Monday, October 20, 2014

101 in 1001 Days

Hello Internet friends! Today on the blog is something special that I'm pretty dang excited for. Inspired by Mackenzie over at Design Darling and some of the other 100 or so bloggers I follow have done these '101 things in 1001 days' lists. I marveled at Mackenzie's (she's done two!) and the other bloggers lists and how they knocked them outta the park. I finally decided that I was going to create, start and accomplish my own! I was debating whether to start this at the beginning of the new year or now and there's no better time than the present! 

What: complete the 101 things below 
When: 1001 days which is roughly 2.75 years
Why: To finally do all those things I've said I'd do "some day, one day or eventually"

Start date: October 20, 2014
End date: September 20th, 2017

The list:
1. Come up with 101 things  (October 2014) 
2. Get ears pierced 
3. Host a dinner party 
4. Visit a foreign country(ies)
5. Pay it forward
6. Make a care package and send it to someone
7. Plan my first event
8. Graduate college with my Bachelor's Degree 
9. Find an event planning job 
10. Meet some of my blog/Twitter friends 
11. Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin' 
12. Inspire someone to make their own list 
13. Run a Color Run 
14. Not shop for a month 
15. Have a spa day 
16. Go on a cruise 
17. Visit 5 new places 
18. Go on a train 
19. Move into my own place
20. Take ballroom dancing classes
21. Workout for a month straight 
22. Attend a workshop
23. Get my conceal and carry permit
24. Buy my own car 
25. Cook dinner for my family for a week straight 
26. See a Broadway performance
27. Buy VIP concert tickets 
28. Go surfing/paddleboarding or boga yoga
29. Try my first cocktail 
30. Go to a bar
31. Attend a music festival 
32. Wake up at 7am for a week
33. Get a new camera lens
34. Buy a new computer
35. Start a new blog series
36. Buy clothes for my "grown up" wardrobe 
37. Celebrate my 21st birthday
38. Go on a real date
39. Reconnect with a friend 
40. Get 10,000 blog views
41. Get a blow out at a dry bar
42. Meet someone I admire
43. Get a passport 
44. Go exploring 
45. Go someplace fancy
46. Get a tattoo
47. Do something completely, spontaneous
48. Experience love
49. Create 10 things from Pinterest and blog about them 
50. Decorate my own place
51. Invest in blog business cards
52. Write letter to myself and open when 30
53. Bake something from scratch
54. Reach my dream body
55. Go to a professional sporting event 
56. Conquer a fear
57. Go to a fancy party
58. Try a new food
59. Invest in a high end piece of makeup ie: Chanel, Dior, etc.
60. Create a coffee cart and post about it
61. Send friends a little pick me up
62. Set a budget and stick to it
63. Invest in a pair of designer heels
64. Go to a casino
65. Find my birth mother
66. Make my bed for a month
67. Start a new tradition
68. Be in a wedding
69. Find God again and strengthen my relationship with him 
70. Be baptized 
71. Try something completely new 
72. Eat healthy for a month
73. Find myself as a person 
74. Throw a party that's not a dinner party
75. Own a piece of a vintage couture fashion designer
76. Wear a piece of couture fashion
77. Spend a day with my brother doing things he likes
78. Take photos on a film camera
79. Go to Six Flags
80. Run the Disney Princess Run
81. Go to Disneyland/World
82. Try a Laudree macaron
83. Make someone's dream come true
84. Purchase personalized stationery
85. Eat a featured food truck 
86. Learn how to do a new hairstyle
87. Learn how to cook something new for a week
88. Go on a girl's weekend
89. Be featured on a popular blog
90. Pray for my future husband every day for a month (inspired here)
91. Take a photo a day and create a book from it
92. Watch every Academy Award winning movie since my birth 
93. Start a devotional/Bible study series and see it through
94. Be able to do a handstand
95. Get my nose pierced
96. Have a night in
97. Attend a live show
98. Make a homemade pizza
99. Launch a business
100. Document the list and my progress
101. Finish list

Well there's my list! Some are big like finding my birth mother while other's not so much like making a homemade pizza. Some are fun goals like wear a piece of couture fashion while other's are more "grown up" like creating a budget and sticking with it. All in all the list reflects my goals for my life in the next 2+ years. I can't wait to get started on this and document the journey of my 101 things in 1001 days! I hope you follow me on it or maybe create your own! :) 

Till next time loves!

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