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Go Blog Social 2015: Day 2

Hello loves! Today's post is Day 2 of GBS2015! If you missed Day 1 you can read all about it here! Day 2 was another awesome day of meeting amazing ladies and being empowered to go out and kick some butt! Yeah!

9am// Networking + Coffee

The morning was the same as the day before with coffee and networking. I was starting to feel the business of the previous days and needed coffee desperately. I grabbed my cuppa and sat down to wait for Katie. Monica of 45 Fairmount, who I met at the GBS Workshop in February sat down a few seats from me. We got to chatting and it was so nice to catch up with her! Jenna of J. Lynn Designery also sat with us and I got to chat with her! I also met and got to know Diana, who's a business boss and fitness guru, Lindsey of The Curly DiariesKristen of The Style Diary and one other awesome gal whose name I forgot. I'm so sorry! :/ All four were super sweet and fabulous ladies so check out their blogs! Before we knew it it was time for the conference to begin! 

10am// GBS Q+A Session

Sam of The Brunette One, Katelyn of Katalina Girl, Sarah of Sarah Scoop and Kat of Kathryn Elise Studios

Before the speakers kicked off the GBS ladies had a little Q+A time and a fun little ice breaker activity. We had 5 minutes to go out and introduce ourselves to at least 3 people. Business cards in hand it was a mad dash to meet some awesome ladies! I met Mirelle of East West RealmIliana of Trapp and Company flowers and Jolene of Jolene Dreier! All were super amazing ladies who were totally owning it! After the ice breaker the GBS ladies did a Q+A session with us. There were some really great questions asked and all the girls had great answers! I definitely learned a lot from the 15 minutes of Q+A! After that it was time for our first speaker of the day!

10:35am// Mandy Beyeler of Sugar Bee Crafts

Our kickoff speaker of the day is Mandy Beyeler, a crafty DIYer of her blog Sugar Bee Crafts! She talked about building your blogging community and how to really connect with your readers. Mandy gave a great presentation and I really learned alot from her! She was also very sweet and made everyone laugh! 

After Mandy it was time for lunch! We had such a long lunch break which was sooo nice. Katie, Lindsey, Diana, the other gal whose name I forgot (I'm blushing so hardcore right now) and myself decided to go grab lunch at Constentino's downtown. It was such a nice day and the walk hit the spot just right! We grabbed our food and sat inside and ate and chatted some more. After our long lunch break we headed back! I also got to catch up with Ali of Alexandria Hope Styling and Courtney of the 5 O'Clock Fashionistas! They sat right next to me! It was so great to see both of them and chat! They're fabulous ladies so go give their blogs a check!

1pm// Enza of Enza's Bargains

Our after lunchtime speaker was Enza of Enza's Bargains. She's a blogger who, you guessed it blogs about getting those great bargains! She spoke about brand campaigning and sponsorships. Her presentation was suuuper informative about what to do when you land your campaign, which is something I most definitely want to do! She is the most adorable and funny person ever! I loved her personality and her presentation!

Part of her presentation was to take a #Selfie with someone sitting near you! This is Lauren of Midwest Femme

2:30// Lilly Jade

Next was the husband and wife duo of Lily Jade, a high quality leather bag company. Their story was so touching and I definitely shed some tears at Meaggan's stories. She's definitely a mommy inspiration! They talked about pitching to brands and had a Q+A session within their presentation, which was super cool. They have a great brand which stands for a great thing so if you're a mom, mom to be or know of one send them the link to these bags!

We had a break inbetween speakers and this is when Katie and I parted ways. She had to catch her flight back home. But not before we grabbed a quick photo! 

3:45pm// Callie England of Rawxies

The last speaker of the day was Callie England, creator and founder of Rawxies, a healthy, nutritional bar. Callie is one badass chick who's making a name for herself in the world. A total #GirlBoss! She started up this company from the ground up. She talked about her business and pretty much how to be a badass Girlboss. Yup that sums up her presentation. I got to try a Rawxies bar and they were pretty good! And they're based out of KC! Woot! 

After Callie's presentation that was it, the GBS Conference was officially over, sad face. But before I left I had to say hello to Caitlin of SophisitCAITed. If you remember I sat behind her at KCFW but was so nervous to say anything. Well I got over my nerves and went up and introduced myself and she could not have been any sweeter! It's the coolest thing to meet the bloggers you admire online. It's one of the best feelings ever! I said my goodbye's to my new and old friends and headed home empowered, inspired and fueled up! It was such a great experience and the GBS Team did a phenomenal job. I absolutely loved all the speakers and learned so much. And as always, it's awesome to meet and connect with ladies who are similar to you and share the same goals in mind. So empowering. If you've wanted to attend a blog conference but are unsure, GO FOR IT. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! It's such an amazing experience! :) 

I can't wait for the next GBS event and to meet more brilliant ladies! 

Have you ever been to a blog conference before? How was your experience? Leave me a comment sharing or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! 

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