Friday, September 11, 2015

How to Work From Home

I work and go to school from the comfort of my bedroom. Now this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I don't have to put on real clothes/makeup and go to class everyday. A curse because I'm at home with my bed and complete seasons of Teen Wolf... But being completely honest I really enjoy it. I love being able to work from home and have my schedule totally flexible and completely up to me. With school getting ready to start back up I thought I'd share my tips on working from home! These are great if you're in college and need a little help getting back into the swing of a schedule and doing homework. 

Tip No. 1: Make an office setting//
This is crucial to being motivated to get work done, especially if your 'office' happens to be in your bedroom. It's all too tempting to work from your bed but if you have a designated area where you can sit down and work on your assignments it will help you be more productive and help differentiate work and leisure. IKEA is a great place for an inexpensive desk that will get the job done. 

Tip No. 2: Get dressed every morning//
While it's much more comfortable and easy to roll on outta bed in your pajamas and get started on the work load, chances are you won't be feeling too motivated to actually work. Getting dressed sets the mood for the day and will help you be more focused on work. Event if it's putting on leggings and a comfy top. I try to wear either jeggings and a t-shirt or a comfy dress. I feel much more motivated to sit down and get to work than I do in my pajamas. 

Tip No. 3: Set hours//
When you were in high school you had hours that you were in class; 8am-3pm. You had a schedule. Just the same, if you work from home you need to create a schedule for yourself. Set specific hours that you will work and stick to them. When you're at home the lines of work and play can get blurred. Instead of an 8 hour day working it turns into a 14 hour day. Setting specific times will help you differentiate between your work and your personal life. I try to work from 10am till about 4pm. 

Tip No. 4: Be social//
Now that I'm at home for most of my days, being social is more of a challenge. I don't have activities I have to attend or friends I see on the regular but I still make it a point to get out of the house. Whether it's going to a coffee shop to work, going to the park or meeting up with friends make sure you make time to be social. 

Tip No. 5: Keep a to-do list//
Now I'm the queen of to-do lists and now that I work from home and don't have someone reminding me of what needs to get done. Before getting on the work grind, take 5-10 minutes each day to plan out and prioritize what are the most important things that need to get done are. Maybe it's replying to emails, working on the research paper or going grocery shopping. Whatever it may be keeping a list will help you make sure you get done what needs to get done. 

Tip No. 6: Keep it clean//
Keep your workspace clean and organized. There's nothing more unmotivating than sitting down to a messy desk. At the end of each day do a little tidying up. Throw away unwanted papers, take your coffee cups to the sink and make sure everything is in it's place for tomorrow when you sit down. 

Tip No. 7: Turn it off//
Since I'm at home and in constant access to Wi-Fi and my phone and computer, I sometimes tend to stay on there a little too much checking Instagram or watching my latest Snaps. Or I'll find myself online shopping and whoops there goes $100 and 2 hours of my life... #Guilty. I turn off the distractions by downloading an app/website blocking program. This way I only check my phone/apps when I'm taking a break and not every 5 minutes. 

Those are all my tips for working at home. I hope they help you in being able to work more efficiently and productively at home! 

What are your tips for working at home? Leave a comment below sharing! :)

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  1. While I don't work from home all the time, I have noticed that I've been in a terrible habit of "saving" papers and receipts which I never look at again until it's time to throw them away. I'm making an effort to ditch them as they come in to eliminate the clutter! I hope you have a great weekend :)

    26 and Not Counting

    1. I am the same way! I have a million papers on my desk, receipts, to-do lists, notes and some days you can hardly see a desk under them! I think I need to get a bigger trash can so I can throw more away. Lol.

      Thanks for commenting Jess! And you to! :)