Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hats and Stripes + Where I've Been

I'm back, back again, tell a friend! I'm SO sorry for the hiatus/delay! But I have a really good excuse as to why I've been MIA! If you couldn't tell le blog got a major face lift and a new name! Yep 'she is little she is fierce' is now 'of life and style'! YAY! I've been working on changing my look for awhile now and have been putting it off. Finally I decided one night to undergo the transformation and here I am, at last! The process of getting everything set up and connected was way more difficult and time consuming, frustrating, delaying, etc., than anticipated. What I thought would be a day or two at the most being down ended up being 4 days. Thankfully a very good friend, who happens to be a tech genius, pretty much worked magic and got it all up and running. Seriously he's the best and my blog would not be here without him so thank you Bryce!! Now that I'm up and running whatcha think of the new look?!

Back to today's post is another fashion/outfit one! It's been warmer lately and I've been taking advantage of the sunny days. It's very spring weather and it's got me itching for actual spring! This shirt has been one I kinda forgot about but rediscovered and wondered why I stopped wearing it. It's super comfy, adds a casual yet chic element and is perfect for the warm days!

 |Thanks to Alex for taking my photos!|


Hat: Target// Sunglasses: TJ Maxx (similar)// Shirt: American Eagle old (similar herehere, and here)// Belt: Target (similar)// Jeggings: American Eagle// Flats: Target (similar)// 

I've been wanting a floppy hat for ages now and they finally had them back in stock at Target. You bet I picked one up! I wanted a brown one since I thought black would blend too much into my hair but I actually love the way it looks! It's effortless, chic and a touch of boho. I love the way the outfit looks as a whole. I tried photos without the hat and it just didn't look right. I definitely think the hat adds to the outfit. I'm obsessed and can't wait to start styling it more! 

What do you think of the floppy hat trend? Love it, loathe it? Leave me a comment letting me know! 

Till next time!

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"a hat makes clothing identifiable, dramatic -- and most importantly fashion... it's the cherry on the cake...."

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