Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's in My Bag: Pool Edition ☀

Hello lovelies and welcome back! Today is going to be What's in My Pool Bag! I don't know why I've waited so long to do this post but I have put it off no further! It could be the fact that I've only gone to the pool like twice this summer.... Anywho here's what I carry with me to the pool!


The bag that I'm using as my 'pool bag' is a tote that I got from Target like years and years ago. I got it to use as a school bag then have just used it as a tote and pool bag. I love the coral color and stripes. It's lined on the inside and is suuper roomy. It's a canvas material and built very well. Target has awesome totes so I'd definitely check there if you're looking for a new pool bag! 

A few things not pictured: 
Hat: I always take a hat with me when I go. Usually it's a baseball cap. It covers my head and shields my eyes and face from the sun. 
Phone: This one is pretty obvious. Lol. I never leave home without it. 
Water bottle: I always, always, always have water with me wherever I go. I usually carry my Tervis or Contigo bottle and fill it full of nice, ice cold water. Perfect refreshment for being out in the pool! 

Plastic bag: This is an odd ball thing to bring to the pool but to me it's a necessity. I use this to put my wet swimsuit into after I'm done swimming, especially if I don't have time to let it air dry or if it's still damp and I don't wanna get everything else wet. This is a lifesaver. 

Goggles: I do enjoy swimming so I bring a pair just in case I wanna put in a few laps. 

Flipflops: Pool floors. Need I say more? 

Oversized t-shirt & shorts: I wear an oversized t-shirt as my pool cover up! It's easy and comfortable! I do bring a pair of nice denim shorts just in case I decide to go somewhere after and I need to look halfway presentable. 

Tanning oil: No need to rip me to shreds about using tanning oil/tanning. I like getting darker faster so I use it. Plain and simple. 

Wallet: I've been using this Vera Bradley smartphone wristlet in Petal Paisley as my 'wallet' for awhile now and I love it! I can use it as a wristlet if I'm running errands and don't wanna lug my purse or still use it as a wallet.

iPod: I always bring my iPod with me to the pool so I can have some good music to listen to when I'm not in the water. 

Glasses & contact case: I wear contacts to the pool so that I can see and wear sunglasses because glasses under sunglasses is just not cute. I also bring my glasses just in case one decides to pop out or something happens. Gotta be able to see!

Extra set of clothes: These are what I call my 'kid' clothes. Whenever I go to the pool it's usually with kids I nanny so I always bring a set of kid friendly play clothes to change into after. Running shorts and a school t-shirt will do just that. 

Keys: Need these to drive. I also have a pepper spray keychain on there just in case.

Gum: I'm a compulsive gum chewer so I have to have gum on my person at all times. Plus you never know there could be a cute guy at the pool and you need some minty fresh breath. 

Bandaids: I can't tell you how many times I've scraped my feet or legs getting out of the pool. I've learned my lesson enough times to always have bandaids with me. 

Hand sanitizer: Just a good thing to carry! Plus when I'm dealing with kids and eating lunch/snacks it's nice to have their hands clean when we don't have access to a sink.

Advil: I sometimes can get sun headaches if I'm out for too long or I don't drink enough fluids so I always keep Advil in my bag. 

Chapstick: Gotta keep those chapped, dry lips at bay! Again, cute boy at pool. Never know! ;)

Headphones: Kinda need these to listen to music with. Unless everyone else at the pool wants to listen to One Direction and Iggy. 

Hairtie: To put my mess of hair up in a bun after getting it all wet. I probably would die without having one. 

Sunglasses, croakies & case:  Sunglasses and the pool are almost synonymous with one another. These are just a pair I got from H&M awhile back! They're just Rayban look alike's. The croakies are the light blue pair from Proper Kid Problems and I LOOVE them. Seriously greatest invention ever. And the case is also from H&M. 

So there you have it guys! Everything that's in my pool bag! I love learning what you keep in yours so comment or tweet me the must haves for you! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this and keep checking back for more What's In My Bag videos and general blog posts! :) 

Till next time! 

"i've got a swimming pool and i pretend to be a mermaid in like the middle of the night. it kinda de-stresses me."