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Blast From the Past: My Senior Prom

With Prom being next weekend I thought it'd be fun to share some of my Senior prom photos with you all! It's crazy and hard to believe that I went to prom 2 years ago.... Talk about feeling old! My Senior prom was my absolute favorite of the two (I went to Junior prom too) and I had the absolute best time!  I spent it with my best friends and had such a great time! It was one an unforgettable night for sure! So let's take a trip back in time to my Senior Prom! 

So a big thing with prom is how you get asked, or at least it was in my school. I'd look at all the adorable promposals online and the one's my friends were getting and hope that I'd get one too. I was freaking out the weeks leading up to prom because I was so afraid I wasn't going to get asked. I was like hardcore freaking out. Any of my friends can tell you I was a hot mess, minus the hot part. Haha!

One day during yearbook class my teacher asked me to come to the back because she wanted to talk to me about a story I'd written. She told me it wasn't my best and that I could do better. I was already having a slightly crappy day so hearing that wasn't the greatest. She handed me this folder with my story and edits in it. It's important to note that everyone was standing around me too which made me think something was up but I had no clue what was going to happen. I opened up the folder and this was inside...

My promposal from one of my best friends. I just covered my mouth and stood there reading it, not believing it actually happened. I was in shock. Then he steps out of the darkroom holding flowers. I couldn't even. He asks me and I say yes, of course and we hug and what not. Everyone claps and that was how I got asked to prom. It was the cutest and most thoughtful idea. He did such a great job with it! :) 

So once I had the date, it was time to plan everything else. I got the group, the ride and the restaurant. I didn't have the dress... So like a week before prom I headed to Dillard's to find a dress. The one I ended up picking was the first and only one I tried anddd it was under $100. It was this gorgeous eggplanty, chiffon halter style gown with a jeweled waist. It was and still is my favorite fancy dress. 

So for prom we had a huuuge group like 28-ish or so people and rode in a trolley! It was honestly so much fun and it was with the best group of people! I couldn't have asked for a better night! 

Me and Mac, my awesome date!

 Some of the girl's in our group! 

 Me, Megan, Katie and Sarah! Just a few of my best friends in school! 

 Me and Cole! And a better picture of my dress! 

Cutesy photos ;)

We saw this on Pinterest and wanted to do the same... it didn't quite turn out.... 

 The whole group!! 

 Megan, myself and Sarah with Riley photobombing! 

The group again! 
And the highlight was that we were on our way to take pictures when our trolley broke down in the middle of the street on the Plaza and the street patrol yelling at us to move. So in true prom fashion all 28 of us traipsed down the Plaza in our dresses, heels and tuxes to take pictures. The show must go on! And it was insanley cold and dreary that day so all of us girls were freezing! Definitely a memory I will never forget!

So this was Senior Prom! I have more photos from the night but they aren't blog worthy... Haha! ;)

When is your prom? Did you have fun? What did you wear? Do you have a special prom memory? Something sweet or hilarious that happened?  Leave me a comment sharing your prom experience or strike up a convo or share photos with me via social media, @samantha_goble! I'd love to see your dress, friends, date, etc! :)

To those going to prom I hope you have a very fun (and safe) and memorable night! 

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