Friday, November 20, 2015

A Weekend in Nashville

Hello everyone! I'm back with my recap of my recent trip to Nashville! I know it's not Tuesday but I wanted to share with you guys what I did! If you follow me on Instagram (@samantha_goble) or Snapchat (@samanthagoble) then you probably know what I got up to/have seen some of these, BUT for those of you who don't (which you should!), sit back and enjoy my trip! :) 

Just a heads up this will be a very picture and text heavy post. And excuse some of the photos that have Snapchat captions on them 🙈..... I always forget to save the photo before I caption it... #oops 

Before I begin....

So one of my best friends, Riley, from high school goes to school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I decided to go visit her because Vanderbilt and because one of our favorite bands (The Mowgli's) was playing there during my trip. We've seen them 3 times together and weren't gonna break the streak! Plus, I had never been to Tennessee and thought it'd be a fun little weekend getaway! 

Thursday, November 12th

So I left Kansas City bright and early Thursday  morning. Like literally I left my house at 4:30am, was on the plane by 6:15am and in Nashville by 7:30am. It was insane. 


After taking my first Uber ever from the airport to the Vanderbilt University, aka Vandy, I met up with Riley on campus. She lives in the dorms so that's where I was going to be staying for the weekend. I've never stayed in a dorm before so it was a whole new experience but it was super fun and I honestly, enjoyed it. I arrived at Vandy at like 8:30am so we visited and I got settled before she headed to class. I slept while she was gone because I was up at 3:30am and needed sleep. Once she got back we headed out on a tour of the campus. The campus is absolutely gorgeous in the fall and I fell in love. All the brick and column buildings stole my heart. We grabbed a quick lunch with one of her friends, Anna, at this like pub type restaurant on campus. Their food was really good and I'd recommend 10/10. 

Me and Cornelius Vanderbilt, the founder of Vanderbilt University


Also I didn't take proper outfit of the days so they'll just be kinda sprinkled in through this post..... And I will do my best to link what I can! 

Anyways I wore this on my flight and switched out the coat for my black puffer vest and blanket scar. Marled sweater, ripped denim, black booties (similar here), camel coat (similar here), blanket scarf, puffer vest

After lunch and sightseeing we headed back to the dorm to get ready for the evening. There was a benefit concert for one one of the community programs at Vandy so Riley, I and a few of her friends went to support it. The performers for the show were the various student acapella groups, a dance group and an improv group. The acapella groups were amazing and the two all male ones were my favorite! Then again I am biased to guys who can sing. ;) 

My outfit for the night! Oatmeal sweater, puffer vest, same jeans as earlier and I switched out the booties for riding boots, which I can't find online because they're super old from Target :( 

Since it wasn't too terribly cold and I didn't want to lug around a coat with me, I just layered up for going out. Myself, Riley and her friends, Anna, Farah, Sheuli and Kadie all took me out to see Nashville at night. We headed down to the strip where all the classic, honky-tonk bars are which are such a sight to see! We walked around "downtown" for a bit as they showed me all the different sights. Soon we headed back as it was only Thursday and they still had class on Friday. 

Elvis and I because #Nashville

Friday, November 13th 

Riley had class again today so I just slept in and then got ready. Once she came back we headed out to do some more sightseeing and grab some lunch. But first I needed coffee so we stopped off at Starbucks to grab some for our walk! She took me to the park that's just 5 minutes from the Vandy campus. It's a really nice park that has a full size reconstruction of the Parthenon in Greece. It might look familiar if you've seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians! 

Us standing on the front steps in comparison to the entire building. It's massive!!

Not that you can tell but I'm wearing the same puffer vest and ripped denim, my fave chambray shirt (similar), this super cute crossbody and Converse.

After walking around we were starving so we stopped off for some lunch at this cute little spot called Bricktops. It's a little upscale cafe that had super good food. I had the lobster roll and Riley had the French dip. I've never had a lobster roll but this one was delicious. I'd definitely recommend checking out Bricktops if you're in the area! 

We headed back to the dorm to relax and then get ready for the evening and the concert. Riley and I were seeing The Mowgli's at the Cannery. This is our 3rd time we've seen them together and we haven't missed a show together since we first saw them! We got ready and headed down to the venue. 

I decided to go with something simple yet concert appropriate! Plaid top (almost identical), black tank (almost identical), black pants, riding boots. 

We got down there and had to wait in line to be let in. Once we were in we waited some more for the show to start. There was the opener which was a group called Phases. I had heard one of their songs on my local alt music radio station and really liked their sound. 

Also their lead singer, Alex, is very attractive and looks identical to Andrew Garfield! Swoon. 

Soon it was time for The Mowgli's! Riley and I JAMMED out. Like full on singing and dancing our hearts out. They are such a fun and electric group to see live you can't help but have a good time. 

There was the one more artist after them, LIGHTS, but we weren't huge fans so we decided to leave and head back to campus. But not before we got some seriously cool merch and stopped for a photo with Phases! 

How fierce is she and seriously how much does he look like Andrew Garfield?! Pretty sure they could pass as twins..... 

We got back and headed back out, this time with everyone and had a great evening. Definitely one for the books and one I won't forget! 

Saturday, November 14th 

Saturday was the last Vandy home football game so we all were going to go tailgating then me, Riley and Kadie were gonna go to the game. We all got ready and I got to embrace my inner prep with my game day outfit! I was so excited! Lol. 

The best group of girls ever! 

This was my first ever college football game and I was pumped! It is such a fun experience and I'm glad that I could experience it. And the icing on the cake was that they won!

Anchor Down

Anchor down. Aren't we cute in our black dresses and matching monogram necklaces? ;)

Black dress, crossbody, riding boots. 

We left the game at halftime because we were cold and hungry so we headed back to the dorms to change and relax a little bit. Eventually we were hungry so we all headed out to grab some dinner.  must eat when in Nashville is to Hattie B's hot chicken. It's like really spicy fried chicken that isn't super greasy. I had never heard of it but apparently it's a thing. 

It was sooo good! I'm now bummed we don't have one here in KC :( Even their potato salad was bomb. I highly recommend checking it out if you're in Nashville! 

Once we were done we headed back to hang out in the rooms. I fell asleep twice because I was exhausted from all the going, going, going I was doing. Eventually we all headed to bed. 

Sunday, November 15th

This was my last day in Nashville :( Unfortunately, Riley had a sorority thing all day but I managed to grab breakfast with her and her roommate Corevel who was super nice and hilarious. They went on to do their sorority thing and I packed, got ready and laid in bed and watched Hulu. It was nice to relax and take a breather. 
Farah, one of Riley's friends and next door neighbors suggested we go see a movie at the historic Belecourt movie theater which was just a short 15 minute walk from campus. So we headed down there. It's an older building that shows documentaries and like independent films. We saw the Room which was SO FREAKING GOOD. It was sad but like a good kinda sad. If you have the opportunity to go see it I HIGHLY recommend it! 

So in love with Vandy's campus! I would not mind having this be my view all the time. 

After it was evening time so we headed back to the dorm. I managed to grab dinner with Riley, Farah and Anna having to leave for the airport. I said by goodbyes, Ubered to the airport, waited to board and soon was back in KC and back in my own bed, which was the greatest thing ever. 


You guys still with me? Bless all of you who read through and made it to the bottom of this post! You are da real MVP's! 

I had such an amazing time at Vandy. I made some great friends, had so much fun and had some unforgettable memories. Thank you to Riley for hosting me and Anna, Farah, Shueli, Kadie and everyone else I met there for welcoming me and making my trip the absolute best. I'm already planning on visiting again in the spring and cannot wait! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my little recap of my trip! I know it wasn't a typical getaway weekend with touristy things, but I had such a good time. It was nice to just have fun and experience a little slice of college life! :) 

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