Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 21

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry this is going up a little bit late! I didn't get home will about midnight last night and was exhausted so I went straight to bed. But you'll still get your Weekend Reading, just a little bit later. So without further adieu here it is! 


Oh man we've all had some bad first texts but I think these take the cake

Not one for colored hair but this rose pink hair is a million heart eyes emojis!

I need a new setting spray and I might have to pick up this L'Oreal one!

Loving this casual outfit! I definitely could recreate it. 

How to transfer your artwork or lettering to Photoshop! Gonna try out this tutorial! 

Mark Ruffalo is the new James Bond bassist. 

Loving this super casual but put together look! Can never go wrong with stripes!

I've been dying to go to Nantucket and after reading this travel guide I MUST go!

A pineapple coconut daiquiri in a pineapple? YES PLEASE!

Who doesn't love confetti and balloons? Combine them and you get this fabulous party decor idea!

I'm in love with Colin Farrell's accent, Vince Vaughn is hilarious as usual and I can't believe that happened to Jimmy

Absolutely love this white lace dress on Christine! She always has such impeccable style!

Flamingo macarons? Oh hell yes. 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Black Out // An all black outfit that's chic and professional.

#TheInternDiaries: Interview Tips // Tips for acing your interview.

Chambray and White // One of my favorite outfit combos ever. 


So there you go! My Weekend Reading! A tad shorter than normal but still loaded with hilarious videos and great articles! 

What have you been loving on the Internet this week? Leave me a comment sharing!

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  1. A pineapple coconut daiquiri in a pineapple sounds like the most magical thing ever. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. A pineapple coconut daiquiri in a pineapple sounds like the most magical thing ever. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Doesn't it?! I am DEFINITELY making one this summer!