Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cognac and Black

While I love my patterns (you can see those here, here and here), I love my neutrals too! Two colors that I have been obsessed with wearing and that I think go together like peanut butter and jelly is black and cognac. I think these colors are so classy and sophisticated! And you can wear them about 1038103829 different ways! So today I'm showing you two different looks that use the colors black and cognac! I always want my blog, especially my outfits to be a place of inspiration for you guys! To be able to recreate your own at home with pieces you already have! These are pieces that almost every girl has or that can be purchased for not a lot of moolah. So let's get to the looks!

Hat: Target// Sunglasses: Versona Boutique (similar here)// Romper: Wet Seal (similar here and here)// Necklace: Forever21 (in store)// Bracelets: Versona Boutique and Kohls (simlar here)// Sandals: Ross (similar here and here)// Bag: Kate Spade// 

I love hats. They're trendy, add a little something to an outfit and hide bad hair days like no other. And after seeing Mary-Kathrerine over at Gold Hatted Lover sport a Panama hat in this and this look and I decided I needed to have one too. Coincidentally enough it was on sale at Target so naturally it was fate that I pick one up. It's the perfect summer hat and will compliment any beachy, summery, vacationy and California vibed outfit. It will be a summer hat staple for sure!

Sunglasses: Versona Boutique (similar here)// Necklace: BaubleBar// Dress: Target// Bracelet: Kohl's (similar here)// Bag: Kate Spade// Sandals: Target// 

You guys this dress has been on repeat lately! I bought it at Target for around $15 and have worn it well over a dozen times. And I only bought it like two weeks ago.... It's seriously the most comfortable dress ever! And since it's a swing dress it's super flattering and very warm temperature friendly. And it's super versatile to style. I've worn it with sandals, Converse, wedges, denim jacket and vest, plaid, big necklaces, dainty necklaces, it's the wonder woman dress! 


So there you have it, how I style black and cognac! I know these outfits are pretty casual. I meant to do a 'dressier' one but forgot until after I had shot, edited and written this post.....  #Oops! But trade out the sandals for wedges and badabing badaboom, dressy outfit! ;)

How do you wear brown and cognac? What other color combos are your favorite/have you been sporting? Drop me a comment below!

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