Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 18

Happy Sunday! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend last week and your short week this week! I honestly can't believe May is over.... WHERE HAS THE MONTH GONE!? Seriously time is moving too fast. Anyways, this week's list is pretty short compared to last weeks. But it still has loads of great links! So let's get to it!


If you live in KC you need to check out this post on where to eat the best hot dogs. I'm drooling at them. 

How to conquer Rome in 2 days

Love this look on Christine and her hubby! The prettiest of wedding outfits!

I'm obsessed with ripped denim and this look on Emily. Easy and comfy like Sunday!

An awesome article on how to work from home with lots of great tips!

We all love taking pictures of our food and putting it on Instagram. Here are 5 tips to take better pictures of your food!

An interesting article about the quality of J. Crew.

I can't wait to have my own place so I can throw dinner parties. Here's a great read on how to throw them like a pro

One of my favorite bloggers and Girlbosses, Whitney is getting married! I loved reading her engagement story!

The best summer activities to do in New York!

Cara Delevingnes is known for her bold brows but she also has amazing skin. Her esthetician writes out how she achieves her glowing complexion. 

Did you know that Connie Britton and Lauren Graham were roomates? Check out 9 other celebs that roomed together!

10 items every women should have in her desk

Travel guide to Tulum. I need a vacay stat!

These mashups are everything. SO GOOD! 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Instagram Straight Flexin // Instagram roundup

Tassels and Pineapples // Comfy casual outfit 

What to Watch on Netflix // Some of my recent Netflix watches

Blogger Bloopers // The photos that didn't make it to the blog. You're not gonna wanna miss these.... 

Current Hair Routine // How I've been styling my hair recently


That's it for this week! Much shorter than last week's! But still has lots of great reads! 

What have you been loving on the Internet? Leave me a comment below sharing! :)

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