Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Navy and Wood + Giveaway!

I know it's been awhileeeeee aka basically forever since I've blogged but man a full time job has been kicking my ass!! I thought I could handle working and blogging and school but I clearly couldn't. I honestly don't know how some bloggers do it. I seriously applaud them. Please teach me your ways!! 

But I did manage to shoot a few posts that will be going live in the weeks to come so you will get some new content from me. YAY! 

Seriously thank you for sticking with me through this hiatus period. I honestly thought I wouldn't have any views in my time off but they kept going up so thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) 

Today's post isn't about me but about my brother, Alex! Andddd there's a fun giveaway at the bottom of the post in honor of my return back to blogging! WOOHOO! 

Sunglasses: Unknown// Button down: Target (similar here)// Shorts: Target (similar here)// Shoes: Unknown (similar here)// Watch: Jord Watches// 

Usually Alex is behind the camera taking my photos but today we switched it up and I'm the one snapping pics! When Jord Watches reached out to me to collaborate for a post I immediately thought of my brother for this watch. Navy/blue looks good on him and he's been talking about upping his style game so I figured this would be the perfect introduction to helping him do it! 

I styled him in a navy short-sleeve button down from Target, khaki cargo shorts (I strongly dislike cargo shorts but he likes them so I had to roll with it) and nice brown dress sandals. He accessorized with the watch, of course, and his sunglasses which I also didn't want him to wear but he said he liked these the best and felt most comfortable in them so I let him wear them. 

This look isn't too casual but not too dressy and could go for lunch, running errands, church, Sunday brunch, etc. It's one of those multi-purpose outfits that can be worn to various things. I feel like guys looks can be worn for like a million things whereas a girl's outfit is activity specific. Anyone else feel like that? Haha! 

But seriously how cool is this watch packaging?! When I opened it up I just gasped. It's a beautiful wood box, with the watch, watch cushion and it comes with a cleaning cloth and wood polish. Talk about a company/brand who's doing packing right! 

So what's the big deal with this watch? It's just a watch right? 

NOPE! What set's Jord Watches apart from all the different watch brands is that they are made of 100% wood, yup wood. Thus the wood polish they had in the packaging. 
Isn't is a cool watch?! I love how the dark wood and the grain compliments the navy face and gold detailing. It's such a stunning watch! 

They also are based out of St. Louis, Missouri and "work, play and live" there so they're a totally U.S. based company which I love! 

This watch is the Frankie series in zebrawood and navy which can be worn by men or women. If you're a woman who love huge watch faces then this watch is for you! They do have specific men's watches and women's watches if you want a watch that's smaller. 
They have toooons of different styles, wood finishes, watch face colors, etc. so be sure to check out their men's and women's shops! Plus, it can be dressed up or down. You could wear it with shorts and a t-shirt or a blazer and dress pants. It's a multi-purpose watch which I personally love. 

Anddddddd it's a suuuper nice quality watch but doesn't break the bank. How much do you think this watch is? $250? $275? $300? NOPE! It's $189! UNDER $200 FOR A WOOD WATCH! How crazy is that!?

This would also make a great gift for your brother, boyfriend, dad, mom, sister, girlfriend, or any other important person in your life. It's a great graduation, birthday, anniversary or Father's Day gift since it's coming up soon or a belated Mother's Day gift! 
Now onto the fun part! Jord was kind enough to host a GIVEAWAY with this post too! Yup you could win a $100 gift code to buy your own Jord watch! You could get a watch for potentially under $100 and have free shipping. Can I get a woot woot? 

But if you don't win the $100 code, they are also giving everyone else a $25 code as a thank you for entering! So if you were to get this exact watch it would be roughly $164 before tax. UNDER $175 for a unique watch that let's you stand out from the crowd. 

Just enter by clicking this link. It's that easy!

The contest ends 5/28/17 at 11:59pm CST. Must have valid email address to enter. 

Congratulations to William for winning the $100 gift code! And thank you to everyone who entered! 

Thank you to Jord Watches for the insanely cool watch in today's post and for doing the giveaway and promo code. The watch was gifted to me for free, all opinions are my own and are in no, way, shape or form influenced by Jord Watches and I am not making any commission off of it. Collaborations like this wouldn't be possible without the support of all my readers and followers so THANK YOU!

How do you style guy/guys in your life? What do you think about this unique watch? What posts do you want to see from me? Share in the comments below! 

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DIY Floral Monogram + Video

Hello friends! I am alive despite my lack of an online presence. My new job has been AMAZING but has been kicking my ass. I average about 7k+ steps every day, more on the 14k+  side every day on the weekends when we have weddings. When I get home I eat dinner, say hi to my family, change into my comfy clothes then basically crash. I hope to shoot some outfits this week so yay for that! And school has been stressing me out too since I don't have a lot of time to work on it during the day. But I think I have it worked out so double yay! 

I really appreciate you guys sticking with me while I transition this. I do have some really cool ideas for posts that I hope to be able to produce for you guys! Time will tell if I can get them done..... 

Today I'm bringing you a VIDEO and a DIY! *insert salsa dancing emoji here*

 I'm sharing how to make this ridiculously adorable floral monogram! It's super easy to make, pretty affordable and adds a fun touch and pop of color to a room! You could even give it as a gift too! 

So how do you make this adorable DIY? 

Watch the video below! 

I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby and used their 40% off coupon on some of the things that weren't on sale. They will be denoted with a * 
*Paper mache letter 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Flowers of your choice
Paint color of your choice
Paint brushes 

So there you have it! It's that easy to make this beyond cute floral monogram! You can pick any type of flowers to go on this and have total creativity over it! If you wanted you could even do real flowers and cut the top of it and fill it with floral foam!! HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE?! 

What other DIYs do you guys want to see? What kind of videos too? Leave me a comment sharing! 
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

On a Blush Kick

I've been on such a blush kick lately! I don't know if it's because I'm so excited for spring and being able to break out my pastels or what but I've been loving this color! I've had this cardigan for awhile now but haven't eve worn it till now. Why I haven't until now I have no clue because this is my new favorite cardigan! It's lightweight, perfect for the spring temps and the perfect length, not too long or too short. Plus it has a gorgeous draped waterfall cut. It's one of those wear all the time pieces!

Sunnies: Forever 21 (similar here)// Tee: Abercrombie (almost identical here and similar here )// Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar here, here and here)// Jeans: American Eagle (similar here)// Converse// Purse: Calvin Klein// Necklace: Kendra Scott// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos| 

I wore this outfit awhile back on my Insta and decided to give it a proper blog post because I've worn it like 5 times since then. It's just a great outfit! It's cute but casual and the cardigan is the perfect weight for these cool but still warmish California temps. 

This exact cardigan I've had for a year or more BUT I did manage to find basically the same one just in a slightly darker blush color here. The black and taupe are sold out :( But when they come back in stock I am ordering both! They're just great pieces to have, can go with so many different outfits, will be perfect for the office and are under $10 so you really can't beat them! 

I actually am wearing this same outfit to work today! I swapped out the ripped denim for my white jeans and my Converse for some black wedges since it's super warm here in SoCal! Like I said it's so versatile! 

Also now that I have an office job I need to start building up my wardrobe. It's dressy casual so if you have any great, affordable places that sell super cute clothes share them in the comments, send me an email or tweet me! I've been searching everywhere and so far Target and Forever 21 are the only places I've been able to find stuff.... 

Love blush like me? What are your double time pieces? Share below! 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Exciting News!

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know the news BUT if you don't you should cause I post there first with news, updates and general life happenings! It's @samantha_goble if you want to follow along!

Anyways I interviewed for an event planning job a few weeks ago at a local wedding venue here on Southern California. It's a beautiful venue with an amazing staff and they were looking for an administrative assistant. If you don't know I'm currently in college finishing up my Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in event and meeting management and plan on becoming an event planner/stylist. So it would be the perfect intro job not only in the industry but help me gain some experience and really allow me to work assisting event planners and learning the ropes. 

So by now you can probably fill in the blanks of where this going. I interviewed and last Thursday was offered the full time position of administrative assistant! I excitedly accepted and started yesterday! 
I am so excited to be starting my career and in the industry! I have such a passion for people and for events and can't wait to dive in and start learning! 

It is a full time job and I'm also a full time college student too and I run Tribe 21 and I have my blog so it's going to be an adjustment with all of it. I know I've just been getting back into blogging regularly but I plan on trying to keep to a schedule. I do have 2 days off during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so I'm going to try to shoot some then if I have time between my schoolwork. If I fall behind please bear with me as I adjust to this all, so I apologize in advance! 

If you want to see any work related content such as outfits, how to manage it (once I do), etc., let me know and I'll do my best to crank out some content! And let me know what other content you guys wanna see! I'm going to be doing more videos so if there's any kind you want leave me a comment!

Thank you guys for all your support, it means so much to me! :) 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stripes and Suede

I love stripes that is no secret. They are so versatile; you can dress them up or down, make them the focus or blend in, they come in so many cute styles, you really can't have too many striped tops. Moral of the story. So when I saw this one on Forever 21 for under $15, with the cutest lace up front (super trendy right now) I knew I had to have it. 

Stripe lace up top: Forever 21// Suede skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here)// Lace up flats: Kohls (similar here and here)// Watch: Arvo// Sunglasses: Old Navy// Purse: Forever 21 (similar here)// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

This top is so soft and super strechy! It's definitely very body hugging so if you want it loose I'd size up at least two sizes. It is a shorter length, not quite crop top length but pretty close to it. It's gonna be so versatile with high waisted jeans or shorts for the summertime. And it comes in two other colors! 

I bought this skirt back in the fall of last year and just never had time to style it but it's gonna be SO PERFECT for spring! It's sadly sold out :( But I linked a similar style. 

Lastly, I don't think I've ever shown my watch on here formally so here we gooooo!
 It was on my Christmas list and low and behold it was sitting under the tree. Dad you're the best!!! It's from the brand Arvo and is such amazing quality. It's got a bigger watch face than normal, which I prefer, the prettiest brown band and is gold. The trifecta of watches for me. And the bestest, best part? It's $70. YEP $70 FOR THIS BEAUTY! When I first saw this watch on Instagram I figured it'd be $125-150 like most are. I think I had an aneurysm when I saw that it was $70. If you're looking for a really classic, versatile watch that won't break the bank go check out Arvo! 

How do you wear stripes or suede? Share in the comments below or tag me in a photo, @samantha_goble! 

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Real Vs.Steal

I love shoes, that is no secret. I probably have over 50 pairs easily ranging from sandals to heels, flats, sneakers and boots. But shoes can get pretty pricey and I'm a college student so I gotta save where I can! I love designer pairs but can't justify spending $100+ on shoes. SO I love when affordable stores like Target or Forever 21 come out with designer dupes for practically pennies compared to the designer ones. ANDDD Target especially has been SLAYING the designer dupe game lately and they have a ton out. I've rounded up 4 pairs that are super trendy right now that won't make your wallet cry! 

#1: GucciTarget// #2: Steve Madden - Target// 
#3: Marc Fisher - Target// #4: Valentino - Target/

So now time for some math. I promise it won't be too bad. 

If you were to purchase the designer shoes it would cost you $1,789 for all 4 pairs. 

If you were to purchase the Target shoes it would cost you $119 for all 4 pairs.
That's a savings of $1,670!!! 

You could buy all 4 pairs of Target shoes 15 times and for what you could buy the 4 pairs of designer ones once. 

YAY FOR SAVING MONEY! And still being super in style and trendy!  

Almost every pair of Target shoes are identical dupes for their designer counterparts. The only ones that are different are the Marc Fisher wedges. Marc Fisher doesn't have a pair similar to the Target ones but if you are wanting the "style and look" of the Marc Fisher pair the Target ones will do the trick. But if you are wanting a MF look alike these Steve Madden ones are almost identical dupes. 

All of these shoes are super popular right now and I've seen fashion bloggers sporting them in their Instagrams and posts. Plus they're all really fun and add a statement to any outfit! 

What are your favorite real vs steal shoes? Have any to share? Leave them in the comments below! 

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Blush + Lace

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow (seriously how is it already Valentine's Day? Wasn't it Thanksgiving last week?) I thought I'd roll out with a fun flirty little outfit! I just bought this ADORABLE lace satin cami from Target the other day in the prettiest blush color. It's perfect for a girl's night out or a hot date! 

Sunglasses: Old Navy// Lace cami: Target (similar herehere and here)// Jeans: Target (similar here)// Heels: Target (similar here)// Clutch: Forever 21 [identical style just solid color]// Crystal bracelet: Loren Hope// Spike bracelet: Wanderlust + Co// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos| 

*UPDATE: Target has this exact cami on their website and it's currently on sale for 25% off!! So get it while you can! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find the cami online :( BUT did find some similar styles like this one at Forever 21 that's on super sale right now! I'd also try your local Target to see if they have them in the store. It's from the Who What Wear brand! I can't wait to wear this with cutoffs for the summer! It would also be a super cute work wear piece with a cardigan or blazer. It's so versatile and at $20 you can't go wrong. 

I decided to keep with the neutral colors and fairly simple. I love dramatic, glam looks as much as the next girl and fashion blogger but sometimes simple is better. Like they say "less is more". 

I'm also super obsessed with these all black aviators that I picked up at Old Navy. I have a couple other pairs of sunglasses from there that I love and wear constantly. I usually am not a fan of colored frames but I just love the black with the dark tinted lenses. They're the only pair that I've been wearing lately. I can't get enough of them! 

So that's all I have for you guys today! I do have a lot of great new content coming soon so be ready.

You can, as always, keep up with me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) where I post there daily or try to at least and show off my musings. 

Till next time! 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fiji Travel Guide: Where to Stay + Where to Eat + What To Do

I am back, alive and well! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and great New Year's! I've taken a little blogging hiatus to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends back in Kansas (which was so great and much needed) but now that I am back in California I am back to blogging! Woo!! Which that means I am finally (I know I know) sharing my Fiji guide!!! Better late than never, right?

If you didn't know I traveled to Fiji at the end of October beginning of November and was there for 6 days and 5 nights with the family I travel nanny for. It was my first time traveling internationally and to Fiji so to say I was excited was a massive understatement. We stayed at an amazing resort which you'll see below and did some pretty fun stuff! So without further adieu let's get to it! 

Also fair warning this is gonna be a long post so bear with me.


We flew Fiji Airways out of LAX on Friday night at like 11pm aka a red eye flight. It cost me around $900 roundtrip which was the most I'd ever spent on a flight but I mean I was going to Fiji and I did buy it 3 week before I left so you could probably get it cheaper. We did have meals and drinks included as well as one personal item like a backpack and one checked bag. The meals were pretty good, we had dinner and breakfast along with snacks during the middle. The flight was almost 12 hours long which is the longest I've ever flown but wasn't too bad. Since it was a red eye I slept like 3/4 of it and was only really away for the beginning, the food and the ending part. I was with a baby and a 7 year old but they were champs and slept through most of it too. The seats weren't that bad either and they gave you a pillow and blanket. 

Once we got into the airport we went through customs and headed to get our bags. The family I was with arranged for a private car to take us to the resort which was nice. We didn't have to stop at 10 different places after being on a plane for 12 hours. The shuttle was through Rosie Holidays and I'm not sure the cost as I didn't book it. It took a little less than an hour to get from the airport in Nadi to our hotel in Sigatoka/Natadola. 


We celebrated Halloween in Fiji thus the jack-o-lantern!

We stayed at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa, a five star hotel. This was the nicest place I have ever stayed when traveling. It's a beautiful resort that has several restaurants on the property, a spa, multiple pools, fitness center, kid's club, wonderful villas, beach access, entertainment, excursions, a couple of shops and a golf course. We stayed in a ground floor villa which was like mini apartment complexes.  

Our room was spacious, clean, modern and well furnished, the staff was soooo friendly, helpful,  attentive and accommodating. The photo below is our view outside our patio. The grounds were beautiful, the pools amazing, the spa heavenly and the food pretty good. It's a wonderful resort with beautiful views and I saw all types of people there from older couples to families with little ones to couples and at the end there was a big conference there. 

I do have a few cons if you will about my stay. There were 4 restaurants there, one was a fine dining that didn't allow kids so that was out, another was just like appetizers and kinda weird ones at that so we only ate there once, the other was a buffet which was wayyyy too expensive $50USD and was a little too different for us and the last which we ate at almost every day for lunch and dinner had normal food like chicken and pasta and french fries. But after eating at the same place for 5 days in a row it get's old. 
Another thing was that we stayed on the property the entire time due to safety and that we didn't have a car. As much as I love lounging by the pool that can get old too. We did do local excursions but only one a day to stretch them out. There were excursions on other parts of the island but it would be hours upon hours of traveling and with a baby and 7 year old that just wasn't doable. And they were expensive, almost $100USD. We wish there was either more to do on the property. 

Those are really the only two issues we had while there. The property is beautiful, the rooms clean and staff friendly and accommodating. If I were to come back I would stay for a shorter amount of time maybe 4 days which is plenty of time if you are just sticking around the resort. 


As mentioned there were 4 restaurants on the resort: fine dining, a patio bar, bar and grille and a buffet. 

For breakfast the buffet had tons of options from am omelet bar to pastries, Asian cuisine as well as 
American and traditional breakfast items. I don't remember how much it cost, I wanna say $25USD per day. I ordered off the a la carte menu, a coffee and apple juice and during my stay I ordered the waffles, pancakes and an omelet and they came with a little fruit plate. All three were really good and cost me around $10USD but the waffles were my favorite. 

For lunch we either ate poolside or at the bar and grille which was 20 feet from the pool. When eating poolside we ordered the pizza, nachos and one other thing which I forgot. The food was really good and the perfect poolside food. I ordered one of the tropical cocktails and it definitely hit the spot while I was laying out in the little cabana thing. It was the perfect afternoon, the beautiful sun, the pool and a tropical drink in hand. What could be better? 

The bar and grille had good food too and that's where we ate dinner almost every night. To be honest I ordered off the kids menu because A) I'm not a big eater and couldn't justify ordering the regular meals and wasting them and B) they were pretty pricey $20USD or more and I was on a budget and the kids meals were only $6USD.... The food was just as good and filled me up so it was a win-win. I did order the shrimp alfredo pasta and it was sooooooo yummy. Some of the best I've had. I also had these like eggroll type things which were out of this world good too. I definitely recommend those two items as well as the pizza and nachos from the pool. 

I wish there was more restaurant options but overall it wasn't too bad. The food was delicious and not too pricey. You can definitely get a good meal for your dollar! 



Would you believe that I had never gotten a massage up until Fiji? I knew that while I was there I wanted to get a massage and treat myself to a spa day. The second day we were there it was rainy/dreary out so it was the perfect day to spend a few hours at the spa relaxing. There was five "steps" to our spa day. The first was to put away our stuff and get dressed in robes and slippers. Next was the relaxation room where we had lemon water and could relax before our massage. After was the "prep" room where we showered, sat in the sauna (amazing), the hot tub (I could have lived there) and then finished with an ice shower. Once we did all that it was time for our massage. I got just a basic coconut oil massage which ran me $90USD. It was an hour long and absolutely dreamy. So wonderful I fell asleep like 10 minutes in. After we headed back to the "prep" room to shower, sauna and sit in the hot tub for a bit. After we got dressed and headed back to the room. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to get another one! 


On the property the resort had a water excursions hut where you could rent scuba and snorkel equipment, paddleboards and kayaks. I love kayaking so I rented one I think it was $18USD for an hour and went out kayaking in the gorgeous waters. It was so peaceful to paddle out and watch the fish swim under me and see the reefs. 


The resort had two pools, an adult only (above) and a family (below). We primarily hung out at the family pool but I did lay out at the adult only pool on my last day. It was so nice and relaxing and had a beautiful view of the ocean. It was paradise! 

The family pool was really nice too. It was super big and had little waterfall things in the middle the kids could swim under. They had umbrellas and loungers everywhere and if you were some of the lucky ones you could grab these little private-ish cabanas which was soooooooooo nice to lounge in. They also had poolside eats and drinks (see the food section) above which was amazing. I mean what's better than eating pizza poolisde? 

The Beach

The resort backed right up to the beach and ocean so we had direct access to it. Our room was about 20 feet from the beach and we could walk out directly to it which was so nice when you had a stroller and lots of beach bags. The beach itself was filled with seashells and pieces of coral which was so fun to walk and look for cool shells but it was not nice on your feet. We had to wear flip flops when we walked on it or else our feet would have been tore up. Since it was so shell-y you couldn't really lay out on the beach :( But that's okay cause we had the little cabana things at the pool. The water was sooo warm and just felt amazing. It wasn't very deep at all and I could wade out to the reefs and still touch (I'm 5'1" for reference). Since there was reefs there was marine life and I went and free snorkeled (see the snorkel section). 

Village Tour

Most of the employees at the resort lived in the local village just a few miles away. Fiji is a third world country and many of it's citizens are very poor. I had never been to a third world country but I wanted to see and experience how these people live. The resort offered guided tours that lasted a few hours and took us to the village and showed us around their community. It was $15USD per person for the afternoon. The guide was an employee of the resort and who lived in the village who walked with us to the village, a couple miles from the resort. Once we got to the village a community member was our tour guide and showed us around. It moved me to the point of tears seeing how these people live. In filthy conditions for shacks for homes and a handful of possessions. But they were so happy. Not a single person we passed wasn't smiling or saying "bula" (hello in Fijian). The kids were so happy following us around and waving. At the end they took us to their community hall and we had kava, a traditional Fijian drink and the community leaders led us in song and dance. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and one that I will never forget. It reminded me that we have it so well here in the States and we should be immensely grateful for all we have. It was a nice reality check if you will. If you ever go to Fiji I highly recommend taking a village tour. 

Fire Show

During our stay in the evenings on some nights there would be a fire show/dance performance that show cased Fijian dance. It was a short program about a half an hour that took place on the outside patio. It was so cool to see the fire twirlers and dancers and they even got members of the audience involved! A fun evening for sure! 

Horseback Riding

Along the beach there were locals who offered horseback riding. I had never been horseback riding on the beach so we thought why not. It was pretty cheap, around $15USD for an hour and when in Fji, right? I have experience riding horses coming from Kansas and having 3 so I'm no stranger to them or to riding but this was a whole different experience. For one the horses were skinnnny, much skinnier than I am use to seeing horses, the saddles were old and worn English saddles that had seen better days and blankets under and on top of them for padding. The "bridles" were rope tied to a bit. I felt bad getting on the horse because I felt like I was going to break him :( The ride was okay, not great and then it started to rain on us so we had to cut the ride short. Overall it was not a great experience and I wouldn't do it again unless it was with a more professional outpost. I get that these people have nothing and are trying to get by but I just felt bad for the horses to be honest :( 


We went snorkeling twice, once with the locals and another time with the water sports through the resort. The snorkel with the locals didn't really have any fish but it was a good time! They were crazy and fun and really nice. The snorkel with the resort was on a glass bottomed boat which was super cool to see all the ocean life below. I saw a few fish and swam through a school of striped ones (see the video)! I also did a free snorkel by myself just from the beach and it was really awesome. There were reefs and I swam through them seeing quite a few really cool fish! 

So that's my Fiji guide! I know it's not as informative as my Hawaii one since we only stayed at the resort but it was a pretty awesome time. I am so fortunate to have been able to be given the opportunity to go. Fiji is a beautiful country and I would definitely recommend going if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle and stress of life or if you want to disconnect from your phone. I wish we could have explored the island but we didn't have any way to so I'm kinda bummed about that but I still had an amazing time. 

Where have you traveled to that was just unbelievable? Where should I travel to next? 

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