Friday, September 12, 2014

Praise Ginger Jesus Hallelujah!: Ed Sheeran Concert

Hello all! Welcome back to le blog! Glad you're here! Today I'm gonna be recapping seeing Ed Sheeran in concert! I saw the ginger Jesus on September 2nd! I've been a huge fan of Ed before he became "mainstream popular". And recently his songs have been describing my life perfectly. His songs are the words that I can't say. Anyways, me and best friend Madison went to see him together since we are huge fans and he's one of our top 5 we want to see live. But before I start in on the concert I gotta give a little outfit update!

For this concert I wore this muscle tee that says "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love" by Albert Einstein. I love this quote and thought it was fitting since quite a few of Ed's songs are on the more romantic side. I paired it with my Target high waisted shorts, my white Converse and my plaid Forever21 shirt. Another concert, another #typicalwhitegirloutfit. No shame. 

Finally we got to the concert and inside the arena! We had floor seats, this time row 21... They were 100 times better than our One Direction seats. 

We had some time before the concert started so we just chilled in our seats again. This time quite a few of my friends were going to this concert so I got to see and talk with them before it started! 

Madison and I before the show! And two annoyingly, obnoxious girls who photobomed us,
Me and my friend Sarah! She had this awesome sign too but I didn't get a pic of it :(
My friend Taz and I! She had front row, like row 1 seats! 
Now onto the concert! It started at 7:30pm and the lights dimmed down. Everyone started screaming and then the lights came up! BAM! The opening act started. Ed's opener was Rudimental an UK based electronic, dubstep, R&B, drum and bass group that seemingly came outta nowhere. I've heard their music before from listening to BBC Radio 1 but they never did catch on in America like some British acts. Nonetheless they put on an amazing show and I am definitely a fan now! Like holy crap!!! I could feel the bass in my chest and it was ridiculous! Their songs were great dance songs and I danced around, jamming out! They had this siiiiick trumpet player that could play a trumpet like none other. Here's a clip of him!

After Rudimental there was a short break and then it was Ed's turn. The lights dimmed again and this time I screamed as loudly as I humanly could. The ginger Jesus took the stage and holy crap I was not prepared for the beauty that came from his mouth. Ed entertained us for almost 3 hours with his voice, a microphone, guitar and a sound box. He is one of the best artists I've ever had the privilege to see live. He has such a stage presence and a voice that's like none other. If you ever have the chance to see him live, I HIGHLY encourage you to do it. He is an artist that is even more phenomenal live. Here are a few clips of my favorite songs he performed! (Also I'm sorry for the shakiness in advance. I was stuck behind the tallest guy in the entire arena and had to stand on my tiptoes the whole time so sorry if it's shaky!) 

This is the entire stadium lit up during One. I didn't realize it was outta focus till I watched it but I think there's a beauty to the lights all blurred out. 

Tenerife Sea

Thinking Out Loud

Give Me Love

I didn't snap too many pictures because the pictures couldn't do him justice. And it was pretty dark in the arena and the quality of the photos sucked so I didn't take too many. 

I am still in PCD. Like watching the videos to edit the clips gave me goosebumps. He's an amazing musician and I am so glad that I got to see him live. It was a concert experience I will never forget! :) 

Till next time lovelies!

"i'm falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet" 

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