Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's on My Carry-On- Nashville Edition

Guys I leave for Nashville on Tuesday! To say I'm excited is a huge understatement. The farthest East I've ever gone is to Florida and that was probably 11 years ago. And it's been my dream to visit the 'south' in the fall (is Tennessee considered part of the south?) for ages so to finally be going is a dream come true. Aaaand I'm visiting one of my best friends so it's the icing on the cake. 
I've traveled a fair amount this year so I've gotten pretty good about what to pack. For this trip I'm taking my personal item which is this tote, a carry-on weekender (this exact one which is fabulous) and I'm checking a bag. You might be thinking Sam that seems like a lot of bags for 4 days and yes it is but I'm packing all cold weather clothes which take up A LOT of space. Plus, I know I'm gonna bring back souvenirs and fun stuff so I'll be glad I have the extra space. 

These are the essentials for when I travel. The tote is one I got from Old Navy this summer and it's the best for traveling. It's roomy for all my stuff and still fits under my seat. And it's black and brown so it goes with everything and it super chic. For electronics I'm taking my phone and iPad, headphones and chargers. This Kate Spade pouch is perfect to store my chargers and iPad in! And it's kinda the cutest thing ever. I have music, games and movies to entertain me during the flight. I also have my wallet and this little mini wallet. I use the mini wallet for my purse when going out. Then in the pink and canvas makeup bag I store all my goodies. I have pretzels, gum, chapstick, an extra charger and Advil. Last but not least I'm taking the latest issue of InStyle (one of my favorite magazines) and Gus, my pillowpet. Oh and I'm bringing a pair of sunglasses and their case. The last thing isn't pictured but I'm also taking my jewelry on with me. I do this for a couple of reasons: 1) I always keep my valuables on my person so they don't get lost or stolen and 2) I put my jewelry on after I go through security while I'm waiting at my gate. This the the best travel tip I can give you. No one likes "that" girl who's wearing 10 pounds of jewelry and has to take it all off in line. I wait till after then I load it up. So this way you can still be stylish and not have everyone else hate you. Haha! 

So that's everything in my tote bag! As far as what's in my Weekender I have a pair of sweats and a hoodie, my makeup, my crossbody and whatever else doesn't fit into my suitcase. #OverPacker 

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If you have any suggestions of things to do, places to see, eat or shop in Nashville leave them in the comments below! I'd greatly appreciate it! :) 

What do you pack in your carry-on? Anything I should add? 

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