Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things I'm Loving For: May!

I officially am the worst blogger this is ridiculous how long I go without posting. Well have no fear because my summer goal is to blog more! And that I shall do! So to kick off my rebirth of blogging I thought my first post back will be about my May favorites! 

If you don't know what Monthly Favorite/Things I'm Loving posts are then here is the low down. Basically bloggers/Youtubers keep track of things they've been loving each month. Then at the end of each month they make a blog post/video and share those things. They can be beauty, fashion, food, music or random! 

So let's jump into my Things I'm Loving for the month of May! :) (Also my lighting was really weird so please let's just overlook that......) 

1) Mexican food. I've been obsessed with Mexican food, specifically the holy trinity: guacamole, salsa and queso. I think it's safe to say I've eaten my weight in all three. 

2) This next one is a TV show by Hallmark. Now I love, love, love Hallmark movies. They are some of my absolute favorite ones. So it comes as no surprise that the TV I've been watching every week has been the new show Signed, Sealed, Delivered. It stars Ugly Betty star, Eric Mabius and follows his character Oliver O'Toole's job as part of the Dead Letter Office at the US Post Office. Basically he is in charge of returning letters/packages that have no address or whereabouts as to who to send it too. It's cute, funny, quirky, charming and an all around good, clean TV show.  I definitely encourage you to check it out on Sunday's at 7 central on the Hallmark Channel! 

3) I have the wimpiest eyelashes known to man. So I'm always trying out new mascaras. I have found a mascara combo that gives me the longest, fullest lashes I've ever had! I first use my Benefit They're Real mascara then layered on top the Maybelline Falsies Volume Express and OH MY LAWD my lashes go from wimpy, wimpy, wimpy to BIG, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. I love to infinity and beyond these mascaras and will forever be repurchasing. (Falsies is my favorite drugstore mascara btw)

4) Scallops. And no I don't mean the seafood but scalloped clothing. I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with scalloped hemmed clothing! I have bought a top and two pairs of shorts this month, of which I've worn like crazyyyy! 
The first is a cream colored scallop top that I got from which is a beauty! I wore it to a graduation party and got tons of compliments on it. Next are the shorts. I bought a pair of black, chiffon, scalloped high waisted shorts from I wore these out and also got tons of compliments on them. Last is a pair of navy blue scalloped shorts that I got from Marshall's which I wore for Mother's Day. If you wanna see these pieces in action head on over to my Instagram samantha_goble!

The pictures don't do them justice! 
 I think it's such a classy and sophisticated look that you can dress up or down. Needless to say it's been a good month for scallops and I definitely will be purchasing more. Next on my list: the J. Crew scallop dress in navy. 

5) Now people always wonder how I dress so cute when I'm a college student and where I get my clothes from. I'm gonna let you in on my fashion secret. If you want cute clothes that won't break your wallet shop at discount stores. Yup you read that right, discount stores. Ross, Steinmart and Marshall's have been my go- to places this month to buy clothes at. These stores get random shipments of clothing, some designer, some not so you don't really know what to expect when you go shopping. Sometimes it's a complete score, other's a complete bust. It just depends. I try and go ever week or every couple of weeks just to see what they have. The majority of my clothes that I've bought this month have been from stores like that. I'd definitely check it out if you want to be up to date on the latest fashion trends that are affordable. 

6) Mint. No not the herb but the color. The amount of mint colored clothing item's I've worn this month is kinda ridiculous. I've been loving this color for summer because A) it makes you look super tan B) it goes perfectly with every color and C) it's just really pretty. I have like 6 mint colored shirts.... whoops. 

7) What do Ben Rector, Iggy Azalea and Jason Derulo all have in common? That they're my favorite artists of the month! These are all very, very different types of music. My music taste ranges from "I like boybands okay, don't judge me to I like indie rock and obscure artists and you need to listen to this". 
I've been in the romance-y mood lately and Ben Rector's album, 'The Walking in Between' has been what I've listened too when I get into this kinda mood. My favorite songs are 'Forever Like That, Beautiful, Sailboat'. Here's the link to his album on Spotify. Ben Rector – The Walking in Between

Now when I'm not picturing my wedding and spending lazy days with my future boyfriend/fiance/husband I've been unleashing my inner bag gal self to Iggy Azalea. Her album 'The New Classic' has been on repeat like crazy. Her music is very Gwen Stefani- esque. I've been obsessed. Obviously her two hit songs are 'Fancy' and 'Problem' with Ariana Grande, but her album songs 'Bounce, Change Your Life and Black Widow' have been my jams this month. Also her music video for 'Fancy' pays homage to Cher and Clueless and is perf to the perf. So go check it out! Here's her link to her album on Spotify. Iggy Azalea – The New Classic and the music video for 'Fancy' 

Lastly is Jason Derulo. Now I've always loved Jason's music since his 2010 debut with 'Watcha Say, Ridin Solo and In My Head'. He got pushed to the bottom of my iPod but made a comeback when I heard Talk Dirty via One Direction. I immediately bought it on iTunes and played it incessantly. Then when his album came out I downloaded it and had it playing in my car, iPod, computer and Spotify. Now this album is definitely not kid friendly as most of the songs are about something sexual but they have catchy beats and I can definitely get down to them. My faves are 'With the Lights On, Zipper, Bubblegum, Wiggle, Trumpets and Talk Dirty' of course. Here's the link to his album on Spotify. Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty

8) I'm not much of a game player in terms of games on my phone or iPad but one game in particular has got me staying up til 2am playing it. 2048. Holy freaking crap is this game addicting!! Now I' don't like math or numbers and soduku is not my friend but this game has been addicted to playing it. The concept of the game is to add up tiles to get to the tile number 2048. You're thinking "adding numbers, how hard could that be?" Well my friend it's not as easy as it seems. If you want a game that challenges you and makes you think then this game is for you! It's definitely gonna be my goal to reach the 2048 tile! 
9) Shopping. So May has been an extreme shopping month for me and my wallet.....oops..... I've shopped online and in stores and my bank account now hates me. On the bright side I shall be looking fabulous and super cute this summer. 

10) If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (samantha_goble, if you don't you're missing out!) it comes as no surprise that I classify/ label myself as a "typical white girl". I have no shame calling myself that. It's true. I'm that girl in the high waisted shorts, white Converse, graphic tee, Raybans, ordering a Starbucks drink and posting a pictures of it on Instagram. I accept that as a part of myself. This being said I decided to read 'White Girl Problems' by Babe Walker per recommendation of QueenSCB and oh my god this is the best book I've ever read. It's a satire mocking white girl problems but it's hilarious. It's just a good read for the pool or beach or lazy summer day. I highly recommend reading it if you want a good laugh and into the life of a real typical white girl and her problems. 

Well that's it! That's all my May favorites! Sorry it's so long and props to you if you've read the entire thing! If you check out some of the things that I've mentioned tweet me so we can both be obsessed with them together!

"these are a few of my favorite things"

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