Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014

I cannot believe there are mere hours left of 2014. Where did this year go?! 2014 was crazy for me! I did a lot of amazing things this year and made so many unforgettable memories. Going through the photos of this year brought a huge smile to my face. Looking through all the good times and adventures, seeing all my friends, it just makes me super happy. I have so many highlights of 2014 that you'd be here for hours just listening/reading all of them so I'm picking my favorite moments of 2014! This is a very picture heavy post so let's get right to it! 

No. 1: Getting my license// 

I don't think I've ever talked about it but I got my driver's license in February of 2014. Yes, I was 19 years old and finally getting my license. I was the only one out of my friends who didn't have it but I was okay with it. I finally had gotten it and was beaming that day. Since then I've been driving like crazy. I love driving and the freedom it comes with it. There's just something about driving by yourself, especially at night in the summer with the windows rolled down, music turned up that's just makes everything seem okay in that moment. It's the best feeling ever. 

N0. 2: Blogging//

In March I started blogging. I had always wanted to blog but never thought I could do it. Inspired by Carly aka The College Prepster I decided to go for it. I am so incredibly glad and happy that I did! I love blogging and everything that comes with it. It's such a rewarding feeling when you read that people enjoy your content or that it helped them in some way. That's all I want to do is inspire and help people with my content. I've come a long way but have a long way to go but I'm ready for it and couldn't be more excited!

No. 3: Fashion Style//

 This year I really found my fashion sense and personal style. My style is an East and West Coast mix. I'm 75% 'preppy' and 25% edgy. I stopped buying trendy pieces and started investing in classic pieces that can be worn a variety of different ways and won't go out of season. My Instagram is a great way to see how far my style and outfits have come. I immediately start blushing when I think back to what I wore in high school. #embarrassed 

No. 4: Friends//

This year, this summer specifically, I spent a lot of time with my friends and had some of the best summer memories ever with them! From the drive-in to theater productions, concerts, iHop nights and everything in between it was the best time ever and a summer I'll never forget!

No. 5: California//

2014 was the year I did the most travelling ever in my entire life. In February I went to LA and spent about a week there.  It was a great experience, although my least favorite of my California trips. I plan on going again and doing much, much more and going to lots more places. Nonetheless it was an awesome time and it made me love California even more. 

In August my dad, brother and I made an impromptu trip to San Diego and I had the absolute best time! This was my favorite trip to Cali thus far and it was just amazing. I cannot wait to go back! I have a post all about it with lots more pictures you can check out here

No. 6: One Direction//

I finally saw the five idiots I've been fangirling over for three years now in concert with my very two eyes. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I have an entire post detailing it and with more pictures so check it out!

No. 7: Concerts// 

This was the year of concerts as I went to 4. I went to a sort of one day music festival called Buzz Beach Ball, to see the wonderful Mr. Ed Sheeran and finally to see two of my favorite bands, Magic Man and Smallpools. Each was different and spectacular and was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I've hooked the concert bug and want to go to even more next year! I have posts recapping all three, Magic Man and Smallpools, Buzz Beach Ball and Ed Sheeran

No. 8: Turning 20//

This September I turned the big 2-0. Yes I am two decades old. It's crazy for me to think about that I've been alive 20 years. Like whaaaat, that's insane. I spent it with family and didn't have any big party or anything I'm saving it up for next year ;) I've realized that I've started my twenties now and that I'm a 'real adult' and how everything important happens in your twenties. It's scary but exciting and I can't wait to see what the rest brings! 

I can't believe that 2014 is over. I had such an amazing year filled with some of the best memories of my life. I'm sad that 2014 is coming to a close but I'm excited for what 2015 holds. I can't even imagine the opportunities and wonderful things that are to come but I'm ready for it. Bring it on 2015! 

What are your best moments of 2014? Graduating? Going to college? Travelling? Leave me a comment letting me know! :)

Happy New Year! 

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"a new year is on the way and the possibilities endless"

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Survey Says...

Before 2014 ends I'd love and appreciate if you could take 5 minutes and fill out my end of the year survey for the blog! It's 9 questions that ask you things about my blog, what topics you like, when you read, etc. Questions to gauge what you, my awesome readers/followers like and how I can better improve my content and overall blog! I want to make your reading experiences the absolute best I possibly can and this survey will help me do that!

Click here to be taken to the survey. 

Thank you guys for filling it out! I appreciate it so much and it will help me with content for the upcoming year! :) 

See you in 2015!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Holly Days: Glitzing Up Your New Year's Look!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! I was going to post this before Christmas but time just slipped away from me but I am posting it now before New Years! New Years to me is all about glitz and glamour. Lots of sequins, patterns, bold makeup and just glamourous looks. So today I'm sharing with you several ways on how to glitz and glam up your holiday look! These are all pretty easy to do and don't require too much extra funds but will make all eyes on you! So let's get into it!

|All images via Pinterest|

No. 1: Sparkle and Shine//

New Years is all about sequins and glitter. It's the only time of the year where decking out in a full sequin dress is socially acceptable. Take advantage of it! Flaunt those sequin pants of yours! Bring out all the stops when it comes to sequins, glitter and anything sparkly. 

No. 2: Red Lip Classic//

Red lips scream holidays and glamour. I'm obsessed with a red lip for the holiday season and have been wearing it non-stop. A red lip is the perfect combination of sophistication and sexiness. If you need help picking out a shade of red try going to Ulta, Sephora or a makeup counter. 

No. 3: Nailed It//

Having a killer manicure can be as showstopping as a necklace or your makeup! Black, gold, red, silver, glitter and geometric shapes are the perfect accessories to your outfit. You can get them done professionally or try your hand (hehe I'm so funny) doing them yourself!

No. 4: The Eyes Have It//

Go all out on your makeup! Winged out liner, falsies, dramatic smokey eye go for it girl! Make your eyes a focal point, I mean the eyes are the window to the soul! Shimmery gold shadow or liner add a sparkly yet subtle touch to your look, especially if you're wearing something already glitzy! 

No. 5: All Curled Up//

I don't wear my hair curled except for special occasions and what better special occasion than New Years! For a more put together, fancier look curl your hair or if it's curly straighten it. If that's not your cup of tea try a fun updo or adding accessories. 

No. 6: Tulle Tide Carol//

What's more fun than a tulle skirt?! Probably nothing. I mean how many days out of the year can you wear one and not get weird looks from people, probably very, very few. Add a holiday colored sweater some killer heels and a statement necklace and you're set! 

No. 7: Pattern Play//

Plaid and leopard are two of my favorite combinations, right after plaid and stripes. To me they are the perfect mix of classy, bold, sophisticated and fun. Add a black and white blouse with a pussy bow some stilettos and you have an all eyes on you outfit! 

I seriously wish I was going to a New Year's bash or doing something for the sparkly holiday so I would have a legitimate excuse to wear all of these things! Maybe I still will ;) 

I hope these ideas helped you on how to glitz and amp up your holiday look. I know creating so many outfits for events around the holidays can get hard. Adding even one of these 'looks's can take your outfit to a whole other level! But in my opinion, the more the merrier! 

What is your favorite way to glitz and glamour your holiday outfit? Leave me a comment letting me know! 

Happy glitzing and Happy New Year! 

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"i believe in dressing up in gorgeously impractical things like tulle, sequins, sparkle and lace"

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts on What I Got For Christmas

Today's post is a rant/my thoughts/what do you think kinda post. It's been 3 days since Christmas and I've seen some of my favorite Youtubers upload their 'What I Got For Christmas' videos. Now I will 100% admit that I enjoy watching these videos. I love seeing what everyone got for Christmas and mentally checking things that I should put on my list for next year. I searched on Youthbe for the WIGFC videos and was shocked to see the amount of thumbnails/videos of girls with designer bags, MacBooks and other very expensive things. And some of these girls couldn't have been older than 14 or 15! When I was that age I was asking for stuff from Aeropostale not Prada. I understand that these girls have families that can provide for the and buy them nice things and splurge because it's the holidays, but there's a very fine line between showing off wealth and being genuinely excited and fortunate. Some might say I'm jealous of them but honestly I'm not. I am very content with what I received and while it may not be expensive it was thoughtful. Maybe it's because I've gotten older and I now see that the price tag on gifts and materialistic things aren't what matters in the holidays or life. I love getting nice things don't get me wrong but I know the value they hold. It may be an expensive handbag but on the value totem pole it ranks very low. Why don't we upload videos showing what we got other people? Why don't we watch 'What I Got Others For Christmas'? Isn't the holiday season about giving, not receiving? 

That's it for my rant for today. What are your thoughts on the whole 'What I Got For Christmas' videos? Is it showing off or being excited? Leave me a comment letting me know what you think! 

"count your blessings not your presents"

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holly Days: Christmas 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends! I definitely did! Today I'm going to be recapping my Christmas festivities, although it's kind of a fail post. I planned on taking all these wonderful photos and all that jazz but once I got there I was having too much fun to even remember to pull out my camera and take photos of all the fun. I did manage to snap a few! So let's jump into Christmas with Sam! 

Christmas Eve//

This Christmas Eve we went over to my cousin's house for a soup dinner and hanging out. I decided to keep my outfit on the casual dressier side but still very much in the Christmas spirit. I wore this jeweled sweater with a red plaid underneath, curled hair, red lip and my herringbone flats. 

 For dinner we had delicious soups and the cutest darn Christmas cookies you've ever seen. 

I mean how cute are those?! We all died when we saw them! They're some of the best decorated ones I've ever seen. And they were as delicious as they looked! We ate dinner and then sat around and chatted. After a bit we had dessert and I made a one pan pumpkin cake which everyone loved! It was very casual but a lot of fun. He has two daughters and they were the cutest to watch, playing with their presents they got early. After awhile we decided to play a board game. We started off with MadGab but not everyone got the hang of it so we changed to a trivia one. Holy cow this was hard! It was girls versus guys and unfortunately the guys won. Once we finished that we just kept visiting and hanging out. Eventually we all did go home so Santa could visit their home. It was a fun night of memories!

Christmas Day//

We didn't wake up to a white Christmas like some but just knowing it was Christmas put a specialness in the air. Christmas was suuper casual at my house. We all woke up and bummed around. My brother and I woke up super late so we didn't eat breakfast as we were saving our appetite for Christmas lunch! I helped my mom make green bean casserole and I put together the veggie tray and before long it was time for me to get ready! We were doing a new Christmas tradition and that was wearing our pajamas/comfy clothes. I was pretty excited for it and decided on a simple but Christmasy outfit. 

Fleece lined leggings, my favorite plaid shirt and Christmas socks. Around 1pm we headed over to my aunt's house for Christmas! 
We arrived and said our hellos and then it was time to eat! We had all the Christmas dinner fixings; ham and brisket, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoe casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn, rolls, salad, it was heavenly. I ate my weight in pretty much everything. After dinner we chatted as we let our food settle so we could make room for dessert. We gave gifts to our grandparents and my aunt surprised me with a gift. It was heavy and polygonal. I had no idea what is was.  I unwrapped it and it was the Kate Spade 'Things We Love' book! 

I freaked out because this was something I've been wanting and that was on my Christmas list! Come to find out she reads my blog, so shout out to Diane, the best aunt in the entire world! :) After that we sat around and hung out. We decided to watch a Christmas movie so we watched Home Alone, a classic. 

My family does a lot of visiting and it's nice to just kick back, nibble on cookies and sip on coffee and coco and just chat. We ate dessert of course which was pies and cookies. Once Home Alone was finished we wanted to watch another movie and Elf was on so of course we watched it. And no Christmas movie is complete without popcorn. 

During the movie my cousin who lives in California FaceTimed us. My Grandma Shirley has a sister, Aunt Beth, who lives out in California too. It was the best present for her to get to see her sister who lives so far away. 

This is one of the best things about technology, seeing the happiness on her face. We all chatted with them, passing around the phone, talking about what's new in each of our lives and how Christmas was. It was nice to see/talk to them and I know my grandma appreciated it so much. By this time it was after 8 and I was exhausted. So we gathered our things and said our goodbyes and headed back home. I had such an awesome Christmas spent with family! 

And so now I have the Christmas blues. I wish Christmas lasted longer than just a day. It was a very casual Christmas but one filled with lots of laughs and smiles and memories. I can't wait for next Christmas, I'm already counting down the days! 

What did you do for Christmas? Do you have any traditions, new or old? Watch any Christmas movies? Leave me a comment letting me know! :)

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"christmas is truly christmas when we celebrate with our loved ones"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas from me to you! 
I hope everyone has a very wonderful Christmas filled with lots of holiday cheer! Stay warm, eat lots of good food,  spend time with your family and loved ones, smile, laugh and have fun! 

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"christmas isn't just about giving gifts, it's about making other people happy, making them feel God's presence through our existence"