Thursday, September 22, 2016

What to Wear in Hawaii

 Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a good week so far! Today's travel post is what to wear when in Hawaii!

#1: Nike tank- Nike// #2: Nike shorts- BRAND// #3: Backpack- Patagonia// #4: Roshes- Nike// #5: Baseball Hat: Vineyard Vines// #6: Rash guard- O'Neill// #7: Bikini- Aerie top, bottom// #8: Sandals- Jack Rogers// #9: Top- Old Navy// #10: Denim shorts- American Eagle// #11: Crossbody- Forever21// #12: Flipflops- Old Navy// #13: Coverup- Nordstrom// #14: Chambray shorts: Forever21// #15: Floppy hat: Forever21// #16: Beach bag: H&M// #17: Necklace- Kendra Scott// #18: Mirrored sunnies- Forever21// #19: Striped PJs- Forever21// #20: Lounge shorts- Nordstrom// #21: Pizza party tee- Rue21// #22: Coral romper- Nordstrom// #23: Scalloped black dress- Tobi// #24: Heels- Steve Madden// #25: Clutch- Factory J.Crew// #26: Turquoise necklace- BaubleBar// #27: Bracelets- BaubleBar// #28: Colorblock maxi- LoveCulture// 

All the items listed resemble what was actually packed in my suitcase. I was going shoot a what I packed post but I just ran out of time and I tried shooting outfit of the days but I didn't have time either while I was there. No joke we went from about 8-9am till about 9-10pm every day doing activities so there really wasn't time for much else. 🙈 

For the daytime I wore my swimsuit under my top, usually a tanktop, and shorts because we did a lot of water/beach activities, as one should while in Hawaii! I also brought my rash guard everywhere with me in my beach bag or wore it over my suit if we were going to the beach to paddleboard. I felt like a true Hawaii girl then! 

I also brought my Nikes with me in my beach bag everywhere too because we would stop off at cool spots and do hiking. So they are a must have too! I plan on doing a "must haves for Hawaii" post that will go deeper into what I brought with me during the day and what you need to bring so don't worry, I got you guys! :) 

During the evenings we changed into nicer clothing for dinner. I wore simple day/sundresses and sandals or nice shorts and a nice top like the shopping outfit. 

The main keys for Hawaii are comfort, water and heat. I knew we would be doing lots of water activities and lots of hiking/walking and it was pretty hot and humid there so comfortable clothes and clothes that were cotton or light and breathable were musts.

The evenings I dressed up since it wasn't as hot and weren't doing activities. Usually we just went to dinner and shopped the strip. 

I'll try to round up some photos of outfits that I wore while I was there for you guys and throw them in a post!

Everything listed is under $50, except for the Nike sneakers, or is on sale so *salsa dancing emoji* 


I'm so excited for these travel posts and for you guys to see all my adventures while in Hawaii so make sure to check back often for new posts! You can watch Day 1 of my trip now

What types of posts do you wanna see from me? Leave a comment sharing!

Have you been to Hawaii? If so what did you wear? What do you wish you packed that you didn't? 

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