Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Best of the Bloggers

Today on le blog I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite bloggers! I follow blogs like it's going out of style. Currently I follow 150+ blogs, with the number changing quite frequently. Every morning I wake up, go get my coffee and sit in bed and check my Bloglovin' feed and catch up on all the new posts. Some people read the Times or WSJ, I read blogs. While I love reading posts from a variety of different bloggers, some fashion, food, lifestyle, etc., there are a few that I follow and read religiously. Their content is top notch and they just seem like wonderful people. They are definitely my blog role models and I take a definite inspiration from their blogs! So who are these bloggers? Well I'm glad you asked!

#1 Carly aka The College Prepster 

via College Prepster
Carly was one of the first blogs that I started following when I started the whole reading blogs shebang. Her style is to die for, her content was super helpful and interesting.  I awed over her outfits and her living in New York. She seems like the sweetest person ever and I think I'd probably die if I ever met her. Her blog covers everything from fashion, food, blogging/networking, and everything in between! I seriously want to become her. She's just the best. 

#2 Nicole aka StoneColdBetch

via StoneColdBetch
I stumbled upon QueenSCB (her nickname) via Twitter. How I don't know but it changed my life forever. I don't even know how to describe her other than slay girl slay. Seriously she's one of a kind. To fully understand and be educated in all things stone cold betch check out her blog and Twitter. And if you're not following her you're doing life wrong. 

#3 Bess aka Belles in Bows

via Belles in Bows
I found Bess on Tumblr from a photos of hers. I shamelessly stalked her blog and Instagram and have been a follower ever since. She combines classy, sophisticated and preppy all in one. She's a college student, like me, so I can really relate to her content. Her blog is one where I go to get inspired about posts. She's absolute perfect!

#4 Ashley aka History in High Heels

via History in High Heels
I found History in High Heels through an Instagram post as one of her prints was featured in the post. I clicked on her Insta and died at how fabulous it was! I then went to her blog and died again at how colorful, preppy and just fun it was! She's a PhD student pursuing her degree in Italy! How cool is that?! She has really great content and really, really great outfits! Definitely head over and check her out! 

#5: Alyson aka Sequins and Things

via Sequins and Things
I found her through Bloglovin' and I am so glad I did! She has one of the most lustworthy wardrobes ever. I would kill to have her wardrobe. She's always styled so perfectly and put together and she's just gorgeous. Her entire blog is just so glamourous. I love it!

#6: Caitlin aka Southern Curls and Pearls

via Southern Curls and Pearls
I also found Caitlin, aka Southern Curls and Pearls on Bloglovin'. She's primarily a fashion blog and I die over at how freaking pretty and perfect her style is. Can I have her clothes?! She's a definite fashion inspiration and I love going to her blog to find outfit ideas. If you want some serious closet jealousy check her out. I promise you'll die too. 

So there you have it! My favorite bloggers that I follow religiously! They are the ones that I stop whatever I'm doing when a new post is up. I take lots of inspiration from them and I hope you find some too! Definitely check them out because you won't be disappointed, maybe a little fashion jealous but not disappointed!

If you liked these five you can check out my whole list of bloggers that I follow here! I listed them out and linked them up so all you have to do is click! :)

What bloggers should I check out? Who are your favorites? Lemme know in the comments or by tweeting me! Lord knows I need more to follow, haha! 

Till next time loves!
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