Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twinkle Toes// DIY: Jeweled Sandals

So I've been seeing jeweled sandals on the feet of my favorite bloggers, all over Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I'm obsessed. I love jewels and making a statement so why not share the love to your feet?! I took to the interwebs to see where I could get some of these sandals and found that they're really freaking expensive. Like ridiculously expensive. Far outside of my budget to spend on a sandal. So I thought "It's just a sandal and gems, I could totally DIY that." And so I did! I went to my local craft store, got the supplies and created these darling sandals for about 1/68th of the cost. Today I'm sharing how you can DIY your own pair and have the sparkliest feet this season! 

I bought everything at Michael's because I had a 40% off coupon but any craft supplies store will do. All you need are a pair of sandals with straps, gems and E6000 glue. I bought my sandals at Forever21. I can't find them online :( But good places to try are Target, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, etc. 

Step no. 1: Roughly plan out how many/ how far you want your gems to be. I put 6 on mine but depending on your size of gems you can have more or less. You could also do a pattern or if you had small enough ones clusters! Be as creative as you want!

Step no. 2: Place glue on the back of the gems. Not too much or it will goop out when you press it to the strap. The glue was white and dried white so it did change the reflection of the gem but it's nothing too major. It made them look all glittery! 

Step no. 3: Place the glued gem on the sandal and hold it firmly to adhere to the sandal for about 10 seconds. Keep adding your gems across the strap until you've reached the finished product. 
Let the glue dry for 24-72 hours before wearing them.
 If you have extra glue take a Q-Tip with acetone and remove the excess. 

Viola! You have the new 'it' sandal for the season and at a fraction of the cost! All in all it cost me less than $30 to make and if I wanted I could make lots of other pairs with all my extra supplies! It also took me around 15 minutes to do everything. It's such an easy and chic DIY that anyone could do! It would make for a perfect girl's night activity! 

Will you try out this DIY? What do you think of the jeweled sandal trend? Love it, loathe it? Leave me a comment or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble, letting me know! :)

Happy jeweling! 

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