Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Into Autumn: I ♥ Fall Tag

Hey there everyone! How ya doing? Today's post is going to be another post in my Fall Into Autumn series and it's the 'I  Fall' tag! With the first official day of fall being tomorrow I thought this would be perfect to kick it off! I love fall, it's my favorite season without a shadow of a doubt. I love the colors, food, fashion, smells, the way the leaves change, everything about it is perfect. There are 10 questions in the tag and they ask about all things fall related! So let's jump right in! :) 

1) Favorite fall nail polish?
I don't really wear nail polish all that often but picked up Essie's 'After School Boy Blazer' because I saw that Carly from College Prepster and Nicole from Stone Cold Betch wore it so I had to go out and buy it. Plus, I love dark navy nails and didn't own a dark navy polish. So currently it's Essie's 'After School Boy Blazer'. 

2) Favorite fall food?
Pumpkin pie. 1000000% pumpkin pie. Give me a piece of homemade pie with whipped cream and I am one happy camper. I seriously look forward to this all year. 

3) Favorite Starbucks drink?
This is tough... it has to be either the Pumpkin Spice Latte because #typicalwhitegirl or the salted caramel mocha iced or hot. I really love both. One's pumpkin-y and the other's caramel-y. It depends on my mood and what I feel like having. 

4) Favorite fall candle?
Bath and Body Works Bourbon Butterscotch. It smells like heaven. Like fall heaven. It's delicious. 

5) Favorite fall scarf or accessory?
My favorite fall scarf has to be either my leopard print one or my new tartan blanket scarf. They will make many appearances in my outfit of the days. And my favorite fall accessory is statement necklaces? Throw on a sweater or button down, add a statement necklace and leggings and boots and insta-chic outfit. 

6) Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
Can I say none of the above? I don't really get into Halloween and have never been to any of those.... 

7) Favorite Halloween movie?
Uhmm....... I don't really have one. Like I said, I don't get into Halloween. 

8) Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Chocolate. Anything chocolate I will devour. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. I stock up on half priced Halloween candy the day after. Lol.

9) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Like I said I don't get into Halloween but I am dressing up as a pirate to get a free dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme so that counts, right? (Check out my Instagram for a pic!)

10) What is your favorite thing about fall?
The weather hands down. I love the crispness of the air, the leaves changing colors, the blue sky and warm sun. And living in the country is amazing because I get the most beautiful views of fall. Its the best thing ever.

Well those were all the questions! Since this is a tag I tag all of YOU, my lovely readers to do this tag and answer the questions! 

Comment below or tweet me your answers to the fall questions! Maybe we share some things in common? :)

Till next time!

"autumn, the years last lovelies smile" 

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