Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kansas City Fashion Week Night 2

Welcome back Internet friends! Today's post is recapping Night 2 of Kansas City Fashion Week! You can read all about Night 1 here! Night 2 was one of my favorites and showcased some amazing designers! So let's get right into it!

There was cocktail hour beforehand but since Sarah and I had gone the night before we didn't really feel the need to go again. We arrived at Union Station a little after 7 due to having a hard time finding parking. But we arrived and headed to our seats to get ready for the collections!

Duck lips because why not? 

So when I met up with Sarah to walk in the first thing she says is "I think we're wearing the same shoes." We both look down and I answer her "Target?" She says yes and we high five. Great minds think alike!

We actually got our seats moved because they were double booked and ended up sitting second row at the very end of the catwalk. These were actually better seats and let us have a great view of runway. It's funny because we were sitting behind Caitlin of SophistiCAITed and a few other bloggers. I wanted to introduce myself but I was too nervous. So if you guys are reading, Hi! Oh and we also sat with Mollie who I met at the GBS Workshop in February! 

Tonight's line up definitely more 'fashion week' collections than Thursday's. Lots of ball gowns, edgy pieces and less 'wearable' looks. The line up included:
Sara Kahrs
Maria Behnen

This collection by Andrea Marie Long was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Each of the pieces were hand painted, yes HAND PAINTED, on sea silk. The pictures don't even do them justice. I loved the very simple, minimalistic, Asian inspired influence she brought and the bold pops of green and yellow! Such a stunning collection. 

We had to stop for a photo opp on the red carpet! How gorgeous does Sarah look?! You can check out all her outfit details on her blog

How absolutely gorgeous is the finale gown by Lucia's Sarto by Nataliya Meyer?! I wish I had a better picture to show the details of this gown. I loved the keyhole detail on the back and the poufy ballgownness of it. And my favorite part is the very subtle leopard print! I mean leopard is a neutral soo.....

So after seeing this bridal collection by Sara Kahrs I have wedding gown brain and need to go buy one of thse ASAP. Let me remind you I don't even have a boyfriend...... I mean does a pillowpet count?... 

 The jaw dropper for this collection was the two piece wedding dress. I love how it's a more modern take on a formal wedding dress. The back buttons, lace details on the hem and sleeves and the gorgeous print on the skirt just makes for an amazing wedding dress. This would be such a perfect gown for a boho wedding. So perf. 
I also love the lace skirting and deep v-neck front of the second gown. I didn't snap a pic of the back but it also has a deep open v-back. Gah so much prettiness!
The last one with the accordion style bottom is just fun and very unique! 


That's all of Night 2 of Fashion Week! As you can tell I love the more formal, ballgowns. I would wear some of these to prom or a formal event any day. Why don't I have the occasions to wear something like these!? Gah! 

Don't forget to check back for the final showing, Night 3! 

What do you think of the designs? Love, loathe? Leave me a comment below or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! 

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