Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blogger Bloopers

Being a  fashion blogger isn't always pretty smiles and perfect hair. No siree! Let me tell you! It's more like 90% stupid, weird, what the heck am I doing faces and 10% actual, usable photos. Today's post, as you can tell by the title, is all the beautiful photos that didn't make the cut for my outfit posts. I hope you get some laughs out of this! Enjoy! :) 

Duck face and deuces. Suuuuper cute I know. 

I don't even know what's going on here..... 

Wind and long hair probs. This happens soooo often. 

Really? Really? 

Gotta fix the hair! 

I have no words for this one...... *insert big eyed, red cheeked emoji here*

Whoa now! 

Trying not to fall over in the heels. 

Ohmygod I can't even what the heck!

So there you all go! The definitely less than glamorous side of fashion blogging. I always want to try to be "real" to you guys and show that everything isn't always perfect. And I am in no way a model or know anything about posing. Usually the pictures are something resembling the above ones. Oh and not included are the ones with my eyes closed. About half are usually of my eyes closed. Yeah, good times.....

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"the secret to modeling is not being perfect"

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  1. Thank you for always going above and beyond to ensure the success of a project.