Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shoes OMG Shoes

Guys I've been buying shoes left and right. I think I have a shoe problem.....  So I decided to share what shoes I've bought recently and ones that I would love to get so that you guys can buy them and we all can be shoe addicts together! These are all suuuuper affordable, thus why I've bought a whole bunch. A lot of them are eerily similar to the ever so popular designer ones you've maybe seen on your favorite bloggers |read: the Betsey Johnson bow heels and the Valentino Rockstud heels|. Enough of me and let's get to where you can buy these beauties!

No. 1// No. 2// No. 3 (also in red)// No. 4// No. 5// No. 6 (also in black)// No. 7// No. 8// No. 9// No. 10 (also in black, pink and yellow)// No. 11// No. 12// No. 13// No. 14//

HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! I have No. 3 in black and I ordered No. 6, 8, 9 and 10... Seriously I have a problem.... I need to check into Shoeholic's Anon. Unfortunately No. 13 is all sold out except in size 5 :( I didn't know that until I went to check the link. The rest though should have most sizes. And yes I do know No. 1 and 12 are basically the same wedge... #FailSam I really, really, really love the fringed heels and the scalloped wedges.... All of these shoes would be perfect spring and summer shoes! And if you've been looking for the bow or rockstud heels definitely scoop them up while you can! 

So those are all the shoes I've currently coveting. Well most I've already bought but you know minor details. Lol. 

Also a shoe tip, GoJane's shoes run big, or at least for me they do. I normally wear a 6 in most shoes but with theirs I size down to a 5.5 and they fit just right. 

What shoes have you been lusting over? Leave me a comment or send me a link down below! I always need more shoes! ;)

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"the average woman falls in love 7 times a year...... 6 times are with shoes"

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