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Who likes getting free stuff? *raises both hands* If you like getting free stuff, like free nice stuff. Nice as in full size products then you're definitely going to want to keep on reading. 

So awhile back I had heard of this company called Influenster, where you can get sent boxes of free goodies to try and review based on your social media presence and your online participation on Influenster. And after my friend Sarah got sent an awesome Influenster box, I decided to try it out myself! 

Before long after linking up my social media channels and filling out reviews on my favorite products I was chosen to receive the Blossom Vox Box. I filled out a short personality survey that asked me questions like do I have pets, what hair care products I use, etc. Soon the box was at my door. I was so excited!! 

These are all the goodies that came! Pretty awesome, huh! Here is everything that was in my box...

Beanitos Chipotle BBQ and Orignial black bean chips
Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo
Nasoya Zero Calorie Noodles
Coconut Almond Curry and Seat Salt Caramel Apple Bear Naked Granola
NYC 24 Hour Eyeshadow stick
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 
Australian Gold Sunscreen 

I was chomping (literally) at the bit to try everything out!

So far I've tried the Beanitos Chipotle BBQ and Orignial chips, the Bear Naked Sea Salt Caramel Apple granola, Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo and I swatched the Sally Hansen self tanner and NYC shadow stick, which you can see below. 

I had never tried Beanitos so I had no clue what to expect. They are a black bean chip and are gluten free, all natural, no trans fat, no preservatives, no MSG, certified kosher, vegan, certified low glycemic index, high fiber, cholesterol free and corn free. So they're pretty much the healthiest chip out there. The Chipotle BBQ are SO GOOD! They're BBQ-y, but have a pretty nice kick to them. And they don't even taste like black bean at all. If you blindfolded me I would have thought these are straight up potato chips. They're that good. I ate the Original's with guac and holy mother of pearl it was deeeelicious. I'm now obsessed.

The Bear Naked granola I ate for a snack between lunch and dinner and it was super yummy! It was salty, sweet, crunchy, tangy and caramely. And these are the perfect snack sizes or to throw in your purse/backpack/tote for on the go. I'd definitely recommend these! 

Unfortunately the Sally Hansen Airbrush tanner is too orangey for my skin :( But it's a nice formula, doesn't have too strong of a scent and looks pretty natural when rubbed in. If it wasn't for the color I'd definitely buy to give me that nice, natural glow. 

I love NYC products and was thrilled to see a new shadow stick. The color is like a bronzey, pewtery, mocha color. It's super pretty, especially for a nighttime look. It is a bit glittery, which I'm not a huge fan of but I'm hoping if I layer eyeshadow over it it will tone it down. I'm excited to test this out. Maybe I'll post a look using this? 

I was so excited to use the Hair Food shampoo! I had never tried a clarifying or root cleansing shampoo before. It has such an amazing smell! It's strawberry ginger so it's a little sweet and fruity but very energizing. After using it I did notice my hair was shinier and softer. I didn't use any products on it after and let it air dry. When I woke up it was sooo shiny, like the shiniest I had ever seen it! And it felt clean! I'm a definite fan of this shampoo and will be using it from now on! 

Sally Hansen Airbrush legs on top and NYC Eyeshadow stick on bottom 

The zero calorie pasta will be interesting to try but I'm always up for new things! It is outdoor season so I will definitely be using the Australian Gold sunscreen. Plus, it's the perfect size for throwing in your bag or if you're travelling!

So that's everything that was inside my first ever Vox Box! If you're not using Influenster you need to! I was hesitant to try it out too but it's the coolest thing ever! Here's their About page where you can read up on Influenster and how it works. Which is probably a lot better than me trying to explain it. Haha! 

I was sent all of these amazing goodies for free by Influenster to try and review BUT all opinions of the products are 100% my own. And honestly it wouldn't have been made possible if it weren't for you guys, my awesome readers and followers, so THANK YOU! 

I can't wait to try out the rest of my goodies! Be sure to follow me on Twitter , @samantha_ goble and Instagram, @samantha_goble for updates/my thoughts on the products! 

Have you ever tried Influenster or a free product review service? Leave me a comment below! 

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