Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beauty Obsessions

Earlier this month the fabulously talented Evelyn Henson asked for bloggers/Instagrammers to be featured on her blog. Of course I jumped at the chance to be featured! If you haven't seen her work what are you even doing with your life?! Her illustrations are everything! They're super fun, bright, colorful and add the perfect decorative element! Go check out her website and be ready to fall in love with everything. I know I did. 

Anyways, her series is called "Beauty Obsessions" where she illustrates your favorite beauty products. I sent in mine and she illustrated them for me! How cool is that?! It turned out fabulous and needless to say I'm obsessed!  

You can check out the full post, with little snippets of why I like each product here

A huge thank you to Evelyn for doing this! I am beyond happy with the way it turned out!! :)

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