Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Real vs. Steal

How many times have you found the cutest shoes, purse, jewelry, dress, sweater, etc., looked at the price tag, had a mini aneurysm from the price and cried as you walked away from it? Probably more times than you can count, am I right? Thankfully there's a solution; look alikes. Yes, dupes, replica, inspired by, or whatever name you want to call them! Today I'm sharing with you a few of my real vs. steal items and where you can get your hands on them! 
Daniel Wellington | Forever21 // Rag and Bone | Forever21 // Chloe | Forever21 // J. Crew | Target// Celine| DailyLook //

Obviously there are certain differences to look alikes but for the most part they do a pretty good job of looking like the real thing. To be honest I actually prefer the look of the Forever21 watch over the Daniel Wellington #sorrynotsorry. 

As you can tell Forever21 is all about the look alikes. Some other great places to look for dupes are TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross, generally stores that follow the trends and designers pretty closely. 

What other items do you guys want to see me do a real vs. steal post on? I like these, hunting for a dupe! Let me know in the comments! :) 

Happy stealing! (Do not actually steal, stealing is bad)

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"fake it till you can buy a real one"

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