Monday, November 3, 2014

Things I'm Loving: October

Hi, hey there, hello! Today I'm going to be recapping all my favorites of October. I swear I was just writing my September favorites. The months are going by faster and faster. Craziness I tell you! But that means it's one step closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas! YAY! So let's jump in shall we! 

1) Chef

I had heard about this movie here and there but never too much talk about it. We decided to watch it for our family movie night and oh my gosh this movie needs to be talked about more. It's funny and family friendly, inspiring and just a feel good movie. I'ts about "a chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family."  It's such a good movie. It has an A-list cast, RDJ, Scarlett Johanson, Sofia Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo and starring Jon Favreau. Go rent it and watch it. Just don't watch it on an empty stomach. Check out the trailer here

2) Puffer vests

Like any #typicalwhitegirl I'm obsessed with puffer vests. I needed to get my hands on a herringbone and stripped one but was having serious issues with the price tags. I was perusing Insta when I saw that TJ Maxx had look alikes for both. I sped to my nearest TJ Maxx's and found both of them! I about died of happiness. I've been wearing them every chance I get. I have a post showing how I styled striped one which also features my new loves, my rain boots. 

3) Rain boots

Again like the puffer vests I had been wanting a pair of rain boots for what seemed like ever. I just couldn't commit to the Hunter's price tag. I was again perusing the Internet like I do and I found another British rain boot company who sold the cutest rain boots ever. I even found a coupon code and snatched up two pairs for the price of one pair of Hunters, score! I'm seriously obsessed. Check out how I styled these beauties with my striped puffer vest and my thoughts on them. 

4) Thinking Out Loud music video

I'm hardcore obsessed with Ed Sheeran. His songs give me life. He is one of my absolute favorite musician's ever. I absolutely am completely in love with his new album and one of my favorite songs is Thinking Out Loud. When his music video came out I basically died. Like I laid in bed and pretty sure I didn't breathe during the whole thing. The video was him and a female dancer ballroom dancing in this beautiful hotel ballroom. I'm so obsessed with this song I've decided that it will be played at my wedding reception and my husband and I will have a choreographed dance, or semi-choreographed dance to it. Don't judge. 

5) One Day

I've been meaning to watch this for awhile now but just never got around to it. One night I was scrolling through Netflix and saw they had this. I decided to give it a go and bad choice Sam. It was one of the best romantic movies I've watched. It's about two best friends who spend twenty years searching through life for "the one" until they realize it was one another all along. It has romance, comedy, drama and a twist. I cried and I never cry during movies. I like the perspective it gives that "the one" could be right under our noses the entire time. It makes you think. Definitely give it a watch. Check out the trailer

6) Bloglovin'

I had heard of bloglovin' but never paid any attention to it. I decided to try it out and it changed my life. I follow a good number of blogs and found it to check all of them. Bloglovin' changed that game forever. It's basically like a rolodex for your blogs. You sign up for an account, find and follow your favorite bloggers and every time one of them uploads a new post it'll appear on your feed. So now all the blogs you follow can be managed in one place. It's genius. Every morning after I check my social media I head on over and catch up on my faves while drinking my coffee. It's pretty great. Sign up for an account and add me so you can keep up with all my posts! 

8) Covergirl Outlast foundation

I bought this foundation at the end of September. I had heard great things about this foundation from magazines, bloggers and beauty gurus so I decided to give it a shot. Oh my lanta it's pretty great. It's a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. You'd think it's heavy and cakey but it's not! It's light, super blendable and has great coverage. It's one of my new fave foundations. I've been wearing it the whole month of October and have no intention of stopping! 

9) Out of the Woods

So basically I've been listening to this song on repeat since it came out. I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. I love T-Swift, always have and probably always will. Shake It Off was my jam for September and now Out of the Woods is my jam until 1989 comes out. Although it's allegedly written about Harry I still love it. It actually makes me love him even more. So good job Taylor. 

10) Scandal 

Okay, so we all know that every month I pick a TV that's on Netflix and binge watch the crap outta it. June it was Suits, July it was Copper and Baby Daddy, September was Covert Affairs and now for October it's Scandal. Tooons of people I follow on Twitter are obsessed with this show and I didn't know why. Now I do. This show has it all. Drama, suspense, action, romance, a bit of comedy and obviously scandal. Kerry Washington is flawless in it. I want to become Olivia Pope, I need to become Olivia Pope. I love everything about this show. I'm obsessed. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know how much I can't even with this show. Seriously watch the trailer and you'll know why. 

11) The Royal's 

I live in Kansas City and something kinda miraculous has happened. If you're a sports or baseball fan, read or watch the news or keep up with any kind of social media then you know the cornfield team from Kansas City was in the WORLD SERIES! I've always been a casual fan of baseball but there's just something about when you're hometown team makes it to the biggest came in Major League Baseball where you just can't help but cheer. I've watched most of their post season games and they've been edge of your seat, holding your breath kinda games. Despite their heartbreaking loss to the Giants in the World Series the Royals played their hearts out each and every game and I couldn't be more proud to call myself a KC girl! 

12) Steal My Girl music video

I'm a huuuuge One Direction fan so it was natural that I'm obsessed with Steal My Girl. I love the song, the beat, it's catchy, it's just great. So when the music video was premiering this month I was beyond excited. I hadn't been impressed/liked the past couple of music videos so I was a little nervous for this one. Within the first 30 seconds all of those nerves were smashed away. This video is so random and hilarious and One Direction and I LOVE it! It's the boys being themselves and they're back baby! 
(Also Niall looks ridiculously attractive in this. *insert heart eyes emoji here*) 

So those are all my favorites for the month of October! 

What are your October favorites? Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me, @samantha_goble! 

Till next month loves!

"these are a few of my favorite things"

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