Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What to Watch on Netflix

Now that school is done for the semester I've been catching up on Netflix. I've been loving how many awesome movies they've been adding lately! Netflix on fleek. Haha! So I've decided to do a little roundup of a few of my favorites that are definitely worth watching! Also I'm terrible at describing movies so I'll just let the trailers do the talking! 

4 Minute Mile// Drama, Inspirational, Sports 

Barefoot// Drama, Romance

Young & Hungry (TV)// Comedy

Chef// Drama, Inspirational, Drama

God's Not Dead// Drama, Religious

Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2// Chick Flick, Comedy

National Treasure// Drama, Action, Comedy

New Girl (TV)// Comedy

Peaky Blinders (TV)// Action, History, Drama

Hopefully that will get you started on Netflix binging or settling down with some popcorn and a nice movie! But if these aren't enough you can check out this post where I listed all my favorite Netflix TV shows and movies!

Happy Netflixing!

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