Monday, February 22, 2016

The Morning After a Hangover: Beauty Tips

You guys National Margarita Day is today..... On a scale of 1 to the red dancing emoji how excited do you think I am?! I'll be celebrating with a frozen strawberry margarita and Mexican food (hello queso and guac!). I usually only have one because I'm not much of a tequila girl.
But if you're celebrating and are 10 baskets of chips deep, in good conversation and the waiter keeps bringing refills and before you know it you've had a little too much. Well actually you do know it, the morning after when you wake up and feel like you've been run over by a semi truck multiple times. I can't say I've been there but I've been so sick that I think that's what a hangover feels like. Either way you feel like crap and if you can't stay in bed and nurse it, here are my beauty tips to looking and hopefully feeling better when you have to be a real functioning adult. Haha! 

I've definitely used these beauty tips after a fun, long night out and I can 100% say that they work. I also have some other tips for avoiding and nursing a hangover! 

Tip No. 1: Drink water before you even start drinking. This will help curb the nasty headaches and fatigue. 

Tip No. 2: Eat before you go out. If you're going out to bars or clubs eat a decent meal before to help lessen the "ugh I shouldn't have gone out last night" feeling. 

Tip No. 3: Drink water during your drinking. If I'm out at dinner and getting a drink or glass of wine I always drink water as well. If I'm out I try to get a glass in as frequently as I can. This will also keep the hangover to a minimum. 

Tip No. 4: Know your limit. The best way to not feel absolute horrible is to know how many is enough. Drink responsibly please. 

Tip No. 5: A hot shower is a wonderful thing. Taking a quick shower can make you feel a million times better. 

Tip No. 6: Work it out. I know working out is the last thing you wanna do when you feel like crap but it can actually help by sweating out the alcohol toxins. Just make sure to keep hydrated as to now make yourself even more sick. 

Tip No. 7: Sleep. If you have the luxury to, sleep it off. Sleep does wonders to a hangover. But  make sure it's a quality mattress like the ones from my friends over at Casper. Because when you can't get comfy or toss and turn when you just want sleep it's the worst. 

There you go! Those are my tips on how to feel and look better from a night out! 
Thanks to Casper for inspiring this fun post! 

What are your hangover tips? Any that you swear by? Share them below! 

Hope everyone enjoys a margarita or whatever drink of your choice! Just do it responsibly! :) 

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