Friday, September 30, 2016

Welcome to Hawaii! Day 2: Snorkeling at Hanuma Bay and Hiking Diamond Head

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am kicking off the weekend with Day 2 of my Hawaiian Adventure! We snorkeled at Hanuma Bay which was less than a fun experience, more in the video, but made it all up hiking the gorgeous Diamond Head volcano! The views were breathtaking! If you are ever in Oahu this is a MUST DO! 

Check it out all out!

Also I apologize for the music/audio being off. I didn't realize it until I had already published the video... :/ #NewVloggerProbs 

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Have you snorkeled before? Where was your best experience? Share in the comments below! Hiked Diamond Head too? Let's talk about how amazing the views are! 
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gingham Blues

 It finally felt like fall last week! Temps were in the 70s, there was a light breeze so I had to break out my fall clothes and frolick in the leaves! I took these photos at the preserve aka near my house and it made me feel like I was back in Kansas with all the leaves and trees. It was so nice! Then it was in the 100s the next two days #CaliforniaProbs Anyways.... today I thought I'd share with you this super cute and casual blue gingham look! 

Sunnies: Boutique (similar here)// Top: Forever 21 (similar here)// Jeans: Wet Seal (similar here)// Shoes: Converse// Watch: Kohl's (similar here)// Spike bracelet: (identical here)// Link bracelet: Rocksbox (similar here and here)// Crystal bracelet: Loren Hope// Druzy bracelet: Kendra Scott// Handbag: Calvin Klein// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos| 

This look is perfect for running errands, shopping, school or grabbing lunch with your girls. It's casual, comfortable and totally embraces fall, hello plaid! 

I wear plaid like 90% of the fall and winter time. It's so versatile and goes with just about everything. Throw it on with jeans and sneakers or leggings and boots. You just can't go wrong! I've noticed that the 'bigger' plaids like buffalo and big gingham are super in right now. Well at least on Forever 21's website they are. Haha! I don't hate it though! 

I'm obsessed with these super distressed jeans. I've wanted a pair and found these at Wet Seal and fell in love. They're not long, a good medium wash and of course have the perfect amount of holes and distressing. I can't wait to wear them with sweaters!

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram stories you saw that I curled my hair for the first time in almost a year! YAAAAYY! It was such an exciting and momentous day! It took a long time an hour and a half plus but it felt good to have my hair 'done' aka curled. Maybe I'll curl it more often, who knows ;) 

How do you wear plaids/gingham or distressed jeans in the fall? Excited for everything pumpkin? Share your thoughts below!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Must Haves for Hawaii

Happy Wednesday everyone! This post was suppose to go up yesterday but I forgot to schedule it... #oops So it's going up today instead! I'm back bringing you my absolute must have for Hawaii! These are the things that you definitely, 100%, need to bring when traveling to the islands. These are things that I personally brought, except for the underwater camera, that made my trip 108310280284 times better. They are items to not forget to pack! 

#1: GoPro camera// #2: Underwater camera// #3: Rashguard// #4: Beach bag// #5: Swell bottle// #6: Lunch box// #7: Sunscreen//#8: Backpack// #9: Portable phone charger (less expensive option)// #10: Snorkel set// #11: Handsoap// 

#1: GoPro camera//
If you plan to do crazy stuff like skydiving, parasailing, snorkeling or scuba diving a GoPro is a must to capture all the insanely cool stuff you're doing. The basic model starts at $129 and goes up. I recommend getting the LCD backpanel so you can see what you are filming. We have it and it makes the world of a difference. 

#2: Underwater camera//
We didn't have one but we wish we did! While the GoPro is nice for video we wish we would have brought a nice underwater camera to get photos of the turtles, fish, each other, etc. The one I have listed is a nice quality one that's reasonable too! I'm definitely picking one up for my next trip! 

#3: Rashguard//
I had this in my What to Wear in Hawaii post and for good reason this is one of the main reasons why I didn't get fried from the sun. The Hawaii sun is soooo much hotter than the California sun and take that with being on the surface of the water which reflects and it's so easy to get fried to a crisp when snorkeling or being in the ocean for long periods. I took my rashguard everywhere with me and wore it whenever we were in the water. You can get them online for around $25 and up from various surf brands either long or short sleeve. The one I linked is O'Neill and under $30 and comes in 4 colors. Definitely either bring one with you or buy one there. I promise you will not regret it! 

#4: Beach bag//
A beach bag is definitely a must have if you're going to be spending your time at the beach or doing water activities. I recommend a flexible one that's pretty large so you can pack a ton in it. I also like the ones that are mesh/ woven so that sand can fall out. 

#5: Swell bottle//
If there are two things you need to bring with you it is a rashguard and a Swell bottle. They are the greatest water bottles in existence. They are triple insulated and keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. We would put just cold water in them in the mornings and all throughout the day, whether we were hiking, snorkeling or walking around the water stayed cold. It was so refreshing and nice when we were hot! They're a bit pricey but worth every single penny. I have the 25 ounce which is perfect. It wasn't too much or too little of water and fit in my brother's little backpack. I definitely recommend getting one!

#6: Lunch box//
To save time and money at lunchtime we packed our own lunches. We went to the ABC Store and bought some pre-made sandwiches, chips, apple sauce, granola bars, cookies and other little snack items for our lunch for the week. Make sure to get an insulated one so your cold stuff like sandwiches don't get warm/go bad! The one I linked is flexible so perfect to fit into your suitcase, has a ton of space for water bottles plus lunch and is under $15! We packed ours and then filled it with items like socks, underwear, etc. to maximize suitcase space. 

#7: Sunscreen//
Even if you think you're tan enough you're not. The sun is so much hotter in Hawaii. Wear sunscreen or else you're gonna be miserable. Sun Bum is one of my favorites! You can either bring it with you or buy it there. 

#8: Patagonia backpack//
I bought this Patagonia backpack for my upcoming travels and used it for Vegas and fell in love. It is the perfect size to hold a whole arsenal of items but doesn't feel heavy or bulky. It's padded which is nice and let's you be hands free without worrying about if someone is going to steal it off you. I HIGHLY recommend picking one up.

#9: Portable charger//
If you are going to be out exploring, taking photos/videos, using maps/gps, etc., you 10000000000% need a portable phone charger! I actually carried 3 on me in case someone in our group needed one. I always keep them with me when traveling because you don't want to be stuck without a phone in a place you've never been so a portable charger is a must. You can get them anywhere from Walgreens to Target to Best Buy and they start at $5 to $50. 

#10: Snorkel set// 
We went snorkeling 3 times while we were in Hawaii and we brought our own snorkel set. Unfortunately one of my flippers snapped the first time so I had to rent some from Snorkel Bob's but it only cost me like $12 for the entire week. I did like having my own mask and snorkel just for.... sanitary reasons. Lol. It was also nice to have our stuff if we were driving along and decided to stop off and snorkel. You can get a set from the ABC store there for like $25 or get one before you arrive or you can use the ones they provide on the tours or rent one from Snorkel Bob's.

#11: Handsoap// 
It bothers the living life out of me that hotels don't have handsoap in the bathroom! I don't like using the dumb little bar soap so I always pack handsoap in a travel size pump container. I know it's a little weird but it's sooo much easier and nicer than the crappy bar they provide. Just try it and tell me how great it was having actual real soap! 

These are the 11 items that are must haves for Hawaii or really any tropical trip! You won't regret bringing them I promise! 

You can catch up on my Hawaii posts with my Day 1 vlog and my What to Wear post! 

What are your must haves for Hawaii? What should I add to my list for next time? Share in the comments below!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What to Wear in Hawaii

 Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a good week so far! Today's travel post is what to wear when in Hawaii!

#1: Nike tank- Nike// #2: Nike shorts- BRAND// #3: Backpack- Patagonia// #4: Roshes- Nike// #5: Baseball Hat: Vineyard Vines// #6: Rash guard- O'Neill// #7: Bikini- Aerie top, bottom// #8: Sandals- Jack Rogers// #9: Top- Old Navy// #10: Denim shorts- American Eagle// #11: Crossbody- Forever21// #12: Flipflops- Old Navy// #13: Coverup- Nordstrom// #14: Chambray shorts: Forever21// #15: Floppy hat: Forever21// #16: Beach bag: H&M// #17: Necklace- Kendra Scott// #18: Mirrored sunnies- Forever21// #19: Striped PJs- Forever21// #20: Lounge shorts- Nordstrom// #21: Pizza party tee- Rue21// #22: Coral romper- Nordstrom// #23: Scalloped black dress- Tobi// #24: Heels- Steve Madden// #25: Clutch- Factory J.Crew// #26: Turquoise necklace- BaubleBar// #27: Bracelets- BaubleBar// #28: Colorblock maxi- LoveCulture// 

All the items listed resemble what was actually packed in my suitcase. I was going shoot a what I packed post but I just ran out of time and I tried shooting outfit of the days but I didn't have time either while I was there. No joke we went from about 8-9am till about 9-10pm every day doing activities so there really wasn't time for much else. 🙈 

For the daytime I wore my swimsuit under my top, usually a tanktop, and shorts because we did a lot of water/beach activities, as one should while in Hawaii! I also brought my rash guard everywhere with me in my beach bag or wore it over my suit if we were going to the beach to paddleboard. I felt like a true Hawaii girl then! 

I also brought my Nikes with me in my beach bag everywhere too because we would stop off at cool spots and do hiking. So they are a must have too! I plan on doing a "must haves for Hawaii" post that will go deeper into what I brought with me during the day and what you need to bring so don't worry, I got you guys! :) 

During the evenings we changed into nicer clothing for dinner. I wore simple day/sundresses and sandals or nice shorts and a nice top like the shopping outfit. 

The main keys for Hawaii are comfort, water and heat. I knew we would be doing lots of water activities and lots of hiking/walking and it was pretty hot and humid there so comfortable clothes and clothes that were cotton or light and breathable were musts.

The evenings I dressed up since it wasn't as hot and weren't doing activities. Usually we just went to dinner and shopped the strip. 

I'll try to round up some photos of outfits that I wore while I was there for you guys and throw them in a post!

Everything listed is under $50, except for the Nike sneakers, or is on sale so *salsa dancing emoji* 


I'm so excited for these travel posts and for you guys to see all my adventures while in Hawaii so make sure to check back often for new posts! You can watch Day 1 of my trip now

What types of posts do you wanna see from me? Leave a comment sharing!

Have you been to Hawaii? If so what did you wear? What do you wish you packed that you didn't? 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Don't Know About You But I'm Feeling 22

I can't believe it's already been a week since my birthday! Time is just flyyyying by! If you didn't see on the 13th I celebrated my 22nd birthday. It blows my mind that I turned 22... like whaaaat? I felt like I should have turned 12. I still feel like a dorky little kid not a young adult! Will I ever feel like I should be turning my real age or just feel like I should be a pre-teen? 

Anyways, I celebrated with  my mom and brother with lunch at Taco Tuesday at our favorite Mexican place then ran errands aka shopping and getting the gold 22 balloons for blog photos and finished the day off with cake. It wasn't anything big or splashy but a nice time. I think I'm gonna celebrate with my friends when I get back to Kansas City at the end of the year so that will be fun! 

I made everyone go and take blog photos with me which took over an hour due to it being windy and the balloons were cooperating. You should have seen us on the street trying to wrangle these bad boys! It was a sight to see and I'm pretty sure we entertained the traffic. Haha!

Sunnies: Forever21 (in-store: similar here)// Necklace: Kendra Scott// Top: Charlotte Russe (similar in all sizes)// Jeans: American Eagle (similar here)// Link bracelet: Rocksbox// Spike bracelet: OASAP (identical here)// Crystal bracelet: Loren Hope// Druzy bracelet: Kendra Scott// Wedges: Forever21// Bag: Calvin Klein (Nordstrom Rack in store)// 

|Thanks to Alex for the photos|

I love off the shoulder tops (as seen here, here and here) and can't get enough of them! I love this one because it's long sleeved, perfect for the chilly California nights and it's just such a cute staple top. You can dress it up or down it's just the perfect top! I loved it so much I also bought it in white... hey you know what they say if you love something buy it in every color! Haha! 

For my birthday outfit I obviously had to wear pink so a hot pink lip and my Kendra Scott 'Rayne' necklace was in order. I picked up these gorgeous flowers from my local Alberton's (a California grocery store) and they are the prettiest I've ever gotten. The pink roses are unreal, the most bright shade I've ever seen! Still dying over them...

Last year for my birthday I treated myself to a black Ralph Lauren bag and this year I carried (no pun intended) on that tradition by buying this little CK beauty! Seriously how GORGEOUS is she?! I got her from Nordstrom Rack and I'm obsessed so #sorrynotsorry for the overload of pictures with her on Instagram. I love everything from the three toned colors to gold detail to the shape and the fact that it's a crossbody or arm bag. She needs a name! My black RL is Elizabeth so this one needs a name too! Leave a comment below on what I should name her!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You guys make it so sweet and such a wonderful day, so thank you oodles and oodles! :) 

What do you get yourself for your birthday? Share in the comments below! 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome to Hawaii! Day 1: Flying, Room Tour, Mai Tais and More!

Aloha friends! I am back after a brief hiatus and I am SO EXCITED to be back to blogging! I was so busy the past month I was off and honestly didn't even have time to blog. So many amazing things happened like I got a part time job working on the weekends at a event rental company, nannying a ton, my dad came to visit us in California, my birthday and oh yeah I went to Hawaii for a week!

If you follow me on social media then you know of all the incredibly fun stuff I got up to while in paradise. If you don't you totally should follow me because I post lotsa fun stuff link to it all hereLucky for you these next few weeks I'm going to be sharing posts from my trip from what to bring to daily vlogs to what to do while you're there so make sure to follow me on social media to be notified ASAP when the posts go live or check back here! 
My plan is to have Tuesday's and Thursday's be travel related posts with a fashion or lifestyle post on Wednesdays so we'll see if I can get it all scheduled out or not! *prayers appreciated* 

Today's post is a good one! It's DAY 1 of my trip! *insert party emoji here*

This was my first time ever vlogging so excuse the shakiness and the fact that you can't hear me like 99% of the time. It's a work in progress. Haha! 

But I hope you guys enjoy this video and getting to see what I got up to while in Hawaii! I know day 1 wasn't that exciting, mostly just travel, but just you wait from day 2 on it's a whirlwind of fun so get ready! 

Also don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified of a new vlog ASAP instead of waiting around for me to post it here. 

Been to Oahu? What's your favorite thing you've done while there? Leave a comment sharing below! :) 

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