Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 33

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a good week! Mine was busy with meetings, events and working on projects. Next week is gonna be really crazy and the week after that is KCFW, so I'm preparing myself for insaneness. And today is a super special day because it's my . . .  birthday! Yup today is finally the big day! I'm officially 21! *cue the balloons and party music* I'm celebrating my birthday with lunch with my family and grandparents and obviously a cocktail, because 21. I'd love to hear what your favorite drinks are so I can start my search for my signature cocktail. So leave me some in the comments below! 

Oh and today's also the day where I announce the winner of my Birthday Giveaway with Stella & Dot! And the winner is, drum-roll please, . . . . . ...

Makaela Willis

Congrats! Be looking from an email from me on how to claim your free Stella & Dot Deja Vu studs! 

Thank you to everyone who entered. You guys are the best!

Now onto this week's Weekend Reading!


Demi slayed this cover of Hozier's Take Me to Church

Bless Carrie for trying! But her legs though *insert heart eyes*

I'm dying over Kate Spade's NYFW collection. Give me, give me, give me!

I can't wait for the new season of AHS! It's gonna be soooo good!

Vogue is taking over the Youtube space and Karlie is helping them pack

I dare you to try and go without laughing during this video. I dare you. 

Remember Life Size? The movie with Tyra Banks and Linday Lohan? Well there's gonna be a sequel! My inner Disney channel movie kid is freaking out!

This is everything. And I mean everything

If you're not following this Instagram you're missing out. It's an ode to all the bloggers out there and I find it hilariously entertaining!

Three words: chocolate chip pizza. Yes, freaking please. 

I love the #Fallake bromance! They're such great friends and this video is proof. 

Nightly routines of some of the most successful women. Gonna have to try and incorporate a few of these into my night time routines. 

I saw a magazine cover at the grocery store that read "The Missing Kennedy Sister" and I was intrigued. When I got home I did a little searching and this story is unbelievably heartbreaking. 

I've always wondered about the detox teas and if they really worked. And after reading Bess's review I wanna try one out!

I applaud Lauryn's realness with this blog post about her boob job. It's refreshing to read about something other than how to style a denim shirt (which I love and am guilty of posting). 

I'm in need of some budgeting help (too much adorable fall fashion) and am pledging to take this 30 day finance challenge! Will you take it with me?

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Birthday Giveaway with Stella & Dot // Details on the birthday giveaway I hosted

Olive and White // Late summer outfit featuring this gorgeous olive top

How to Work from Home // My tips on how to work from home productively 

21 Things I've Learned // 21 things I've learned in my 21 years

So that's all I wrote for this week! It's been a great week and I'm sure I'm having a great birthday too! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You guys really made my 21st one of the best. :) 

What have you been loving on the Internet this week? Leave me a comment sharing! 

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