Friday, December 9, 2016

Carry- On Bag Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! I'm back today with a new travel post! Since I'm traveling back home to KC tomorrow I thought I'd share what's in my carry-on bag! Now this isn't my suitcase/weekender I store in the overhead compartment but what I keep under the seat in front of me. It's usually a backpack filled to the brim with all my goodies needed for a flight. So let's jump in! 

#1: Ibuprofen// #2: Chapstick// #3: Clear makeup bag// #4: Makeup wipes// #5: Toothbrush// #6: Toothpaste// #7: First aid kit// #8: Face moisturizer// #9: Hand lotion// #10: Dry shampoo// #11: Baby wipes// #12: Makeup// #13: Hairbrush// #14: Hand sanitizer// #15: Clorox wipes// #16: Kleenex// #17: Contact case and solution// #18: Popcorn// #19: Granola bars// #20: Water// #21: Eye mask// #22: iPad// #23: Headphones// #24: Phone// #25: Portable charger// #26: Phone charger cable// #27: Wallet// #28: Gum// #29: Pen// #30: Scarf// #31: Neck pillow// #32: Tech case// #33: Sunglasses// #34: Fuzzy socks// #35: Hair ties// #36: Passport holder// #37: Backpack// Not pictured: camera// 

The one thing I didn't add cause it was kinda hard was that I always carry with me a change of clothes, usually in my suitcase/weekender if I take one that's in the overhead compartment. If I don't take one I cram it into my backpack. I take a spare outfit, underwear, socks, swimsuit, etc., so that I have it if something should happen to my luggage and I'm not completely SOL. 

I know this looks like a lot of stuff but once it's all packed up it doesn't seem quite so bad. I put my liquids and gels in the  clear quart size bag and then I have a large makeup bag that I use to put the rest of the stuff like ibuprofen, kleenex, gum, chapstick, etc. For my electronics I really want one of the tech cases (hear that Santa) but for now I use a Kate Spade pouch. It works great to keep everything together and not spread out all over my bag. 

I also forgot to put deodorant on here but I pack a little travel size one with me so I can freshen up before boarding and after. No one wants to sit next to a stinky person. Lol. And I forgot to add my camera. Usually I'll pack my camera in my backpack for safety reasons. 
Also the water I usually buy when I get through security and I always always always bring snacks with me usually popcorn or granola bars and because airport snacks are ridiculously expensive. Like no thank you I'm not gonna spend $8 on a granola bar when I can get an entire box for $2. Highway robbery! 

So what's what I take with me whenever I travel! There might be one or two things I forgot to list.. like a power converter... but for the most part this is what I pack! 

What do you pack in your carry-on bag? Anything I should add? Share in the comments below! 

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