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KCFW Fall/Winter 2016 Recap

Hello friends! Yes I am alive and posting! I know it's been forever and a half since a new post by moi and that's because March has been insane! Between school, helping around the house and seeing my friends I haven't had much time to do anything else. BUT I have a great post today so it's worth the wait. If you wanna keep up with me and all my fun things/behind the scenes I get up to you can follow me on Instagram (@samantha_goble) and Snapchat (@samanthagoble)! 

This past weekend the 17-19th I attended my third season of Kansas City Fashion Week! It's hard to believe that my first time was a year ago, like where has the time gone?! I was soo excited because I was able to attend and get to see and catch up with all my blogger friends. 


Thursday kicked off the three runway shows and my oh my it did not disappoint! I sat with 3 of blogger babes: Ritz, Sierra and Mollie. It was such a good time and it was so nice to catch up with them! I also saw some more of KC blogger gals which is always a good time. 
My two favorites are Ola Style and Gypsy Blaque. While they were very different I loved them! 

Ola Style

Ola Style had some gorgeous floral gowns with an open or v-back. Even though this was the fall/winter collection I loved the use of the more spring florals. She did have some with more season appropriate but this floral gown was one of my faves! 

Gypsy Blaque

Gypsy Blaque was the total opposite of Ola Style, dark, edgy and total badass. Her colors were mostly black, gold, olive and velvet. A more neutral color palette but lots of texture. I might need to invest in a pair of the olive leather leggings and the shirtdress because they are beyond chic. And these gold and black gowns are the perfect cocktail or special occasion dresses. She knocked it out of the park with this collection! 

Sierra, Mollie, myself and Ritz


Unfortunately I had to miss Friday's shows due to some personal things popping up :( I was super bummed but kept up through the KCFW Snapchat and Instagram and seeing all the collections through my blogger friends' social media. Two that looked amazing and I knew I would have loved were Madison Durant, of LaRae Fashions and Kiana Godsey.

Madison designed a stunning collection of neutrals focusing on navy, black, white with details of fur. Oh and did I mention she's 15 years old? This girl has got serious game! I loved the very "snow princess/frozen" look and she clearly knows a thing or two about fashion and design. She's gonna be definitely an up and comer in the fashion world so you can say you saw her here on my blog! Lol. 

Kiana Godsey was my second favorite of the evening with another neutral collection focusing on gold, black and texture. I am living for the gold gown on the far right. Her entire collection is like the edgy version of my aesthetic and it's gorgeous. I am all about it! 


Saturday was the finale day and the local KC designer showcase. It's the fancier of the three days and I knew we were going to be in for a treat! I sat with Ritz, Mollie and Sierra again and had such a great time! They're such fun and gorgeous gals and I'm so glad I know them! Saturday, while had amazing designers, two stuck out to me the most. 

Andrea Marie Long Designs

Andrea Marie Long Designs

I first saw Andrea last spring when I first attended KCFW. She had a beautiful collection of hand painted gowns that were light, refreshing and ethereal (you can check them out here). This year she did something totally different and did a very rich an royal look. She had lots of crimson, mustard and velvet and I love the combination of the three. It's like royal attire 2016 edition. 

Lucia Sarto

Lucia Sarto 

Last of the nigh and of KCFW this season was Lucia Sarto and HOLY CRAP GUYS... she SLAYYED! I died at every. single. piece. She KILLED it this collection and it was by far my absolute favorite of all the shows. Her gowns were a piece of art, each so detailed and just visually stunning. The pictures don't even do them justice. They sparkled like diamonds down the runway. Ahhh it was just a spectacularly brilliant collection. 

The gold and gunmetal sequin dresses are giving me serious life. If I was going to prom, a gala/ball or special occasion I would 100000% get one of these gowns to wear. There aren't even enough words to describe just how amazing they are!!! 

Ritz, myself, Mollie and Sierra waiting for the show to start!

Kathryn and I posting at the runway

Just a few of some of the amazing KC blogger babes posing on the red carpet! So glad I'm a part of such an amazing community of women! 

So there you have it, a peek inside KCFW! It was another amazing year filled with great friends and stunning collections. 

A HUGE thank you to KCFW for having me back as part of their media. Being able to attend is always a highlight of the year for me! :) 

And stay tuned for what I wore to KCFW coming soon! 

Have you ever gone to a fashion show/week? Who was your favorite from above? Share in the comments below! 

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Color Series: A Purple Makeup Tutorial

I've decided to begin a series that will go on for the next month or so featuring a makeup look centered around a different color each post. Like many others, color scared me when I first started wearing makeup throughout high school. I'm almost positive I wore the same black winged eyeliner every day for four years. One year for prom I think I wore navy winged eyeliner instead of black and that was like whoa, one step too far out of my comfort zone. It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I really started experimenting with color and realized that I had missed out on four years of optimum makeup opportunities!

Incorporating color into your makeup, whether it's a lipstick or an eyeshadow, is a great way to get creative and artistic and to switch up your makeup routine when it's stuck in a rut. I'm excited to start this series in hopes that I can continue to venture outside my comfort zone but also inspire some along the way! I hope you enjoy the first installment!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

February Beauty Favorites

February has a come and gone and I have once again found myself at Ulta way too many times for one month. Today I'm sharing a few things I've been loving this past month!

1. Disposable Mascara Wands - Yes, very weird favorite, I know. I've been doing makeup on friends and family much more frequently lately and I really want to be as professional as possible. I'm not a certified makeup artist or anywhere close to being one as a matter of fact but I still want to be as competent as I can. One of the biggest aspects in makeup artistry is sanitation so I picked up these disposable wands off Amazon. They were super cheap for a pack of 50 yet they perform so well! Definitely a staple in my kit now.

2. Victoria's Secret Super Soft Body Butter in "Coconut Milk" - This has been my SAVIOR these past winter months. My skin has been dryer than normal so I've needed something heavier than lotion and this has worked great for me. I've almost gone through the entire tub and I definitely will repurchase!

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - I know that like everyone already knows how fabulous this mascara is but I was so ride or die for the Maybelline The Falsies Flared mascara that I just didn't want to believe there was a better mascara out there. I was wrong. Buy it.

4. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - I actually purchased this a few months ago but I've really fell in love with it this month. I had never splurged on a luxury foundation before so I was extremely nervous but my doubts were soon put to rest. This foundation is incredibly lightweight for how much coverage it brings and I feel like it just melts into your face to give such a natural appearance.
I'm in the shade "Porcelain" (S/O to all my pale girls)

5. MAC Fix+ - I guess I received this as a gift for Christmas so it hasn't been just a February fav but I love it too much not to mention it. My favorite way to use this is by spraying it (generously) all over my makeup as a last step to help any excess powder soak into my face.

6. ELF Blush Brush - ELF brushes are seriously a gift from the gods. They are so affordable yet deliver amazing quality. I love the blush brush for highlighting, oddly enough. I think it gives a nice diffused glow to your cheekbones without looking like a zebra stripe (and it's $3!!!!)

7. NYX Contour Kit Shades in "Nectar" and "Sculpt" - I think the NYX Contour Kit is a great product all together but these are my absolute favorite shades. Nectar is such a pearly golden highlight, with a little bit of peach in there as well. 9 out of 10 times this is the highlight I am wearing. Sculpt is a great contour shade for my skin tone. I'm very fair so a warm contour shade can easily look orange on me but this is a great mix between a warm and cool taupe color that is great for bronzing or contouring on me!

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