Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Need All of the Things

I opened my Kate Spade promo email yesterday morning regarding their 'new arrivals'. I hopped over to their website and was immediately oohing and awing over their home page. My eye wandered over to the white scalloped ba it was all down hill from there. Before I knew it I had $3500 worth of goodies in my cart. Unfortunately, I wish I had that kinda money to splurge on these gorgeous, gorgeous pieces. But alas, I do not. *insert profusely crying emoji here* Here is what I've been lusting over on Kate Spade!

No. 1// No. 2// No. 3// No. 4// No. 5// No. 6// No. 7// No. 8// No. 9// No. 10//

First off, can we talk about how Karlie Kloss is the new model for Kate Spade? #Perfection. Also how cute is the scalloped tote and matching wallet?! They're the prettiest colors for spring. The striped swimsuit? It needs to appear in my closet. The leather weekender? Got to have it. The black quilted bags? I'm dying over. The scalloped coat? Might make this ridiculous cold not so ridiculous. Coffee mug? Tres adorable! The two tone bag? I'm #obsessed. And the jeweled sandals I sorta, kinda need them. 

Kate Spade always has a way of sucking me in and no doubt I'll try and add one of the handbags to my collection. Early birthday present maybe? ;) 

What have you been lusting over? Is it from Kate Spade or another one of your favorite brands/designers? Leave me a comment below or strike up a convo with me via social media, @samantha_goble! 

"men may come and go but a good handbag is forever"

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