Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bisou, Bisou

So I wore this outfit awhile back, thus the not green grass BUT I think it's super cute and love it so I'm posting it! :) 

 Sunnies: TJ Maxx (similar here)// Necklace: Rocksbox// Shirt: Factory J. Crew (similar here)// Jeans: American Eagle// Flats: Target// Pouch: Forever21 (similar here)// 

|Thanks to Alex for taking my photos!|

Today's outfit is a super casual but comfy one. I've been slowly but surely incorporating more spring pieces into my wardrobe and outfits, like these adoorable flats from Target! They're a great dupe to the Chanel and Tory Burch ones for only $25! And they come in different colors too! Definitely check them out if you're in need of a cute flat for spring/summer! 

If you're loving the necklace, which is from Rocksbox, you can get a FREE month of jewels delivered to your doorstep! Just send me an email and you'll get your code! It's that simple! Definitely take advantage of it! It'd be perfect for Prom! 

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kansas City Fashion Week Night 1

Hey there everyone! Hope you are all doing well! I'm back to my regularly blogging! Again thank you for understanding my little hiatus and still sticking with me! :) 

Today's post is the super exciting first night recap of Kansas City Fashion Week! I got the amazing opportunity to attend Fashion Week this year with Sarah of Anything and Everything. We went as media personnel to cover the show for our blogs. Seeing all the designers and being a part of something like Fashion Week was insane to me. It was the most unreal experience and I had the best time! I'm only sharing my favorite collections from the night and not every single one. So here's Night 1  from Kansas City Fashion Week! 

The event was held at Union Station in downtown Kansas City. I had never been to Union Station so this was my first time and I was in awe at the beauty of it! From the chandeliers to the ceilings and everything else was beautiful! FW was held in the 'main hall'. The show started at 7 and cocktail hour was beforehand. Although we couldn't drink we walked around, mingled and took some photos in the PhotoBus, which is one of the coolest things ever!

We were originally sat in the second row but got moved to the Front Row. A huuuge thanks to Kathryn, the Director of Media, the GBS co-founder and a fellow blogger friend, for making it happen! You're the best! :)

Selfie because fashion week. Lol. 

My view form my FR seat! I'm pretty I stopped breathing when she asked us. Sitting FR at a fashion show is something I dreamed about, I never thought I'd actually be sitting! 

Thursday's line up was by far the most casual of the three. The line up included:
I have to give a huge round of applause for Molly Elizabeth. She is a 15, a FIFTEEN year old fashion designer and model (you'll see her later). While her collection wasn't my style, she's crazily talented and is definitely going places! 

I wasn't in love with the other collections but my favorite collection of the night was Paolini Garment Company. You guys know how much I love a well dressed man and this collection did not disappoint. I loved the tailored looks. the neutral colors and pattern play. Plus the models weren't too bad to look at either ;) 

The show ended a little after 9 and me and Sarah headed home to get some beauty rest and gear up for the next day!

I was starving after so a necessary McDonald's stop was required before heading home. No judgments. I had the chicken tenders and they're my favorite thing ever. I'm so glad McD's brought them back. They're soo good. 

So that was Night 1 of KCFW! It was a great kickoff for the weekend shows! Keep checking back for Nights 2 and 3!  You can also see some exclusive pics from Fashion Week on my Instagram, @samantha_goble! 

Have you ever attended Fashion Week or a fashion show? Leave me a comment below or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 9

Happy Sunday everyone! If you couldn't tell by this post I'm back! Yes after my mini break I am back and ready to blog! Thank you guys for being so patient with me. It means the world, it really does. I have a lot of great content coming at you this week so definitely check back for it! I have a lot of great links for you guys so let's hop to it! 


Have you ever seen a bunny fight? Well you have now. They're like tiny, furry ninjas! 

Tassels are all the trend this season and I neeeeed to DIY a pair of these sandals. 

If you don't follow Amy Stone on Instagram you are seriously missing out. I just now checked out her website and where has it been all my life?! 

I'm definitely participating in hot guy March Madness...... #sorrynotsorry 

This is so great, so great. I was cracking up so much! 

22 problems only fashion bloggers understand is my life. The accuracy... 

The Lilly for Target lookbook is out and I'm dying over everything! I will be making my way to my local Target to pick up a few pieces for sure! 

If you haven't seen Miles Teller shaking it off you need to. 

Thinking of changing up my hair. What do you guys think? Love? Hate? Thoughts?

I want to go to more farmer's markets this summer and these tips will sure come in handy!

This is such an easy, classic look. I'm obsessed. 


So there's what I've been loving on the Internet this week! Lots of fun articles and links and what not!

What have you guys been loving this week? Leave me a comment or strike  up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! :) 

Have a great Sunday! 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Break Time

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and if you were on Spring Break, a great Spring Break! 

I was sitting here at my desk at 10:57pm on Sunday night in a panic because I had no blog posts for this week to post and I have tooons going on in terms of school and my social life. So I have pretty much no way of getting any done. I thought to myself first off, "Breathe." Second that I could throw together 5 really short, crappy posts just to be posting OR I could wait till my craziness dies down and create some really good content. I don't ever want to be one of those bloggers who just creates a post to be creating a post. I want to create good content that's quality and helpful to you guys. I'd rather spend the time to create a post that you guys will want to read and that you might find interesting. I have a bunch of posts in the works I just need the time to start creating them. Blogging is such a huge part of my life and I absolutely love it but on the totem pole of priorities it comes after a few other things. 

So I guess this post is me telling you guys I'm going to be on a little break. I hope it will just be this week but it might be longer. I won't know till I get started. I really need to focus on my school and creating awesome, quality content for you guys. I hope you understand and that I am so sorry for not having anything for you guys to read :( 

But to make up for the lack of posts when I do get back to posting there will be some amazing, worth the wait posts: ie recap of Fashion Week, concert recap, get ready with me, and a bunch more! So your wait won't go unrewarded! 

Thank you guys so much for understanding and sticking with me. I know I'm a terrible person/blogger for doing this but it's one of those things that I really need to do. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

If you still need your daily dose of Sam you can find me on Instagram and Twitter @samantha_goble and Pinterest and Tumblr! 

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 8

Well guys, Spring Break is over.... But I'm ready to get back to work. There's only a handful of days that is separating me and summer so I'm ready to power through! Spring Break was insanely fun and one of the best I've had. I got to relax and enjoy the weather and also attend Kansas City Fashion Week with Sarah! It was amazing and not to worry a recap post will be coming! This week's Weekend Reading is quite short but has a lot of great links! So let's get to it!


A simple act of kindness can creates a ripple effect. This video will make you smile and tear up. I know it did for me. 

10 commandments when travelling. How many do you follow? 

This is the most addicting website ever.... I spent an hour playing.... 

I love Mackenzie's travels! And her trip to Cassis, France I am dying over! 

An emotional interview with Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon. I can't even. 

I love this DIY granola bar idea! It's perfect for a brunch, a baby/bridal shower or a garden party! 

Who are you without your titles

Will Ferrell is Little, emphasis on the 'ittle', Debbie. I laughed so hard!

This week on 'of life and style': 

Spring Break staycation ideas that now could be used for any vacation! 

DIY jeweled sandals that are perfect for spring! 

The preppiest outfit I think I've ever worn. 

My favorite spring/summer lipsticks!

A new Music of the Moment playlist filled with songs you need to listen to. 


That's all I wrote for this week! Short I know but lots of great links, so definitely check em out!

What have YOU been loving this week from the interwebs? Leave me a comment or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Music of the Moment No. 3

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I know I sure did/am! Today I'm sharing another Music of the Moment post! I love music, as you all well know and I love sharing it with others. I was with a friend the other day and we got onto the topic of music. I started rattling off bands and artists and he looked like I was speaking Swahili or something. Needless to say I had to make an awesome playlist for him and that I did! 

Some of the songs on his list are ones from this one. This playlist has more alternative artists but I do have a few poppy/hip hoppy songs thrown in. Quite a few of the artists are ones that I re-fell in love with again. Isn't that just the best? Re falling in love with an artist/band? 

On to the playlist! 

Out of this list I honestly can't pick a favorite because I kinda love them all. They each have such a different and unique sound and fit every kind of mood. Although I will say Skin to Bone and I Really Like You I may play more.... 

If you're needing more music you can listen to Music of the Moment No. 1 and No. 2


What songs/artists have you been listening to recently? Any I need to check out? Leave me a comment sharing! 

Happy listening everyone!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kiss My. . . Spring and Summer Lipstick Colors

I did one of these back in November for my favorite fall/winter lipsticks and I thought I'd do another for my spring/ summer colors! The colder months call for dark, vampy, moody lips and the warmer ones call for bright, cheerful, fun colors. I have four colors I'm sharing with you all today! 

This is the perfect everyday pink color! It's showing up lighter and more 'nude' pink in the photos but it's a super pretty light pink. It's from the Kate Moss by Rimmel line and I'm obsessed!

I've worn this color I can't even tell you how many times. I feel like it's my signature lip color. It's the brightest, Barbie, bubblegum pink and you need it in your life. 

This is such a fun 'beachy, night out' lip color. It's a gorgeous orange-y, coraly color that is beautiful! I can't wait to wear it with a tan!

This color is amazing and the pictures aren't doing it justice. It's a vibrant fuschia that's sure to make a statement! If you're looking for a darker, 'vampy-ish' lip color for the spring/summer this one is it!

These are the four colors that I've been wearing with the warm weather. I wear lipstick almost every day. I never use to be a lipstick wearer until last year when I saw the light and needed them in my life. Since then I've started quite a nice little collection. Honestly if I go out and I forget lipstick I feel naked. Lipstick just pulls an outfit together. I've had times where something just isn't right with it, I add lipstick and BAM it's perfect. 

They're all really fun and bright colors that add a great pop of color to any outfit! I'm still looking for a nice nude color so if you have one leave me a comment sharing! 

All of these are from the drugstore so they're super affordable. You can get them pretty much anywhere and usually there are coupons you can use too! 

They're super opaque, vibrant, go on smooth, aren't drying and have great lasting power! If you're looking for some new lipsticks to add to your collection this season I'd definitely recommend all of these! 

What are your favorite lipsticks for spring/summer? Have any to recommend? Leave a comment below or strike up a convo via social media with me, @samantha_goble! 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Preppy To the Max

I don't think this outfit could get any preppier. Well I'm not wearing any monograms so I take that back; it can. I wore this outfit when I was running errands with my mom and it was glorious to have some sun on my poor pale legs. It did get a little bit toasty in a longsleeve shirt but it's pretty light so I wasn't too uncomfortable. Sadly though the shorts weather has temporarily left us :( But it will return again very, very soon. Back to the outfit. I seriously love this shirt. I saw it at Target and there was no question about it coming home with me. I mean it's mint, pink and it has flamingos on it! Everything I look for in a shirt! 

Sunnies: TJ Maxx (similar here)// Shirt: Target// Belt: Target// Shorts: Factory J. Crew// Sandals: Jack Rogers// Lipstick: Rimmel #33// 

|Thanks to Alex for taking my photos!|

In this outfit I feel like I should be walking down the dock in Nantucket waiting to get onto my boat with all the preppy bloggers. This is such a classic prepster look and I'm #SorryNotSorry. I love the timeless, classic and put together look of a lightweight button down, Chinos and Jacks. I wear some variation of this outfit a bunch in the summer. It's so simple and comfortable, you can't go wrong! And this shirt is one that will be worn a bunch. It's adorable, fun, bright and perfect for the warm season! 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twinkle Toes// DIY: Jeweled Sandals

So I've been seeing jeweled sandals on the feet of my favorite bloggers, all over Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I'm obsessed. I love jewels and making a statement so why not share the love to your feet?! I took to the interwebs to see where I could get some of these sandals and found that they're really freaking expensive. Like ridiculously expensive. Far outside of my budget to spend on a sandal. So I thought "It's just a sandal and gems, I could totally DIY that." And so I did! I went to my local craft store, got the supplies and created these darling sandals for about 1/68th of the cost. Today I'm sharing how you can DIY your own pair and have the sparkliest feet this season! 

I bought everything at Michael's because I had a 40% off coupon but any craft supplies store will do. All you need are a pair of sandals with straps, gems and E6000 glue. I bought my sandals at Forever21. I can't find them online :( But good places to try are Target, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, etc. 

Step no. 1: Roughly plan out how many/ how far you want your gems to be. I put 6 on mine but depending on your size of gems you can have more or less. You could also do a pattern or if you had small enough ones clusters! Be as creative as you want!

Step no. 2: Place glue on the back of the gems. Not too much or it will goop out when you press it to the strap. The glue was white and dried white so it did change the reflection of the gem but it's nothing too major. It made them look all glittery! 

Step no. 3: Place the glued gem on the sandal and hold it firmly to adhere to the sandal for about 10 seconds. Keep adding your gems across the strap until you've reached the finished product. 
Let the glue dry for 24-72 hours before wearing them.
 If you have extra glue take a Q-Tip with acetone and remove the excess. 

Viola! You have the new 'it' sandal for the season and at a fraction of the cost! All in all it cost me less than $30 to make and if I wanted I could make lots of other pairs with all my extra supplies! It also took me around 15 minutes to do everything. It's such an easy and chic DIY that anyone could do! It would make for a perfect girl's night activity! 

Will you try out this DIY? What do you think of the jeweled sandal trend? Love it, loathe it? Leave me a comment or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble, letting me know! :)

Happy jeweling! 

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