Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Staycation Ideas

We'd all love to be able to vacation in the summer from the beaches of the Caribbean, to the culture of Europe, the exoticness of Australia or even just somewhere new here in the States. Well if you're bank account doesn't allow to jet set all over (like mine does) don't worry your pretty little mind. I have a few fun summer staycation ideas!

No. 1: Spend a weekend at a hotel//
Book a weekend at a local hotel to get in the mindset of getting out of town. Sleep in, order room service, go to a spa and enjoy all the perks of being on vacation.

No. 2: Go to the lake or beach//
Grab your friends or family and spend a day soaking up the rays and catching some waves. Have a cookout and end the night with a bonfire and smore's.  

No. 3: Get out of town//
Take a mini vacation to a nearby city. Stay a night or two and play tourist. Maybe it's catching a concert, seeing an exhibit or just walking around and enjoying the sights. 

No. 4: Dressed to the nines//
Get all dressed up and head out to a nice dinner. Treat yourself and eat a meal fit for a queen!

No. 5: Explore//
Spend a day exploring your city. Go to fun places to eat, shop, and play. Bike around it for even more fun! And for even more, more fun get your friends to go with you!

Some more fun ideas are go to the local's farmer market, eat at a food truck, go to the drive-in and attend a local concert! Staying home for the summer doesn't have to be boring or uneventful. There are plenty of things to do you just gotta get out there and find them! 

Staycationing this summer like me? What are some of your staycation ideas? Leave them in the comments below! :)

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