Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food and good company! I spent it with my mom and brother making mini feast (check it out on Instagram). We all helped make the dishes and they were so good I ate like 20 pounds of food! Then in the evening I Facetimed my dad and rest of my family and said hi. It was a great day and now I'm ready for Christmas. Lol.  

I go back home to Kansas City here in less than a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see my friends, family and be back in the Christmas-y atmosphere. Don't get me wrong I love living in California but when it's December you just need the chill in the air. 

So with that being said, since the big day is less than a month away I thought I'd roll out my holiday gift guides of the year! Every year they get better so I hope you enjoy!

The Traveler: 1) Luggage// 2) Cocktail kit// 3) Passport holder// 4) Red eye kit// 5) Luggage tag// 6) Headphones// 7) Weekender//   

The Fashionista: 8) Coffee till Cocktails sweater// 9) Puffer vest// 10) Nike shoes// 11) Slippers// 12)  Watch// 13) Statement necklace// 14) Tassel earrings// 15) Camel scarf// (Not pictured: love this for the college girl to remember home and one of my favorites!) 

The Beauty Guru: 11) Makeup bag// 12) Tula skincare kit// 13) Light mask// 14) Hair towel// 15) Naked palette// 16) Philosophy set// 17) Makeup brushes 1234// 18) Tarte eyeshadow palette// 19) Brush cleaning mat//
The Fitness Fan: 1) Pinch Provisions fitness kit// 2) Fitbit// 3) Wireless headphones// 4) Yoga pants// 5) Black backpack// 6) Swell bottle// 7) Backpack// 

The Parents: 8) Mom picture frame// 9) Best Mom Ever mug// 10) Philosophy set// 11) Wristlet// 12) Candle set// 13) Earrings// 14)  Shaver// 15) Corckcicle// 16) Slippers// 17) Facial set// (Not picured but I  love this too for mom or dad// 
The Newlyweds: 1) Thank you cards// 2) Wifey tee// 3) Groom minimergency kit// 4) Mr. Mrs. pillow// 5) Mug set// 6) Luggage tags// 7) Mrs. necklace// 8) Bridal planner// 

The Home Lover: 9) Champagne for breakfast towel// 10) Cookbook// 11) Pineapple bookends/ (gold version)// 12) Blanket// 13) Monogram stirrers// 14) Doormat// 15)  Gold pouf// 16) Marble tray// 17) Measuring cups (matching measuring spoons)// 18) Big cups wall art// (Not pictured but the most darling pineapple tumbler

Here are a few extra goodies I found that would be perfect for stocking stuffers or in a gift basket of little things! College survival kit// I can't adult today mug // Brunch money card case// 
The Gentleman: 1) Socks// 2) Scarf// 3) Sweater// 4) JFK print// 5) Facial set// 6) Pajamas// 7) Bar glasses// 8) Cocktail book// (Not pictured but perfect for guys who live in cold climates)

The College Guy: 9) Nikes// 10) Fitbit// 11) Patagonia// 12) Raybans// 13) Flask// 14) Backpack//
The Traveler: 1) Passport cover// 2) Weekender// 3) Luggage tag// 4) Tech case// 5) Toiletry case//

The Music Lover: 6) Phone DJ mixer// 7) Bose speaker// 8) Record bookends//

The Business Man: 9) Briefcase// 10) Moleskin// 11) Wooden pen// 12) Phone case//

The Sports Fan: 13) Customizable sports book (baseball and football)// 14) Baseball blueprint// 15) Cufflinks// (Not pictured but is really cool for the beer lover/traveler

So there it is! My 2016 gift guide for gifts for everyone on your list from your best friend, sister, mom and dad, boyfriend, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and everyone in between! With 14 categories you're sure to find something for everyone. There are over 100 items that fit any budget ranging from less than $20 to less than $200! I tried to stick to a reasonable amount and gifts that are practical and high quality, so you're getting the most bang from your buck. 

A lot of these gifts are things that I would enjoy receiving or that I would give to my family and friends. I know everyone is different but this is more of a guide, a starting point, a place of inspo for you! 

Some great places to also look for gifts are Marshall's/HomeGoods/TJ Maxx, Target, Kirkland's Home, Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, Kohl's, Francesca's, Forever21, H&M, ASOS, Ulta, Sephora, Old Navy and J.Crew as they might have more things in store than online.

I hope this helps everyone this holiday season! If a link is not working please let me know and I'l fix it ASAP! 

What are you buying for your loved ones this year? Where do you shop? Share in the comments below! 

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