Sunday, May 31, 2015

Exciting News!

So I have some really exciting news to share with you all! So Thursday May 21st, I had an interview with Kathryn of Kathryn Elise Studio, a PR, events and social media management agency. You know Kat, she's the co-founder of Go Blog Social and the social media director for Kansas City Fashion Week. She's a total GirlBoss. She was looking for an intern to help her with her business this summer. I jumped at the chance to A) work with someone I admire and B) to work in the PR, events and social media realm to get experience and C) do something I'm super passionate about! I mean I am dedicating my life to is so it's probably good that I get some experience! Ha! We interviewed and I thought it went well but I still wasn't confident I'd get the position. I'm one of those people who psyche myself out of something even if I know I killed it. It's something I've always struggled with. 
Anyways, I was so nervous waiting for the email to say if I had been offered the position or if it had gone to someone else. Like pacing, nervous trainwreck. To take my mind off of it me and my mom were out at lunch. I just so happened to check my emails. And there it was... the fate of my summer. I opened it up, heart racing, scanning the words on the screen.... and  I saw the words "I am pleased..." I freaked out and everyone in the restaurant looked at me like I was crazy but hey when you get something major like that you have to celebrate! 

I start today and I will be working with Kat doing all things PR, events and social media related. I couldn't be happier or more excited to start this journey and to start really gaining the experience in those industries! This is my first ever 'grown-up' job so I'm a bit nervous (but mostly excited) to be starting my 'career'. I will hopefully be blogging about working in the 'real world' and maybe even have some advice for you! Don't worry my blog won't be going away, I will still be blogging regularly! I just wanted to let you guys know what I'll be doing this summer! :)

Do you have any advice for interning? Leave me a comment sharing! I definitely need some tips! 

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Weekend Reading No. 18

Happy Sunday! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend last week and your short week this week! I honestly can't believe May is over.... WHERE HAS THE MONTH GONE!? Seriously time is moving too fast. Anyways, this week's list is pretty short compared to last weeks. But it still has loads of great links! So let's get to it!


If you live in KC you need to check out this post on where to eat the best hot dogs. I'm drooling at them. 

How to conquer Rome in 2 days

Love this look on Christine and her hubby! The prettiest of wedding outfits!

I'm obsessed with ripped denim and this look on Emily. Easy and comfy like Sunday!

An awesome article on how to work from home with lots of great tips!

We all love taking pictures of our food and putting it on Instagram. Here are 5 tips to take better pictures of your food!

An interesting article about the quality of J. Crew.

I can't wait to have my own place so I can throw dinner parties. Here's a great read on how to throw them like a pro

One of my favorite bloggers and Girlbosses, Whitney is getting married! I loved reading her engagement story!

The best summer activities to do in New York!

Cara Delevingnes is known for her bold brows but she also has amazing skin. Her esthetician writes out how she achieves her glowing complexion. 

Did you know that Connie Britton and Lauren Graham were roomates? Check out 9 other celebs that roomed together!

10 items every women should have in her desk

Travel guide to Tulum. I need a vacay stat!

These mashups are everything. SO GOOD! 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Instagram Straight Flexin // Instagram roundup

Tassels and Pineapples // Comfy casual outfit 

What to Watch on Netflix // Some of my recent Netflix watches

Blogger Bloopers // The photos that didn't make it to the blog. You're not gonna wanna miss these.... 

Current Hair Routine // How I've been styling my hair recently


That's it for this week! Much shorter than last week's! But still has lots of great reads! 

What have you been loving on the Internet? Leave me a comment below sharing! :)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Current Hair Routine

I've never been that girl who spends hours on her hair. Partly for the reason that I am terrible at doing hair. I can never to get it to look as good as the tutorial or in the pictures. But recently I've been putting more effort in it and I've been loooving the way it's been turning out! I've been using these products pretty religiously lately and for good reason, they're all amazing! Let's get into why they're so amazing!

I'd always admire the girl's who have beautifully long, everyday curled hair and wish mine looked like that. After getting it done at Posh KC (you can check out my post on it here), I had to figure out a way to do it myself. And I think I have! I've been obsessed!

There have been four products that I have been using to achieve my new do'. 

So the first thing I use is the Unite 7Seconds Condition leave in detangler. I use this after I shower and my hair has been towel dried. I love this because it's not only a leave in conditioner but a detangler! Love me some dual purpose products! It smells great and leaves my hair soft and tangle free. I let my hair air dry and usually will go to bed and let it finish drying. The next day I'll curl my hair. 

I had a 1" curling iron but I wanted something a little looser, more wavey and less curls. I bought the Hot Tools 1.25" curling iron at Ulta after reading great reviews on it. I love it! It heats up pretty hot and stays hot. To achieve my curls I wrap approx. 1 inch sections of hair  (like you would a curling wand) around the barrel and leave it on for about 30 seconds. I have very thick hair and a lot of it so that's why I leave it on for so long. If you have finer/less hair 10-20 is good. After I let it out and let it cool. I repeat the curling process on my entire head. It's okay if the curls aren't perfectly curled or symmetrical. I'm going for everyday, loose, tousled, undone-ish waves. 

Once I've finished curling and they've all cooled, I spray them with a little hair spray. Then I run my fingers through them to make them a little more relaxed. After I spray the Unite Texturiza dry finishing spray at my roots and throughout the body of the curls and massage it in. This stuff volumizes my hair like none other! It gives me so much lift without being too heavy or going product crazy. It's the best!

And that's it! This is my everyday curls!  Usually I can get my curls to last me 2 days after I curl them. After I've curled and slept on them they've usually fallen out into this gorgeous almost blowout-esque look. To give it a little life back into the hair I'll use more of the Texturiza spray and a tad of dry shampoo in my roots, if needed. Then I'll take the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray and spray it through my hair. I looove this spray! It pretty much makes my hair into this "I've been at the beach all day" hair without actually having to go to the beach. Plus, it smells amazing, like honey and citrus. And that's day two hair! 

On the third day usually I'll throw it up into a messy bun or topknot because #ratchethair. Then I'll shower that night and start the whole process over. 

So that is my current hair routine! I do this twice a week, since my curls can last me about 3 days each. It seems like a lot of steps and a long process but in reality it takes me 20-30 minutes to do. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! I've really been loving doing my hair and am pretty sure I've gained some arm muscles too! Bonus! 

What's your current hair routine? Any products I need to try? Leave me a comment sharing below! :)

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blogger Bloopers

Being a  fashion blogger isn't always pretty smiles and perfect hair. No siree! Let me tell you! It's more like 90% stupid, weird, what the heck am I doing faces and 10% actual, usable photos. Today's post, as you can tell by the title, is all the beautiful photos that didn't make the cut for my outfit posts. I hope you get some laughs out of this! Enjoy! :) 

Duck face and deuces. Suuuuper cute I know. 

I don't even know what's going on here..... 

Wind and long hair probs. This happens soooo often. 

Really? Really? 

Gotta fix the hair! 

I have no words for this one...... *insert big eyed, red cheeked emoji here*

Whoa now! 

Trying not to fall over in the heels. 

Ohmygod I can't even what the heck!

So there you all go! The definitely less than glamorous side of fashion blogging. I always want to try to be "real" to you guys and show that everything isn't always perfect. And I am in no way a model or know anything about posing. Usually the pictures are something resembling the above ones. Oh and not included are the ones with my eyes closed. About half are usually of my eyes closed. Yeah, good times.....

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"the secret to modeling is not being perfect"

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What to Watch on Netflix

Now that school is done for the semester I've been catching up on Netflix. I've been loving how many awesome movies they've been adding lately! Netflix on fleek. Haha! So I've decided to do a little roundup of a few of my favorites that are definitely worth watching! Also I'm terrible at describing movies so I'll just let the trailers do the talking! 

4 Minute Mile// Drama, Inspirational, Sports 

Barefoot// Drama, Romance

Young & Hungry (TV)// Comedy

Chef// Drama, Inspirational, Drama

God's Not Dead// Drama, Religious

Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2// Chick Flick, Comedy

National Treasure// Drama, Action, Comedy

New Girl (TV)// Comedy

Peaky Blinders (TV)// Action, History, Drama

Hopefully that will get you started on Netflix binging or settling down with some popcorn and a nice movie! But if these aren't enough you can check out this post where I listed all my favorite Netflix TV shows and movies!

Happy Netflixing!

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Tassels and Pineapples

It's no secret that I love to dress up. Especially if I can wear heels. But not everyday am I sporting pumps and a fancy outfit. I wish I was Carrie Bradshaw, but alas, I'm not. On the days where I'm not dressing up I like to keep thing casual, comfortable and stylish. Enter this outfit.


Sunglasses: Old Navy (similar here)// Scarf: Francesca's (in store)// Tee: Target// Belt: Target (similar here)// Jeans: American Eagle// Bracelet: Kohl's (similar here)// Sandals: Altar'd State (in store)//

|Thanks to Alex for taking the photos!|

You guys know I love pineapples. I currently have 6 pineappled things and am constantly looking for more. I was at Francesca's the other day and found this scarf. The minute I saw it I knew I needed it. And it was only $10! SCORE!! I think it'd be the perfect beach/pool sarong too! I couldn't fine it online so try your local store to see if they have one! I also found these Jack Rogers 'Lauren' look alike sandals for $30. DOUBLE SCORE! I got them from this super amazing boutique called Altar'd State. I got them in store and can't seem to find them online so try your local store for them! They are super comfortable and I know they will be worn a ton this summer!  

I kept the outfit very casual as I was just bumming around at home and had plans to go out with my family for dinner later that evening. So I paired my new scarf and shoes with some jeans and a white tee. Instant cute and comfy outfit! 


Do you love pineapples? How do you dress for comfy, laid back days? Leave me a comment or send me a pic! :)

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Instagram Straight Flexin

It's no secret that I looove Instagram. I take great pride in creating and currating a bright, fun and inspiring feed for myself and you guys! (Shamless self promo but if you don't follow me you totally should. I post lots of fun things! :) Follow me here or search @samantha_goble!) It's definitely my favorite social media outlet. I've been digging my feed lately and thought it'd be fun to share my recent posts! I will try my hardest to link similar items from the photos but a lot of them I either got in store and aren't online or they're too old. But I will do my best! So let's get to it! 

Pajamas: Target (similar here and here)

Bar bracelet: Kohl's (similar here)// Chain: Francesca's// Bow: Ulta Beauty// Sandals: Altar'd State (similar here)// Jeans: American Eagle (similar here and here)// Belt: Target (similar here)// Top: Target (similar here)//

Full outfit post here

Full outfit post here

Necklace: Bauble Bar// Button Up: Old Navy (similar here)// Pants: Old Navy// Shoes: Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx (same shoe just slightly darker)// Bag: Kate Spade (similar here)//

Full post here

Bracelet: Kohl's (similar here)// Shoes: Go Jane// 

Full outfit post here

Headphones: Target// 

Turquoise bracelet: Target// Watch: Mode Boutique// Bar bracelet: Kohl's (similar here)// Top: Target (similar here)// Belt: Target// Jeans: Target (similar here)// Sandals: Jack Roger's (same style, different color)//

Dress: Lilly For Target (similar here, here and here)// Bracelet: Versona Boutqiue// Sandals: Jack Rogers (same style, different color)// 

Full outfit post here

There's all my recent Instas! Like I said I've been really digging my Instagram lately and love the way it's been looking. Head on over and check it out

Let me know if you guys like this Instagram roundup and if you want me to do it weekly or monthly! 

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 17

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're enjoying the weekend! This week's Weekend Reading list is suuuuper long and packed, packed, packed full of great links. So enough of me and let's get to them! 


Loved this honest and raw post by Jacey about the struggle of wanting kids. 

Jamie Foxx's impression of John Legend is spot on! I was cracking up through the entire video!

I love Gossip Girl but there are some questions that have been left unanswered! 

5 ways to wave your hair! I love the messy beachy look!

Loving this denim and gingham look on Julia! 

The trailer for the Scorch Trials came out and HOLY CRAP I AM SO EXCITED. DYLAN O BABE LOOKS AMAZING. 

33 shows to binge watch. I've binged watch 9 out of the 33.... 

6 tips on how to grow your blog! These are great!

Love this Hawaiian happy hour mini party Lauren set up! 

How to wear the shirt around your waist trend! 

This video is gold. Absolutely golden!

44 tips when traveling in Italy. Some I did know and some are pretty interesting!

Hugh Jackman is the best. Seriously the best. 

Krista shares her traveling tips! 

I love having fresh flowers in my room but hate when after a few days they start to wilt! Here are 5 ways to keep fresh flowers around longer!

This pineapple mojito sounds delicious. Must try. 

Nick Offerman, Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon and Susan Sarandon play Password and it's priceless. 

How to create the quintessential Instagram. 

Check out what name you'd have if you were born today! (Mine is Isabella!)

Makeup looking oily or sliding off your face? Here's a pre-powdering tip will change that!

Again the wanderlust is so real right now. Here's 21 places to see before you die. 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

Weekend Reading // On a weekday.. oops

Cognac and Black // Two outfits styled with the colors

White Out // White on white outfit

KC Blogger Meetup // My recap of my first KC blogger meetup event

Jumped // Black jumpsuit outfit


A very long list of links this week, but they're all worth the read and watch! 

What have you been loving this week on the Internet? Leave me a comment below sharing!

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Friday, May 22, 2015


Guys it finally happened! I found a jumpsuit that isn't 3324 miles long!! PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH! I was in Kohl's the other day and found it hiding behind a whole bunch of maxi dresses. I didn't even have to try it on to know it would be the perfect length. And it is! I can't even tell you how long I've been searching for a jumpsuit that isn't too long for my petite stature. Oh the endless styling possibilities! 

I went out for an evening and this was the perfect 'dressy', casual outfit. It was a gorgeous day so I took advantage of it!

Also sorry for only a handful of pictures :/ It was suuuuper windy this day and these were the only pictures that weren't hair in lips or me pulling a weird face. 

Let's get to the outfit!

Sunglasses: Old Navy (similar here)// Necklace: Forever21// Bracelet: Kohl's in store (similar here)//  Vest: H&M (similar here)// Jumpsuit: Kohl's// Purse: Kate Spade// Wedges: Ross (similar here)// Lipstick: TwoFace Melted lipstick in Melted Fuchsia// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos!|

This is definitely not the last time you'll be seeing this jumpsuit on the blog! I think it's such a  good spring/summer staple item to have. You can wear it so many ways and it can be dressed up or down. Plus it's uber comfortable. It's like wearing pajamas, acceptable pajamas. WIN! 


Do you wear jumpsuits? Are you short like me? Have any places to get cute ones at that aren't 10 miles long? Leave me a comment below! :)

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