Saturday, April 16, 2016

Color Series: A Blue Cut Crease Pictorial

I'm back with my next installment in this color series. My first color was purple and you can check out that tutorial here! Today I chose blue and will be sharing a pictorial on how to create this soft blue cut crease.

1. I've already primed my eyelids with a bit of concealer and I'm going to set that with an eyeshadow that matches my skin tone. For me that is "Baby Face" by Makeup Geek. This eyeshadow will also act as nice smooth base for the next eyeshadow to blend on top of!

2. Next, I am mapping out the shape of my crease using "Boo Berry" also by Makeup Geek. I have a few folds in my eyelids that make it hard to tell where my crease is indefinitely so that's why I'm making sure that where I place my shadow looks good with my eye open and close. If you have a "mono-lid" that lacks a crease then this would the time to create one!

Using the lightest hand possible and a small shader brush, I'm beginning to press the color into my crease to create the shape. Try to keep this line as clean as possible as it will make your life easier later! I'm following the natural curve of my eyelid in the inner corner and then creating a wing shape at the end for some drama. 
Use a small brush for the cleanest line possible and a light hand because it's easier to build up color than take it away!

3. I'm switching to a small crease brush to start blending out my line. I'm dipping in to the smallest amount of "Boo Berry" again and blending my crease upwards towards the brow. Avoid getting shadow onto your eyelid as best as possible!

4. Repeat steps two and three to build up the color to your desired intensity. It may seem repetitive but this look is all about technique. It may take longer but it's easier to place color little by little and easily blend it out as opposed to plopping down a mound of eyeshadow and not being able to blend it out properly. I think I repeated steps two and three a total of 3 times before I got the color pay off that I wanted.

5. If needed, go back over with the large fluffy brush that we used in the first step with no additional product to make sure everything diffuses nicely. Still make sure not to get any on the lid though!

6. Now that our crease is where we want it, we can move onto the lid. This is our chance to clean up our line if it didn't turn out as sharp as we wanted or shadow fell onto the lid by accident. I'm dabbing a little concealer on the back of my hand and using a lip brush to carve out the lid. I've found it best to use a tiny amount of concealer or it will become cakey to layer another shadow on top of it!

7. Set that concealer with your eyeshadow of choice! I chose to keep this look all matte so I used "Baby Face" again.

8. For the lower lash line I'm using the same method as the crease. I'm placing the shadow using a small shader brush and blending it out using the small crease brush.

9. I decided to highlight my inner corner and brow bone with "Nylon" by MAC and as if this look isn't already blue enough, I'm adding Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in "Deep Ocean" to my water line!

10. Add mascara and false lashes if you will and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and my second color series look!

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