Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend Reading No. 10

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope you had a fabulous week! I definitely did! It was so fun, exciting and a week to remember! I went to see The Mowgli's in concert here in KC and then I also went to the GBS Conference too! Both were right after each other so tired is an understatement! But I had such a great time and wouldn't have missed it for anything! Posts will be coming so don't you worry buuuuut, if you wanna see some photos of what I was up to head on over to my Instagram, @samantha_goble to check them out! Anyways, I have a buuunch of links so let's hop to it. Get it, hop to it? Easter, bunnies. I'm so punny.... *insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji here*


This is one of my favorite creatives/filmmakers/Youtubers/adventurists and this video is so neat! I would have loved to see this camera hat in action! 

I might be late to the party but Kate Spade has a blog... and it's amazing. I'm obsessed. 

Lauren of the Influential Gal, one of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers just launched her site and has a podcast series about various entrepreneurial topics with speakers!  Kathryn, a local blog friend/co-founder of GBS/all around Girlboss times 100 is her first speaker! Go give it a listen and give Lauren and Kat some love! 

An interesting post about the difference between travelling versus vacationing. What are your thoughts? Are they one in the same or are they different? 

Some tips on how to find success on Instagram! Because let's be honest, we all wanna be #InstagramFamous.... 

Helen Mirren is the best. She's the perfect British queen. 

Evelyn Henson, one of my favorite Instagrammers/artists has a blog, which I recently re-discovered and it's so cute and fun and colorful and quirky and you need to check it out. Oh and take this lipstick quiz because lipstick. 

20 career tips from female entrepreneurs. Perfect for all of us Girlbosses! 

These are the perfect summer fashion and accessories and I need some beaded tassel bracelets in my life. I love the aesthetic and the bright colors of these photos! They make so happy and inspired!  

If you're a blogger, student or sit in an office you most likely spend most of your days at a desk/table. Mackenzie of Design Darling gives 10 tips for a delightful desktop. I think a desk decor redo is in order. 

This is the most hilarious, insane, unreal and unbelievable story I've ever heard.... It's pretty lengthy but TOTALLY worth the read. I was dying over it. 

Who says you can only wear pink and red for Valentine's Day? Break those rules and wear it whenever the hell you want! I'm completely digging the color combo

Baseball caps are one of my go-to accessories in the spring/summer and paired with a comfy tee and ripped skinnies create a casual and put together outfit. Oh and they hide bad hair days really well. 

Love Pinterest like I do? Then here are some do's and don'ts to Pinterest. (Psssttt if you aren't following me you definitely should cause I pin a lot, a lot, alot of pretty awesome stuff ;) 

Who likes to carry around an ugly, bulky camera bag? Not me that's who! So I'm loving this DIY camera bag tutorial. I need to make one of these. It seems super easy! 

 This week on 'of life and style': 

My recap of Night 1 of Kansas City Fashion Week 

A comfy and cute neutral outfit 

My current makeup favorites and routine 

My recap of Kansas City Fashion Week Night 2

The cutest dress for spring/summer and it's under $20


I wasn't kidding when I told you there was a bunch of links! But they're really, really great ones and I definitely encourage you to give them a click and check them out! 

What have you guys been loving this week? Leave me a comment or strike  up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! :) 

Have a great Sunday! 

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