Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is this week and if you haven't had time to plan out a costume, then today's post is for you! I'm sharing some easy, iconic and chic Halloween costumes that you can re-create the day before or day of Halloween!

Britney Spears

Giving a nod back to our 90s days by being Miss Britney Spears! All you need for this is a white button up, black bra/bandeau, gray cardigan, black skirt, black knee socks and black heels. Throw your hair up into braided pigtails, complete with fuzzy scrunchie and ribbon and oh baby, baby you've got a sexy and iconic costume. 

Dancing Emoiji's

Grab a bestie and twin it out with the dancing emoji girls! All you need is a black leotard and black bows/headband and black flats! You'll be dancing your way out of the house and on to the party!

Holly Golightly

Channel your inner Holly Golightly for a fun Halloween night out! For the first one all you need is a tiara/crown, sunglasses, a trenchcoat and heels! The cat is optional. 
The second requires a men's white dress shirt or a woman's white shirtdress and an eyemask! The tassel earplugs are optional too. 

Cat Burglar 

Don't break the bank creating this costume! Grab a striped shirt, black pants, shoes, gloves, a stocking hat and a black mask, either bought or painted on, for the sneakiest and chicest costume ever! Don't forget to grab your partner in crime too!

Taylor Swift ft Wildest Dreams 

Be the Queen of Pop Taylor Swift from her latest music video! Curled hair, red lips, a white shortsleeve blouse, olive green pants and suede knee high boots complete the outfit that isn't a wildest dream! 

Just you're in a time and budget crunch this year doesn't mean you can't have a stylish, chic  and easy costume! And for more tips and ideas here's The Fashion Girl's 10 Commandments of Halloween costumes! Aaaand if you're needing some couples costumes here's my whole list from last year!

If you use any of the ideas above I'd love to see your costume! Tweet or tag me, @samantha_goble on Twitter and Instagram! :) 

What are you being for Halloween? Leave me a comment sharing!

I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween!

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