Friday, May 29, 2015

Current Hair Routine

I've never been that girl who spends hours on her hair. Partly for the reason that I am terrible at doing hair. I can never to get it to look as good as the tutorial or in the pictures. But recently I've been putting more effort in it and I've been loooving the way it's been turning out! I've been using these products pretty religiously lately and for good reason, they're all amazing! Let's get into why they're so amazing!

I'd always admire the girl's who have beautifully long, everyday curled hair and wish mine looked like that. After getting it done at Posh KC (you can check out my post on it here), I had to figure out a way to do it myself. And I think I have! I've been obsessed!

There have been four products that I have been using to achieve my new do'. 

So the first thing I use is the Unite 7Seconds Condition leave in detangler. I use this after I shower and my hair has been towel dried. I love this because it's not only a leave in conditioner but a detangler! Love me some dual purpose products! It smells great and leaves my hair soft and tangle free. I let my hair air dry and usually will go to bed and let it finish drying. The next day I'll curl my hair. 

I had a 1" curling iron but I wanted something a little looser, more wavey and less curls. I bought the Hot Tools 1.25" curling iron at Ulta after reading great reviews on it. I love it! It heats up pretty hot and stays hot. To achieve my curls I wrap approx. 1 inch sections of hair  (like you would a curling wand) around the barrel and leave it on for about 30 seconds. I have very thick hair and a lot of it so that's why I leave it on for so long. If you have finer/less hair 10-20 is good. After I let it out and let it cool. I repeat the curling process on my entire head. It's okay if the curls aren't perfectly curled or symmetrical. I'm going for everyday, loose, tousled, undone-ish waves. 

Once I've finished curling and they've all cooled, I spray them with a little hair spray. Then I run my fingers through them to make them a little more relaxed. After I spray the Unite Texturiza dry finishing spray at my roots and throughout the body of the curls and massage it in. This stuff volumizes my hair like none other! It gives me so much lift without being too heavy or going product crazy. It's the best!

And that's it! This is my everyday curls!  Usually I can get my curls to last me 2 days after I curl them. After I've curled and slept on them they've usually fallen out into this gorgeous almost blowout-esque look. To give it a little life back into the hair I'll use more of the Texturiza spray and a tad of dry shampoo in my roots, if needed. Then I'll take the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort spray and spray it through my hair. I looove this spray! It pretty much makes my hair into this "I've been at the beach all day" hair without actually having to go to the beach. Plus, it smells amazing, like honey and citrus. And that's day two hair! 

On the third day usually I'll throw it up into a messy bun or topknot because #ratchethair. Then I'll shower that night and start the whole process over. 

So that is my current hair routine! I do this twice a week, since my curls can last me about 3 days each. It seems like a lot of steps and a long process but in reality it takes me 20-30 minutes to do. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! I've really been loving doing my hair and am pretty sure I've gained some arm muscles too! Bonus! 

What's your current hair routine? Any products I need to try? Leave me a comment sharing below! :)

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  1. Shampoo, conditioner in-shower products should be applied first, heat protection, volumeizer or mouse, and shine serum. Hair can dry and style.