Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 9

Happy Sunday everyone! If you couldn't tell by this post I'm back! Yes after my mini break I am back and ready to blog! Thank you guys for being so patient with me. It means the world, it really does. I have a lot of great content coming at you this week so definitely check back for it! I have a lot of great links for you guys so let's hop to it! 


Have you ever seen a bunny fight? Well you have now. They're like tiny, furry ninjas! 

Tassels are all the trend this season and I neeeeed to DIY a pair of these sandals. 

If you don't follow Amy Stone on Instagram you are seriously missing out. I just now checked out her website and where has it been all my life?! 

I'm definitely participating in hot guy March Madness...... #sorrynotsorry 

This is so great, so great. I was cracking up so much! 

22 problems only fashion bloggers understand is my life. The accuracy... 

The Lilly for Target lookbook is out and I'm dying over everything! I will be making my way to my local Target to pick up a few pieces for sure! 

If you haven't seen Miles Teller shaking it off you need to. 

Thinking of changing up my hair. What do you guys think? Love? Hate? Thoughts?

I want to go to more farmer's markets this summer and these tips will sure come in handy!

This is such an easy, classic look. I'm obsessed. 


So there's what I've been loving on the Internet this week! Lots of fun articles and links and what not!

What have you guys been loving this week? Leave me a comment or strike  up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! :) 

Have a great Sunday! 

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