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Hi guys! I am b-a-c-k! Yes I know it's been all to quiet over here for awhile and that is because #life happened. 

Between being back and forth between California and here, helping my dad around the house with projects, cleaning and packing, insane amount of school and work I've been crazy, stupid busy and haven't had much time or energy for that matter to blog. Sure I coulda thrown up a half-assed post but it's not fair to you guys so I made the decision to slack on the blog so that I could handle the priorities in my life first ie: help my dad, school and work. But now school is getting ready to end so I will have a lot more time to work on posts now, YAY! 

So a huuuuge thank you to everyone who has stuck around, you guys are seriously the best and I want to give every one of you a hug and some cookies. I have a lot of fun projects currently in the works that I think you guys are gonna like so your wait will be rewarded! :) Make sure you're following along on here and on my social media (Insta and Twitter @samantha_goble and Snapchat @samanthagoble) for updates and to see what I'm up to! Lots of fun stuff coming! 

So now onto today's post (it's a little long but it's a good one!)

I don't consider myself a hoarder by any means but until you're forced to pack up your house you never realize how much stuff you accumulate over the years! Instead of just throwing it all away I've been taking gently used goods from clothing to homewares, toys, electronics and anything "homey" at Saver's. They've honestly been my saving grace (no pun intended lol) in moving! Especially for stuff that I knew I couldn't sell on eBay, Craigslist, Poshmark or other selling websites/apps. I can't tell you how many boxes and bags chalk full of stuff I've taken there, how many car loads we've taken of stuff that would have other wise been thrown out. If you're not familiar with what Saver's is it is second-hand stores that takes donated items and re-sells them. 

I've found some great stuff there before like J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, Michael Kors and more brand name designers for cheeeap, like "you wouldn't believe me if I told you" cheap. 

So when Saver's reached out to me to work with them on promoting their #RethinkReuse (learn more by clicking the link) campaign I was 100000% on board. I have been shopping and donating at Saver's for years, more so now that I've been cleaning out my room/house and love that they are a place where people can take their gently used items and give them a second life instead of them going to a landfill. Did you know that North American's ALONE send 10.5 MILLION TONS (yes tons and not pounds) of clothing to landfills every year... 10.5 MILLION TONS JUST FROM NORTH AMERICA! 

Is that not the most mind boggling stat ever?! And here's the kicker, 95% of these items can be reused or recycled.... NINETY FIVE PERCENT! Almost 100% of 10.5 million can be reused by someone else!!! 

It has always bothered me how wasteful American's, in particular are, especially with clothes. Look at how many people need clothes, not only here in the United States but all around the world! Only 15%... FIFTEEN PERCENT of used clothing gets donated or recycled! FIFTEEN PERCENT! 
What if we took half, or even a quarter of that 10.5 million pounds of clothes and given them to those who need it in places like Asia, South America or Africa? The world would be a MUCH better place for all of us. 

So what is their #RethinkReuse campaign? It's easy, something that everyone can participate in and doesn't require too much effort, time or money! 

Basically all you do is drop off your gently used items at your nearest Saver's, Saver's pays whatever local nonprofit they're working with (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City for the KC area), the items are sorted and the "highest quality items" are then priced and sold for an affordable price. The unused items are recycled or sent to developing countries. Saver's keeps 650,000,000 pounds of reuseable items out of landfills every year! #WINNING

All you need to do to participate is:
1) spend a couple of hours going through your kitchen, closet, bedroom or basement and gather up your gently used items, things that you don't wear or use anymore
2) box or bag them up 
3) take them to your local Saver's Community Donation Center, 
4) drop them off
5) get a coupon or tax sheet 
and wham bam you've just helped the local community, worldwide community but the Earth too! Go treat yourself to some fro-yo! 

Saver's takes basically any and all items. Clothes (men, women, kids), accessories (men, women, kids), shoes (men, women, kids), books, magazines, records, CD's, VHS tapes, DVDs, electronics, housewares like pots, pans, dishes, silverware, glassware, utensils, small appliances like blenders, toasters, etc., electronics like stereos, cameras, speakers, home decor like picture frames, decor, wall hangings, etc., furniture like desks, drawers, storage, tables, etc.,  sports equipment, toys, some bedding and so much more. 

My favorite things to buy are clothes and homewares like vases. Seriously why spend $10 on a vase when you can get the EXACT one at Saver's for under $5? All of my vases are from there and I don't even know how much money I've saved. #MyWalletThanksMe 

Sadly they don't take bedding like mattresses or box springs, autoparts, construction supplies like wood, paint, etc., large appliances like fridges and washers, and weapons. 

 If you are unsure of something call your local store

As if helping your community, world and planet wasn't enough you get a punch card for your donation and every full box or bag you take in and drop off you get a punch. Bring in 6 boxes/bags and get 30% off your purchase at Saver's! SCORE! You are literally being rewarded both in good conscious and with a discount! 

How I feel after donating at Saver's!

And because Saver's is the best they're giving away one $15 gift certificate to one of you guys! I know $15 isn't a whole awful lot but take in a bag (or 6) and you can get anywhere from like 15-30%, making that $15 go a long way! 
Just enter the giveaway below! The giveaway runs from today, 4/22/16 to Monday 4/26/16 at 11:59 p.m. CST and the winner will be picked and announced Tuesday! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I know I posted a lot of links throughout so here's all of them! 
Saver's Website
#RethinkReuse campaign
Local Store Finder
Accepted/Not Accepted Donations List
Helpful Donation Tips

I hope you guys take part in this campaign, not only to benefit the local and worldwide communities, planet but to make yourself feel good too! Plus, it's so easy! We all have a box or two that we can fill up with old clothes we don't wear, kitchen stuff that we haven't used in ages or home decor that's never gone up or been set out. Give your old stuff a second life!
If you participate tag me in your post (@samantha_goble on Twitter and Instagram) and use the #RethinkReuse hashtag! 

I know this has been a suuper long post but I love giving back and helping other's in need whether in my local community or around the world. Thank you to Saver's for existing and helping the world and for partnering with me! I love working with companies that do good! 

THANK YOU to all of my followers for sticking with me and supporting me and this little old blog so that I can work with companies like this! And if you've managed to read all of this you deserve fro-yo, wine and a shopping spree ;) 

Till next time! 

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Color Series: A Blue Cut Crease Pictorial

I'm back with my next installment in this color series. My first color was purple and you can check out that tutorial here! Today I chose blue and will be sharing a pictorial on how to create this soft blue cut crease.

1. I've already primed my eyelids with a bit of concealer and I'm going to set that with an eyeshadow that matches my skin tone. For me that is "Baby Face" by Makeup Geek. This eyeshadow will also act as nice smooth base for the next eyeshadow to blend on top of!

2. Next, I am mapping out the shape of my crease using "Boo Berry" also by Makeup Geek. I have a few folds in my eyelids that make it hard to tell where my crease is indefinitely so that's why I'm making sure that where I place my shadow looks good with my eye open and close. If you have a "mono-lid" that lacks a crease then this would the time to create one!

Using the lightest hand possible and a small shader brush, I'm beginning to press the color into my crease to create the shape. Try to keep this line as clean as possible as it will make your life easier later! I'm following the natural curve of my eyelid in the inner corner and then creating a wing shape at the end for some drama. 
Use a small brush for the cleanest line possible and a light hand because it's easier to build up color than take it away!

3. I'm switching to a small crease brush to start blending out my line. I'm dipping in to the smallest amount of "Boo Berry" again and blending my crease upwards towards the brow. Avoid getting shadow onto your eyelid as best as possible!

4. Repeat steps two and three to build up the color to your desired intensity. It may seem repetitive but this look is all about technique. It may take longer but it's easier to place color little by little and easily blend it out as opposed to plopping down a mound of eyeshadow and not being able to blend it out properly. I think I repeated steps two and three a total of 3 times before I got the color pay off that I wanted.

5. If needed, go back over with the large fluffy brush that we used in the first step with no additional product to make sure everything diffuses nicely. Still make sure not to get any on the lid though!

6. Now that our crease is where we want it, we can move onto the lid. This is our chance to clean up our line if it didn't turn out as sharp as we wanted or shadow fell onto the lid by accident. I'm dabbing a little concealer on the back of my hand and using a lip brush to carve out the lid. I've found it best to use a tiny amount of concealer or it will become cakey to layer another shadow on top of it!

7. Set that concealer with your eyeshadow of choice! I chose to keep this look all matte so I used "Baby Face" again.

8. For the lower lash line I'm using the same method as the crease. I'm placing the shadow using a small shader brush and blending it out using the small crease brush.

9. I decided to highlight my inner corner and brow bone with "Nylon" by MAC and as if this look isn't already blue enough, I'm adding Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in "Deep Ocean" to my water line!

10. Add mascara and false lashes if you will and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial and my second color series look!

Catch up on my other beauty posts here!

I've started an Instagram page dedicated to makeup so it you liked this tutorial I'd appreciate the love on @sarahpresleymakeup! I'm currently doing the 100 days of makeup challenge!

Mark your calendar for my next post on April 28th!

Friday, April 1, 2016

What I Wore: KCFW Fall/Winter 2016

Hello lovelies! I'm back today with a new outfit post! I know I've been severely lacking in the blogging department but life has been crazy, stupid busy and I just can't seem to catch up with it! Ever feel like that? Anyways, during KCFW a couple of weeks ago I managed to have some friends snap a few photos of my outfits for me! A HUGE thank you to Ritz and Sierra for doing so, you guys are the best! 

I attended two of the three nights of runway shows and typically each night gets dressier and fancier than the night before. I always have such a hard time picking out outfits for this event because I know all my blogger friends are gonna have knock out outfits and I wanna not look like a potato next to them. I usually stick to neutrals with a pop of color or patterns which can be seen here when I went to my first season. This year to switch it up I added texture to my outfits, incorporating leather and fringe into the looks and I think they turned out smashingly! See for yourself! 


Jacket: Forever21 (similar here)// Tee: Old Navy// Skirt: Kohl's (similar here)// Heels: Charlotte Russe (similar here)// Bag: Forever21//

|Thanks Sierra for the photos!| 

Keeping it casual but dressy I opted for pattern play and a little texture with the striped skirt and floral heels and leather jacket. This white tee is my FAVORITE of all time. It's super comfy, the perfect length and tucks wonderfully into jeans. This bag has been my go-to lately. It looks like a Rebecca Minkoff but it's under $30 #praise. It's got an outside pocket for le phone, a crossbody strap, fits in the crook of your arm and is suuuuuper roomy. I managed to fit a full size wallet, plus my DSLR camera, a baby water bottle and all the rest of my purse crap in there with room to spare. It's kinda amazing. 



Top: Banana Republic (sold out)//Leather pants: Forever21 (similar here)// Heels: Target (similar here)// Bag: Forever21//Ring: Old Navy// Bracelets: Kendra Scott and Forever21// Lipstick: L'Oreal Color Riche in Blake's Red// 

|Thanks to Ritz for the photos!|

I love going to Union Station and taking photos up on the balcony. It has the prettiest natural light and backdrop of Union Station. It's the perfect spot for outfit photos! Before the show Ritz and I headed up there to snap some. Saturday is the dressiest of the three nights so I had to bring my A-game. I had been DYING to wear this fringe tunic top from Banana Republic (sadly now sold out :( ) and these leather leggings (also sold out but I found a dupe pair) and KCFW seemed like the perfect occasion! Keeping with the all black I wore my black heels. To add some color I added this fun white cocktail ring and a bold red lip. I loved this look, classic, sophisticated but still fun! I felt very flapper-esque! 

Some tips on how I dress for fashion week is to look at magazines- see what celebrities wear to special events, check out store mannequins, head to Pinterest and check out Instagram and see what the street/blogger style is! 

The most important thing is to dress for yourself, if you like it wear it! 

Have you ever gone to fashion week? What do you wear to special events? Any favorite places to shop? Share below in the comments! 

Check out my recap of the shows here!

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