Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Things I'm Loving: July

I know I say this every month but seriously how is it already August? I mean I feel like I blinked and summer was over. I swear when I was a kid summer lasted foooorever, now it feels like a week and BOOM it's done and back to school we go. Oh the cons of getting old.... Anyways, with July gone it means it's favorites time. So enough of me and let's do this thing. 

Chipotle Cultivate//
On the 18th, myself and a group of friends went to the Chipotle Cultivate day at downtown KC. It was put on by Chipotle and was an entire day of music, food and ideas. There were musical acts performing all day, food booths, vendor tents, exhibits, cooking demos and tons more. Even though it was a super hot and humid day it was such a cool and fun experience and I'm glad I got to go! 

One Direction//
On the 28th I saw my loves again, One Direction here in KC. It was my second time seeing them (you can read about the first here). I got VIP tickets this time which included access into the pre-party, exclusive VIP merch and a portable charger and of course, killer seats |read: floor, row 8, seat 6|. I was there from 3pm till about 11:30pm. It was a ridiculously long, hot but INSANELY FUN night. The concert was incredible and I have never seen the boys have so much fun. And honestly, I think KC was the best/will be the best concert. No one can top us. 

BaubleBar Gold Tassel Bracelet//
I had my eye on this gold tassel bracelet from BaubleBar for ages but could never pull the trigger to buying it. They were having a 30% off sale so I snatched it up along with a new statement necklace. And seriously, I have worn this almost every single day since I got it. It is the perfect piece for a bracelet stack and is super fun! I mean it's little tassels. You can see how many times I've worn it on my Instagram (@samantha_goble). 

Eggo Blueberry waffles//
Guys, I have a straight up addiction to these waffles... Like I eat at least 2 of them a day. They are so good! I toast them up till they're in between soft and crunchy and eat them plain. No butter or syrup, just the wholesome goodness of themselves. I could eat them all day to be totally honest. 

Teen Wolf// 
So this was a favorite way back in January and I watched up until half way of season three then stopped. I picked up other shows and kinda forgot about it. Then one day I was like "Hey I should finish Teen Wolf." So I picked it back up and holy crap I forgot how good it was!! Season 3 might be my favorite just because of how freakin good it is. If you need a new show to binge watch I DEFINITElY recommend this one. Plus, it has gorgeous eye candy so I mean you can't go wrong. 

Everyday nude pink lip//
I have been wearing this combo of lipsticks pretty much every time I go out for the entire month. I finally found the perfect, everyday nude pink lip and I'm obsessed. It's NYX's soft matte lip cream in 'Tokyo' and Essence's 'Nude Love' lipstick. I apply the NYX first then add the Essence over top and it creates this gorgeous color. And it makes me look really tan so that's always a plus.  

Olive/Army Green//
One of the colors for the fall that I've been seeing a lot of and loving is the olive/army green color. I have a utility vest and a top that are both in the color. It's such a pretty color that compliments every hair color and skin tone. I want to get a pair of olive pants. I think it'd be such a great piece to have with like a white blouse and brown boots. Must find a pair. 

That is all I have been loving for for the month of July! Much better than last month, dontcha think? Haha! 

What have you been loving for July? Leave me a comment sharing! I'd love to know! :)

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