram (@samantha_goble), so make sure you're following along to see fun behind the scenes and snaps!

I leave for Nashville and I am soooooo freaking excited! If you have any must do's, sees, eats or shops leave me a comment! 

Okay enough of me and let's get to the Weekend Reading! 


The coolest #RoyalCelebration video I've seen

This is insane. This guy needs to be signed ASAP

11 style tips for a stylista on a budget. 

Not a huge Bieber fan but I can't wait for this Biebs x Halsey collab

A great article on when busy is just avoidance

San Francisco travel guide. I wanna visit in the spring! 

Started from the bottom now we're crowned

Classic trench, cream sweater, black pants, leopard pumps and a pop of red

I'm going to Nashville on Thursday and I will most definitely be making a stop here

Men's hairstyles throughout the decades. The 40s were the best. *insert heart eyes here*

Have family or friends staying with you over the holidays? Look like a pro with these tips on how to be the hostess with the mostess.

Demi SLAYYYYED singing the National Anthem during the World Series. I seriously got goosebumps watching it. 

It's kinda scary how much the numbers 1738 have to do with the Royals. 

Now that I've gotten into cooking I want to host a dinner party! Here are some helpful tips on throwing a successful one.

If I could be a house it might be this one. #HouseGoals  

Best bromance in baseball. Seriously they're the best of friends and it's freaking adorable. 

Love this cream, gingham and plaid look. Perfect for the holidays. 

My faaaaavorite pair of pumps ever is on sale for under $70! 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Things I'm Loving: October // What I loved for the month

Real vs. Steal // Round-up of some killer real vs. steals

Utility Vest and Striped Tee // My favorite combo


If you're not a Royals fan #SorryNotSorry for the obnoxious amount of Royals links. I'm just too excited and proud not to share! 

Just a little FYI there won't be a Weekend Reading on Sunday because I'm going to still be on my trip/traveling/won't have time to work on it, but it will be up either Monday or Tuesday (I'm thinking Tuesday but we'll see). 

What have you loved on the Internet this week? Anything good? Leave me a comment below sharing! :)

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