Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 26

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great week and stayed cool. Here in Kansas we had heat advisory warnings for pretty  much the entire week. To be honest I'm so ready for fall now. Bring on the sweaters and boots! 

This week's Weekend Reading list is back to it's normalish length and is chalk full of great reads! So let's get to it! 


Everyone loves a good s'more in the summer. But these s'mores just leveled up

I adore Kate Spade and am thrilled that their adding more lifestyle categories to their brand! The cupcake one I'm most excited for!

Love this simple and chic look on Christine. Perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks!

I was never a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan but after watching this he seems like such a fun and cool guy!

Are you a blogger? Here are 12 proven ways to increase your blog traffic!

I've been wanting to travel to Charleston for awhile now and after seeing the inside of this hotel I want to jump on a plane right now.

Krista shares her 10 tips for planning your perfect vacation

I laughed so hard while watching this! I love Jimmy and Jake!

Loving the new GBS website design! And they announced their next GBS event

I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan at all but her latest Vogue photoshoot is stunning. It's nice to see more of the "real, laid back" Kim K. 

I'm thinking of a hair change for the fall and I'm loving this one! Thoughts?

Chocolate chip walnut coconut pie? SIGN ME UP. 

I've been wanting to travel to Napa since I first watched the Parent Trap and here's Molly and Sally's recommendations. 

20 iconic movie scenes that were completely improvised. This is such a cool read. 

I love their chemistry! This is just plain hilarious!! 

Like me and have wanderlust on the brain? Here's cheap airfare hacks that you need to know. 

What you missed on 'of life and style':

#TheInternDiaries: A Day at Work // What a day in my life looks like 

Off the Shoulder // Sharing this boho off the shoulder look 

Invested // Comfy outfit feat this green army vest 


So that's all I wrote for this week! I hope you all enjoyed and maybe learned a thing or two or got some inspiration! I hope you all have a great upcoming week and will see you tomorrow!

What have you been loving on the Internet lately? Leave me a comment sharing!

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